Lentil Bowl Watercolor Food On Packaging Design

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lentil Linsen Bowl Watercolour Painting on Packaging Design Artist Irina Sztukowski


Lentil Bowl with Vegetables by Migros YoU brand with Watercolor illustration by the artist Irina Sztukowski on Packaging.

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Watercolour Illustration On Packaging Migros Saison Yogurt

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Migros Saison Yogurt Peach Watercolor illustration artist Irina Sztukowski


Migros Saison Yogurt realistic Peach Watercolour illustration by the artist Irina Sztukowski


From artist studio to Packaging design!

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Watercolour Illustration Fruit And Berries

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It was such a pleasure to paint those delicious fruit and berries for my client G’s Gourmet Jams.

I was able to use my favorite technique here, realistic approach in watercolor. This technique even though takes a lot of time to accomplish a painting, but it is surely rewarding. Learning from Old Masters of Dutch Still Life, I discovered the truth about my favorite medium, watercolour. The shadow behind the painted fruit and berries illustration allows 3D effect; and, the vivid colors that I used when painting those food illustrations are bringing the artworks to life. Luckily at the time I was painting those scrumptious goodies, I had most of the “models” right next to me. The strawberries and raspberries were from the local Farmers Market. The apricots, blackberries, apples, and blueberries came from my own garden.

And by the time I was ready to paint plums, my friendly neighbor brought a bunch of plums to me. When I cut the plum in half, I’ve noticed a heart shape; my watercolor brush couldn’t stay still until I’ve completed the watercolor plum. And if you notice, the shape of Strawberry was also resembling a heart shape. This can only conclude one very important thing, I do paint with love to watercolor and create food illustrations carefully observing Mother Nature allowing for the beauty of it to come on the paper.

Here are a few pictures of the products, packaging designs and food labels that show who these food illustrations in watercolor look on jams of my client’s production line:



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Watercolor Editorial Illustration Publication Update

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Spring In The Mountains Watercolour Editorial Illustration by Irina Sztukowski
Spring In The Mountains Watercolor Editorial Illustration by Irina Sztukowski 
Only a few months left before my Spring In The Mountains painting will be published in a new book by Linea Editorial company

I wrote about this in my previous post:

Painting For Publishing For A New Art Book

I also mentioned about this painting in the post about one art show:
Feeling Blue In Naperville, IL

It does take a long time to see an editorial illustration in publication. The process of the publishing involves not only artist’s painting, but the work of whole team of editors, signing contracts, finalizing details.

I am blessed that this artwork was editorial choice; and soon, it will be on pages of a great book. I am also glad that I have an opportunity to paint editorial illustrations for different publications such magazines, books, and newspapers. 
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