A Good Old Sunset

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Today, I would like to share oh-so-old and not so old sunset paintings.
The first two (above and below) were painted almost twenty years ago. Recently, my friend from Russia sent me the photos. These photographs reminded me the good old days when I painted miniatures and sold them in Saint Petersburg art galleries back in 90s:
impressionistic artwork
Next artwork is a Sunset In The Mountains. I painted it from memory from a trip to Tenerife Island in 1998:
watercolor painting
A few relatively recent paintings, a Golden Gate Bridge from 2010:
Bay Area Sunset
And a Sunset In Paris from the memories of my trip in 2007:
France cityscape
Good old sunsets from different beautiful places and from different years of my art journey; the art career, which is luckily yet is not at the “sunset”; and, as I truly believe, my best Sunset painting is still not painted :0)