Watercolor Illustrations For Client – On Product and Packaging

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It was a great pleasure to paint watercolor illustrations of berries, flowers, and fruit for my client Forster Molkerei 
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Watercolor Illustrations on Packaging – Migros YoU Brand

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Watercolor Illustrations of Food On YOU Migros Packaging artist Irina Sztukowski.


 Watercolor illustration on packaging design.

The news article by Migros states:
Zurich – With its own brand YoU, Migros offers its customers innovative products that are in line with the current trends of the moment and with a goodness and well-being. Whether it is a low-sugar yogurt or a superfood snack for breaks, products are also distinguished for simple and natural ingredients. The first products you include include six types of yogurt and two snacks. Other products from the various food segments will follow.
I especially loved painting Mango and Passion Fruit:
watercolor food illustration
As well as Peach Pomegranate:
watercolor food illustrations
And needless to say, a bunch of fruits and berries in this particular yogurt, where I learned odds and ends of one exotic fruit which I am anxious to try one day, the Acerola berry:  
watercolor illustrations by Irina Sztukowski
I am extremely happy that my art was a part of the food labels creation 🙂

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Tasty Season – Yogurt Labels

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watercolor by Irina Sztukowski
watercolor label on yogurt and jams
In cooperation with Allink designers
What a great thing for an Artist to see her creations on the shelves of the stores! And even though, these yogurts are distributed for now in Europe only (particularly in Switzerland and France); and, it would be difficult to ship it to me to California; I am so happy and proud that my art is now live on these yummy labels.

Sweet and tasty Holiday Season opened with Apple Strudel and Gingerbread yogurts!

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Apple Cinnamon And Cinnamon Raisins Yogurt Illustrations

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realism in watercolour
Realism in watercolour illustration
These two sweet and spicy still life paintings were born after I was contacted by a Swiss company for a creation of Yogurt Labels. The exciting project will contain several labels, including Apple Strudel.

 I cannot release yet the name of the company; but, I promise when the yogurts hit the European market stores’ shelves, I will post the photos of the illustrations and how they look on the jars. 

Each illustration is going to be unique. The composition will be different from the ones that can be seen above.  

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Caramel Fudge Yogurt Labels

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The most interesting challenge for me in the yogurt labels project for one International company was Caramel Fudge illustration. 

The customer wanted to have a small black and white image. My task was to make it happen; and, achieve the recognition of the objects that will be put on small yogurt labels.

In this image I had to picture sharp glossy edges of caramel candies with crumbly soft fudge squares.

I decided to put the fudge on the bottom to make a sweet “base” for the smaller caramel cubes.
But before the final decision there were many trials and many different compositions.
My studio looked like a Fudge Shop with only one exception: I was “cooking” my candies on the paper with pencil and ink, instead of the cookie sheets in the oven. 

After tons of sketches, the original design (above) was selected:

What Color Is The Rhubarb

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ink drawing of the rhubarb stalks
As the part of my illustration project for Yogurt Labels for one Irish Company, I had to create an ink drawing of a Rhubarb.

The illustration itself was supposed to be in black and white:
But I had a question:

Which color of the background the customer will be using?


The Rhubarb can be light or dark green, pink, purple, deep red, or even yellowish green…

It is certainly up to the client what color of the background they shell choose.

I, on another hand, chose Nine Shades Of The Rhubarb in my colorful design 🙂

Nine Shades Of Raspberries – Yogurt Labels And More

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Nine Shades Of Raspberry
Raspberries image is my number four creation for a new yogurt project that I am making for one developing company in Ireland. This company requested black and white images of raspberries; and, they are going to place them on the color lids. 

As I mentioned before, the interesting part for me as an artist, is that the original panting needed to be only in black ink. I am enjoying this new concept:
When I was done with ink painting of the image, I placed it on different shades of red and pink trying to recreate the fresh colors of ripe berries – Nine Shades Of Raspberries. 

My art collectors can order now not only these images on canvas, but as well on Pillows for Kitchen:
rasbperries home decor
or, these juicy raspberries will surely look good on Farmers Market Tote Bags :
Raspberries Tote
The ideas are endless!

The history of the raspberry image goes back at least three years of my art career. That year, my first watercolor painting of raspberries was created for a dear client for the Jam Labels project:

jam labels with raspberries

These Sweet Raspberries looked so lovely on the Raspberry Jam Labels:

Made With Love!
And now, the licensed images (for Royalty Free Licenses) of all yogurt, jams, relishes,and marmalade illustrations are available HERE