Lotus Flowers Watercolor Illustration

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Lotus Watercolor Painting Artist Illustrator Irina Sztukowski

Clean minimal palette of these pink watercolor Lotus Flowers works so great for decorative purposes for packaging design, spa interior, or simple Thank-You card note:



Magic Watercolor Flowers

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A small act of kindness can go a long way. And the giver sometimes can not even guess what a big huge deal for the recipient it could be. My story starts sad but it has a happy end.
Last Saturday I was recovering from an illness; and, I was under a house arrest for a couple of days in order not to pick up extra germs. Feeling Blue is usually not in my vocabulary unless it pertains to the art show in Naperville, IL, with that exact name where some of my paintings were participating a while ago (previous post is right HERE). The idea of holding a pencil or a brush did not even cross my mind on Saturday. In fact, when you are feeling blue, no ideas at all would float in the head. 

My dear friend, knowing that I am not accepting neither company, nor I am willing to go out; she simply drove more than an hour to my house and left me a magical colorful message on my front porch. When later that afternoon I looked through the window, I saw a gorgeous flower arrangement and festive balloons are calling my name. 
What a great surprise! 
When I brought them into the house, my mood started changing minute by minute. The beautiful petunias, marigold flowers, sweet allysum, and blue little flowers were quite amazing. All of a sudden, I decided to paint the flowers. Considering my morning feelings it was truly magical turn. I grabbed my art supplies, before the desire disappeared. I comfortably sat in my studio. Needless to say, I forgot all my troubles for the next 4 or 5 hours that day. And I didn’t even want to get up until the painting was done completely. 

I can definitely say, the painting process healed my soul and my body. And I hope I was able to reflect these cheerful healing powers onto my festive decorative design

The business-like thinking came after I was done with the painting. After all, I am a professional artist 🙂 !!
Now my customers can order not only paintings with these flowers, but as well as cute bags, home decorative items such pillows, and summer items such beach towels

The imagination has no borders when it comes to the ART!!!

The Light Through The Roses

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watercolor still life
In this semi realistic and impressionistic still life painting I wanted to point out the contrast of the light and dark. The sun rays are moving from the window directly to the rose bouquet penetrating the rose petals and leaving a bunch of whimsical shadows and reflections on the antique table.

Botanical Impressionism On Baby Blue

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painted cards

My Botanical Impressionism series is continuing; and, now I feel like going to a Baby Blue mood. It started with painting on handmade paper when I created a few little handmade watercolor cards. 
I placed one card against a blue canvas and instantly fell in love  with the idea:
a handmade paper edges with the baby-blue canvas bring somewhat vintage feeling into the artwork. Yet the flowers, that are painted spontaneously, give a good impressionistic feeling.

Here are a few more recent designs:
Botanical Card
Botanical Impressionism
Watercolor Cards
A true burst of flowers is now in the Decor Gallery : tulips, daisies, daffodils, and many others! Yet it still growing just like a good gardener is using water to grow his plants, I use the watercolor and imagination to “grow” my watercolor flower bouquets.

White Oleander Painting

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Watercolor art
Do you see white flowers? 
Aha, it is a White Oleander, the one that is growing down my street.

 This yet poisonous (see the story here ) but such beautiful bush amazes me each time when I take a walk in the neighborhood.   

And now I’ll explain why I asked about white:

I painted these Oleander flowers without using any white color, and on a top of it there is not even a  spec of white paper left on the painting. Before I began to paint, I made a good “rainbow-ie” wash on the paper. Then I dried it nicely, reserved the space for the middle of the flowers and started playing with one wash after another on the flowers’ surface.

Yet the real magic began when I worked on the background. The so-rather-not-white flowers all of a sudden became united and quiet white against the dark of the background colors.

I love that kind of magic!! 
Original painting White Oleander is 20″x16″ on 300lb Arches professional watercolor paper


Free e-Book

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I am so happy to admit that my blog is taking a new turn. 
With its almost 150 posts that reflect not only my art but deliver deep thoughts from my heart; it received more than 800 warm encouraging comments. Meantime, I was wondering: how in return I can be grateful
to my followers and subscribers. And last week it just hit me: is so easy to be generous! I
created a special art book that contains more than 80 paintings from a few recent years. 
I thought it will be a great thing to offer
the following: 
Each person who signs up to have updates from my blog by e-mail
will receive a free art-e-book from me.
Have a splendid day!

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Small Art From Heart Expo

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Last night I
was contacted by Small Art From Heart exhibition coordinator and got
invited to participate. This exhibition is featuring the artists from around 40
different countries and will be hosted in Newaygo, Michigan in August –
September of this year (www.SAFTH.com). The artists are given the opportunity
to present their small art pieces, ACEO paintings. I chose three originals from
my miniatures collection.  What I liked
the most researching the website and the Exhibit statement that it oriented to
small school children who will be exposed to the art, get inspired, and try to
make their own. Therefore, with my absolute pleasure, I am placing my three
artworks for a donation to benefit a children’s charity. It always feels good
to apply your talent for a good cause.
2.5″ x 3.5″ Paintings. Winsor & Newton Watercolor on 140 Cold Pressed Arches watercolor paper

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Sneak Peek at My Studio

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My Palette. Only when picture was done I have realized that the palette has a virtual flower on it  It just happened :0)
The Artist at work..

My Book Shelf 
Art Supplies
Entry to My Studio

My Inspirational Notes

Magazines and One of my Art Books
My Working Desk

On My Desk. Pardon the clutter. Sometimes it’s even worse!

Next to My Studio

One of the Creative Shop owners asked me to show around my studio. She interviewed me for the future article. And I thought to share the pictures and the interview here. I personally always love to learn how other artists work and how they organize their space.

Here is the short interview:

How does your studio reflect your style?
My style is Contemporary Realism and luckily my studio is real,
spacious, and light.
What is the favorite part of your studio?
I have two favorite parts in my studio. One is my desk where dreams come
true; and another one is the fireplace where I can dream.

pieces in your studio inspire you?
My Art, my calendar with the tasks to do, and my inspirational notes.

Do you
have any handmade or vintage decor pieces?
Maybe not so vintage; but, yes, I do have handmade pieces: the wooden sign
“Studi:0)” that my husband made; the jewelry holder, the dummy for my knitted scarves, boxes, stands, just name it!

What is the
favorite color palette and how did you implement this in your space?
(wallcolor, artwork, items etc)
As I love painting flowers, my favorite colors are All-Flowers’ Colors.
As my studio is made of white and light-wood furniture, the paintings that I
place in it make it shine.

What is
the one tool used in your creation process you treasure the most?
My brush, specifically Kolinsky Watercolor Brush. It never fails!

What are
the books or magazines that inspire you?
Watercolor and Watercolor Artist magazines as well as the Art Techniques
books together with the Splash series of watercolor paintings from different

changes/upgrades would you like to make in the future?
Oh, it’s the right time to ask! Just last week my husband and I were talking
about the renovation. We are going to place special bar with extra lights on
the ceiling, replace the industrial rag with Italian tiles, and create flat
horizontal slots for a larger paper supplies and for paintings.
Please include the link to your shop, blog,
twitter and facebook.
With my pleasure! Prepare the long sheet of paper and a pencil :0), here you go:
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

From the Bee View

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We all know how beautiful nature looks like from the bird’s view. This time I looked at the flower from the Bee point of view imagining how bee comes to the flower, decides if it is good enough to land and do the job… I hope that these two Amaryllis close-ups would attract the bee and not only them 🙂

I painted these two paintings like twins together in one wash at the time. And I’ve run through lots of Cadmium Red and Alizarin Crimson. Hopefully they these kids will find a good home one day; and they will stay together (next to each other, like twins would do)
8″x10″ Watercolor on Paper, Canson 140 lb Cold Pressed