Art Show In Rochester New York Is Up And Running

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Back in February I mentioned about participation in the art show in the state of New York where I was going to show my Water On Color paintings

This paintings are a part of the Decor Gallery and they range from cool palette to a fire hot.

And now the art show is up and running. They opened first online global preview gallery and later starting June 10, people can go to see the art in person.
I checked their website and my art looks pretty good as online as well on the gallery walls:
Irina Sztukowski art


watercolor art
6×6 Art Show 
Rochester Contemporary Art Center 
137 East Avenue (between Scio & Gibbs Sts)
Rochester, NY 14604
Normal Gallery Hours:Wednesday – Sunday: 1pm – 5pm / Friday: 1pm – 10pm

Water On Color

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realism in waterolor
I am in the process of preparing a few paintings for one international art show in Rochester, NY.  The theme that I chose this time is about the water. Since I paint mostly in watercolor, I called it Water On Color series, where the realism in watercolor is mixed with the abstract pattern. 
The six paintings that I made helped me to create some of these collages. 
The above collage has a cool feeling with just a few splashes of yellow, when the collage below is full of “fire-like” strikes and hot washes:

Abstract and Realism in watercolor
The art show is taking place in July 2014, so I will post more details later on.

For now, I am just “splashing” some Water On Color 🙂 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Seashell Collection – A Great Beginning

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watercolor art
This decorative collage with seashells, pearls, seaweed, and sea stars was a follow-up on my new collection painted on handmade paper. 
One of my students wanted to learn how to paint realistic water drops. I had a cool idea to teach while painting myself; but, not only plain water drops. As I like to challenge myself, I’ve set up a whole scene with my seashells collection, surrounded with pearls and water drops:

It was fun to paint not from photograph, but live, creating a composition on this lovely handmade paper. 
Here are the four first examples of the outcome. The paper has uneven edges, which makes it look authentically handmade. When scanning the artworks on my computer I placed a rough canvas behind to emphasize the edges of the paper:

realism in watercolor
(click on image or HERE to see the details)
I created the sand-like background using a toothbrush technique, when you load the watercolor on a toothbrush and then brush your finger (carefully!!) across the bristles creating uneven yet very cool texture:
water drops in watercolor
(click on image or HERE to see the details)
I had the sea stars, pearls and shells in my collection. But I had to find the seaweed online to see how to paint it:
Watercolor Realism
(click on image or HERE to see the details)
In this painting (below) it was a real challenge. When I pulled the masking liquid from the paper (where the shell is), the glue of the liquid pulled the first tiny layer of the paper for me… Thanks to handmade product! At first, I thought I’ve ruined my artwork. But when I started painting the seashell itself, the roughness of the paper actually helped to create the cool natural seashell body texture:
(click on image or HERE to see the details)
And that how my Seashell collection started. Huge thanks to my friend who gave me those cute seashells more than 5 years ago.

I’ve also looked at my previous watercolors with seashells (last post is here). And created one more collage with those shells:

painting sea shells
Somebody might say, oh she is crazy about those seashells! And I’d say YES. More than that: I didn’t stop on painting those shells and creating collages. I’ve even got myself more gorgeous shells online: some seashells from Philippines, Mexico and India. So, there are more seashells paintings to come!

I guess I still have that Little Girl inside me that loves the ocean, fresh breeze, while walking on the beach and searching for the shells:
watercolor painting
(click on image or HERE to see the details)
My seashell collection is growing so much now, that I had to create a special gallery on FineArtAmerica, which I called 
 (click HERE to see it)

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

The Heart Of A Plum – Jam Labels Project

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Detailed Image is HERE
The Jam Labels Project is almost over. Only two paintings are left after this one.
Each time I am creating a new label I want to make it better and more meaningful. With the Plum painting everything was going just as smooth as could be. The very same day I decided to grab my brush to make a Plum painting, our neighbors offered us to pick a few plums from their tree. How did they know that I had a need in a model?!! Mystery! My husband picked up the plums and I picked up a knife and a camera. When I made photos I kept saying to myself: “I wish to have a great meaningful composition that not only represents the plums for a jam label, but something else”… and my prayers had been heard. One of the plums, when cut, reminded me of the shape of the heart. I was stunned as I’ve just recently learned that my client loves the symbol of heart, collects them, and as the matter of fact she sees them everywhere (e.g. the cloud in the sky, the pattern of the fancy rug, the cut berry) where some people will not even pay attention, she does.
The rest was the history: I’ve painted the art piece in one day as my heart was moved by such a pleasant coincidence. 
Here is the suggested Jam Labels design:
Original painting is 8″x10″ watercolor on 140lb Cold Pressed Arches

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul