Doodling With Color

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decorative abstract painting
Following a good advice I was given recently: Never be afraid to try something new; I decided to have a new twist on some good old watercolor techniques. 

I created these unique patterns by simply doodling.

Per Oxford Dictionary, definition of “doodling” is to draw or scribble absentmindedly. Being interested to follow that suggestion, I decided to apply the paint on the paper while listening some peaceful meditative music. A lot of time I have a nice music in the studio when painting. But this time I turned on a deep meditation music.
So, basically, I was “marrying” together the soothing sounds with unconscious choice of the color, which allowed to bring this and other paintings to life. I think, these artworks merge the sounds of music into a dance of color. The lines and forms were subconsciously placed on the surface of the paper by my subconscious artist’s hand. 

When some of my friend artists looked at the painting below, he noticed the Treble Clef there.. Honest to say, I did not think I put it there.. It just came there as by magic :0)
Decorative Abstract painting
To my surprise some of the paintings reminded me (when later looking at them) a flowing floral pattern:
Decorative Abstract painting
and in one of them, if to look from the distance, I “placed” a dancing figure in it. I swear, I didn’t think to put it there.. It was all that meditative state of doodling!
decorative abstract painting
It is always fun to try something new!

These and other paintings from the series are in Meditation And Affirmation gallery now.