Is Watercolor Sweet?

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Watercolor Caramel and Chocolate illustrations by artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski. 

Watercolor Caramel and Chocolate illustrations by the artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski.

This is a sweet collage completed with two of my favorite things and an addition of a beautiful porcelain bowl & gentle Daisy Flower.

I painted Caramel and chocolate for two packaging designs for one of my corporate clients, and the sugar bowl was painted for another customer. This still life painting combines my work on three different packaging designs for two International clients’ commissions from two different countries.  So, the answer to the question above: Is Watercolor Sweet? the answer is: Oh Yeah!! And it also unites nations making the watercolours an international medium, which brings joy!

I have the proof 🙂

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Watercolor Cover Journal – Evening In Paris

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I have designed a new Journal for people who believe that a written note is a powerful tool in gaining peace of mind and confidence. There are 160 pages. The pages are lined and have intricate ink design that I first painted by hand and then applied to every page using publishing tools. 
I’ve selected one of my favorite watercolor paintings: Evening In Paris for a cover of this journal. Two girls walking towards the Eiffel Tower symbolize a friendship and traveling: two things that I cherish and adore (not mentioning the dogs of course ;)…

This Evening In Paris Journal is available HERE

Cheers from 

Live To Create!!!

Making Art

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My CWA colleague  Robin at Blake Garden 

Me .. thinking

My niece is creating her music
My friend Vera Lysenko finishing her painting 

My son is creating a giant shoe for his Sculpture Class
Look at some people who create. Have you ever thought what is on their mind? I do, all the time. The
process of art making is exciting yet very personal thing either it is
painting, playing music, making a sculpture or baking and sawing.

Per Oxford
Dictionary, ART is the expression or application of human creative skill and
imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture,
producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power
But what is
behind that? The moment of “getting lost” in times, doubts and admiration, happiness
of the completion and an eternal question “could I do better?”..
I want to
finish this short post with one simple phrase, which probably the best solution
for Art Makers as well to the Art Lovers: 
Live To Create!


New Painting (on a top): 9″x12″ Watercolor on Paper

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul