Almond and Milk Chocolate Watercolor Illustration

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Watercolor illustration of milk chocolate and almond on packaging design

The watercolor illustration of Milk Chocolate and delicious dipped in milk chocolate Almond that I’ve painted in watercolour for my client, are on the packaging and on the shelves of the UK stores.


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Watercolor Gooseberries Illustration On Jam Labels

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Watercolor Gooseberry Illustration Realistic Watercolour Irina Sztukowski

It is always nice to see how my work appears on the final product.

These watercolor Gooseberries were painted in realistic style. The composition of three berries with the gooseberries leaves at the background, as well as the drop shadows gives a distinctive three dimensional feeling to the painting.

I remember one comment from the customer that came to the store and was attracted to pick up an purchase the product. She said: “Labels are what caught my eye in the shop! Well done Irina. ” It was very sweet of her to confirm for me my guess that my watercolor do “sell” so to speak the product attracting the customers by their beauty.


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Watercolour Food Illustration – On Packaging – Burger

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My realistic watercolour of Burger is on packaging design:

Watercolor Watercolour Food Illustrations On Packaging artist Illustrator Irina Sztukowski

Watercolor Food Illustrations On Packaging. Watercolor Realism by the artist Illustrator Irina Sztukowski

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Watercolor Food Illustrations – SKYR

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I am glad to see my watercolor food illustrations on a new line of SKYR products. They certainly highlight the flavor of these delicious drinks. Skyr is basically cultured dairy product like Kefir or Yogurt, it is known as Icelandic cultured dairy drink. And it has a little minder flavor than basic yogurt. Usually, skyr is much thicker, almost like cheese. But these particular products with my watercolor labels are made to be drinkable. 
Delicious food illustrations are in my Gallery here:
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New YoU Products With Watercolor Food Illustrations On Packaging

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Food watercolor vegetables realistic watercolour
I am glad to announce that new products of YoU brand by Migros company with my watercolor illustrations of veggies, seeds, and bowls are now on the shelves of the stores of European supermarkets. It is so great to see a hard work looking so good and bright on the colorful labels and packaging. When I was painting the food illustration such carrots, corn, leaves of kale and beans I had to follow customers request to make them in style between realistic to minimalistic. However, for the bowl of food I was given a very clear photographs with ingredients such grains, beans, cut vegetables and I had to paint it in more realistic style in order to add a depth and interest to the painting. I was glad I could use my classical education and paint those food illustration in watercolor with diverse approach. The job is certainly well done. 
My Portfolio with watercolour food illustrations is here:


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Watercolor Illustrations on Packaging – Migros YoU Brand

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Watercolor Illustrations of Food On YOU Migros Packaging artist Irina Sztukowski.


 Watercolor illustration on packaging design.

The news article by Migros states:
Zurich – With its own brand YoU, Migros offers its customers innovative products that are in line with the current trends of the moment and with a goodness and well-being. Whether it is a low-sugar yogurt or a superfood snack for breaks, products are also distinguished for simple and natural ingredients. The first products you include include six types of yogurt and two snacks. Other products from the various food segments will follow.
I especially loved painting Mango and Passion Fruit:
watercolor food illustration
As well as Peach Pomegranate:
watercolor food illustrations
And needless to say, a bunch of fruits and berries in this particular yogurt, where I learned odds and ends of one exotic fruit which I am anxious to try one day, the Acerola berry:  
watercolor illustrations by Irina Sztukowski
I am extremely happy that my art was a part of the food labels creation 🙂

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Realistic Watercolor Illustration Strawberries

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Watercolour Illustration Strawberry Realistic Technique by Irina Sztukowski

Realistic Watercolor Painting Of Strawberry: Cut, Whole, Flower, Leaves


I painted this realistic style watercolors of strawberries bunch: whole berry, cut in half berry, strawberry flower and leaves; for my clients packaging labels for a strawberry jam.


This realistic approach is created by using a combination technique: wet-on-wet washes with wet-on-dry layers and at the end dry-brush technique.

The applied shadows allow a 3D effect feeling to whole painting.

The highlights on the strawberry were reserved spaces of the white paper, yet the flower was painted with light glaze of ultramarine blue with warm overtones of yellow.

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Almond Pastry Watercolor Illustration On Packaging

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Almond Pastry Watercolor Illustration On Packaging

My watercolor of Almond and delicious pastries is now on Nectaflor Packaging design on Almond Paste container.

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Raspberry Blueberry Pie Watercolor Illustration

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Watercolor illustration of blueberry raspberry pie in realistic style by the artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski. Packaging commission for customer.

I am “dipping” mu brush into something sweet today 🙂

I was painting food illustration for my client – delicious pie, Raspberry Blueberry Redcurrant.

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Realistic Food Watercolor Illustrations On Packaging

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Nectaflor Pastry Watercolor Illustrations Artist Irina Sztukowski

Realistic watercolor is now on packaging containers of delicious pastries of Nectaflor Company: Almond with leaves and fluffy tasty pastry watercolor painting illustration.

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