Bestselling Watercolor Purple Ballerinas

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Today I want to express my appreciation to an Art Collector who purchased this Purple Ballerinas Silhouettes in Watercolor from Wayfair under my licensing contract. How lovely that people can have this art-piece in their home interior decor now.

Art Gallery To Visit And Enjoy : Watercolor Silhouettes


Eiffel Tower – Phase V and VI

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The stage V and VI of the painting look as if I was rebuilding The Eiffel Tower from the top gradually grounding the construction, isn’t it.. In the stage V, I started placing the details high above moving slowly to the bottom in order to give the weight and to see the contrast. 
Stage VI is the most enjoyable as the tower starts looking almost completed; yet, still there is a lot of work to do. One would say, it is done, just work on the figures a little; but, I think I cared away with the lacy look of the Eiffel Tower. I caught myself while painting that I felt being in Paris that exact moment, physically! Great feeling, eh. And it’s not too expensive way to travel ;0)
And here is one more highlight from my artistic journey: the painting Apricot Blossoms won the First Place in May theme  SPRING in Yahoo Group.
Larger Image of the painting is HERE
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

What Color is The Tango?

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red orange
abstract art

abstract painting

…or Flamenco?
These few paintings are the part of my new Dancing Collection (in Abstract– Décor – Collage gallery). It
started when I asked myself a question: what color are the dances such Tango,
or Flamenco, or classical ballet? And this question led to an idea to create a
several series of paintings:
Dancing Fire (part of it you see now)
Dancing Water (coming in the near future)
Dancing Wind (need to work on color palette first)
I think that certain dances definitely apply to the descriptions
above as well as certain colors.
For instance, Tango and Flamenco are just begging for Scarlet Red,
Electric Yellow, and Burned Siena.
One of the legends about the origins of Tango is that it came from
Buenos Aires, Argentina; which at the end of the 19th century had quite
a diverse place. A good mix of immigrants from Italy, Spain, Britain, Poland,
Russia, Germany and other European countries brought their touch to the
creation of this pulsating dance. Between 1910 – 1913, Tango was introduced to
Paris and later spread across the Atlantic quickly becoming an international
On another hand, Flamenco dance is pure Spanish and has a long
history going back to 1700s. One legend states that it was named after a
gracious bird flamingo. As that bird Flamenco resembles a beautiful dance of
exotic creature. Different legend claims that Flamenco is the traditional dance
of Spanish Gypsies (flamencos) from Andalusia. 
Both Tango and Flamenco are hot and vibrant, just like their Fire
colors. There is no doubt that a spicy flickering fire is involved in their
music and provocative moves.
This is my color tribute to dance and music.
6”x4” Winsor & Newton Watercolors on 140 Cold Pressed Paper

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fine art

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul


A Birthday Rose

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This is my Birthday Weekend and I gave myself a little gift of getting on my blog and writing a short post. And of course the flower is the best object for that kind of occasion, isn’t it.

This semester in school has been tough: managing equivalent of 17 units and working part time was a good challenge yet did not stop me to paint. This simple still-life has almost no background, which allows for the Rose “to speak”. The light from the left illuminated the petals making the Pink of the Rose more interesting and diverse. The dark Green of the leaves helps to the Red to pop and brings the flower top towards the front of the painting.
10″x8″ Winsor & Newton Watercolor on 140 lb Cold Pressed Arches

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Art Show – Feedback and Highlights

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The day of the Art Show was fabulous: great weather, lots of music, tons of smiles and wonderful feeling of friendliness and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of work to put in to have this happen: cutting, printing, painting.. And it paid off. I love the day even I was extremely tired after the show.
I’ve prepared a lot of handmade watercolor cards for the show. They are inexpensive and people could take home a small piece of affordable art if they did not want to spend money on the originals.
I’ve also made a few 8″x10″ matted prints of my art work. And in addition I’ve brought the jewelry that I’ve made long time ago (this jewelry is from my Etsy Online Shop )
There were so many people at the show that I’ve barely had time to chat with my fellow artists. Everyone was very friendly and we shared the great deal of personal experience.
My walk-in clients loved buying prints and card. Yet I’ve noticed that original art was not in such demand. Even miniature ACEOs were not what the public wanted that day. And it was not only my experience; some artists also noticed that.
But what I really liked that people loved to come to my stand and hearing my accent, asking where I came from; they started telling the stories of their lives ( their ethnical background, immigration stories about their relatives, their experiences in different countries of the World. It was like opening the new book every time interested customer stopped by.
My fellow Artist Nancy ( Accessory Extraordinaire) had a blast selling her new cute creations.
I’ve noticed that people loved my Iris paintings a lot; some bought cards and others purchased prints.
And also Art Show can become a very educational process not only for me (on what people like and what they dont’ notice for example); but as well for people. Two cute girls came with their mom and I gave them a test on the names of the flowers that I’ve painted. They were just started painting with watercolors. And they were very happy to get my Iris watercolor cards and hear the story about how it was created. And the educational process can surely go from 8 to 92. I’ve met one nice not so old ( maybe late 80s) lady who started painting with watercolors 2 years ago. She was very interested in duplicating one of my images. I took her daughters e-mail address and later on sent them an image and a photo reference with the recommendations on how to start the painting.
This Art Show was priceless experience for me. There were a lot of lessons that I’ve learned personally and I am glad I’ve had a very productive time.
(Photos provided by The Best Photographer in The World, by Masha Batkova (my sister)


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This cute guy lives in our Cul-de-sac. He has quite a few brothers in the house. One day when I prepared the sketchbook photo references he was out and he was my first model that morning. I promised myself that I’ve paint full size painting one day. And here we go few month later the dream came true. You can see sketch 6×4 on the bottom and 8″x10″ painting that I’ve finished today. The challenge was (as it is probably for a lot of artists) to paint dogs hair. The teeny tiny ones that were covering his eyes, but that I really wanted to paint in order to keep the character in place.

8″x10″ Watercolor on 300 lb Arches Paper Block