Fruitfield Marmalade Orange Watercolor Illustrations

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Fruitfield Marmalade Orange Watercolour Illustrations Irina Sztukowski


When a few month ago I was working on this commission, painting realistic whole oranges, cut oranges, and leaves in watercolor, I didn’t realize that these delicious fruits will be presented on interesting, innovative product such No Added Sugar, 100% fruit marmalade:

Sweetened with fruit juice

100% from fruit

No added sugar

Gluten free

Free from artificial sweeteners

Suitable for vegetarians

Fruitfield Company created this new recipe for clients who want to eat a healthy fruit but with no guilt. I can’t wait to try this delicious marmalade on my toast one day. 

Now, these marmalade jams are in the stores all over UK. Hopefully they will also deliver to the US one day. 

It is nice to see how vibrant and my watercolor illustrations look on those jars.

Live To Create!! 

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