First Daffodils Of The Season

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Fine Art realistic artwork
These gentle yellow daffodils popped-up in my backyard a couple of days ago. I couldn’t resist to pick a bunch and set up a still life.

I intentionally placed freshly picked flowers into an antique Wedgwood vase. It emphasizes the fact how small is the distance between beauty of a two-day-old flower and a century-old pottery. 

The beauty is eternal! 

And the waves and a maze of a pattern of this silk scarf adds the interest to this full of life and color still life.

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

French Roses – Step-by-Step Still Life

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Click HERE to see detailed image
Well maybe Roses were not French “per se” but they were sitting in the French room called Paris in a beautiful cozy hotel Inn At Depot Hill in Capitola, California.  My friend and I were staying there a couple weeks ago when visiting Capitola Art Festival. I started painting these roses life in the room, then took photo and finished the painting at home. And of course I started painting with the main subject, the roses, and the brass vase. 
Here are a few Step-by-Step pictures of the process:
The first under-wash for roses was yellow, but later on I was going to cool down with pink and violet. The bass vase came along pretty nice and the old granite table complemented the metal vase.

Background for the roses was a black tile. It helped me to achieve a great contrast to “push” the roses forward. A soft, future French walls, was a mix of Burnt Siena and Umber.

Roses needed a few good layers to bring the complex multi petal flower to life.

Layer after layer I was creating one petal after another. Good music on the back ground helped me to say focused and give my full attention to the roses, the models of the day.

At this stage the roses and the leaves are almost completed, just a few stokes needed to make the flowers pop-up and clean the pencil drawing with eraser.

Here the tiles of the fireplace started coming to life.And a vague reflection of the roses in the vase brought some depth  to the background.

And here The French are coming! The pattern of the tapestry style walls reflected roses, trees, birds, pastoral scenes.. Ah Mon Chéri the girl on a wall was saying to her party..

When I was a kid, my sister and I were painting walls in tiny little Summer house in Saint Petersburg suburbs. Our Grandma gave us full spectrum of paint and allowed us to use our imagination. Would she ever know that 30 some years later I will paint a French wall on my Rose Still life watercolor :0)
Original Artwork
French Roses is 16″x12″ on 300 lb Arches Cold Pressed Paper
And here I was just playing to see how wonderfully it would look on a greeting card, isn’t it..

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Tea Time Roses

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I had to paint these beautiful roses! They brought so much joy and made a great still life couple years ago on the nice sunny day. Long time ago I would be terrified to paint gold edges on the porcelain vase. But it is really not that difficult. It’s like painting the glass, pretty much you paint every thing what is outside and around; and, just leave a few hints. The same’s here: gold stripe got all the reflections and just a slight yellow patina to give the visual effect of the gold finish… I had so much fun to paint this piece. That’s what just three little roses can do to the person. Not much is needed to make the Artist happy 🙂

8″x10″ Winsor & Newton Watercolors on 140 lb Cold Pressed

Rose In The Blue Vase

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Irina Sztukowski

I painted this beautiful rose in a blue vase back in 2009. The original found home in the private collection in Virginia. And I placed the print in my Art Shop on Etsy today. I am so happy that people are interested in buying prints from original watercolors. This gives opportunity to the art to go around and bring joy to not just one person. Today I sold the piece and the piece is ready to to to NY state.
I am thinking that we should not be skeptical about making and selling the copies of our art. With an effort on our part the prints, cards, posters can give a second life to the piece that was already sold or is not for sale.

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul