Watercolor Tulips

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Watercolor Painting of Tulips by the artist Irina Sztukowski

With Spring is just around the corner, I remembered about this old painting of mine. Tulips are such gentle flowers; and, the variety of colors and types is just amazing! I loved painting the tiny stripes on a white lit by a morning light petals.

The print of this artwork:

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Botanical Impressionism

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watercolor flowers
I am posting some of the festive designs that I recently painted.

I call this style Botanical Impressionism.
Created in the fast manner with the colors right out of the tube simple flower arrangement such the one with Iris Flowers and The Tulip Bunch look great in cooler colors surrounding.

On another hand, warm Poppies and Roses Bouquet are calling for neutral beige colors helping these flowers to “pop-up”:

Watercolor floral designs
The above paintings appear more as botanical art when framed in the vintage style white wooden frames. 
Yet, when printed on a stretch canvas, they start obtaining more Impressionistic qualities. 
Good examples would be these 

watercolor florals


Interior Decor – Watercolor Tulips Silhouettes

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watercolour silhouettes art
Contemporary Watercolor Interior Decor 
These sweet Red Tulips became a part of my new Collection that is called Watercolor Silhouettes.
The flowers are whimsical and light as if they are floating in an abstract landscape with the sunrise; leaving the viewer some space for imagination. 

And for a cool decor lovers I created another painting design with Purple Tulips Silhouettes:

watercolor silhouette floral
I live to create 🙂

Love Is All Around – Looking Left And Right

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watercolor realism
I have finished this botanical painting right on time. It helped me to create some of my new floral Valentine’s Day designs. 

My studio these days is like a Hallmark Headquarters 😉

On the left of my desk I have flowers.

Those little gentle purple flowers twisted in a beautiful shape of a heart:
purple flowers forming heart
Then, they spread around the card into a dynamic yet lovely composition:
purple watercolor flowers
Soon, another new painting with simi-realistic tulip bouquet was created:

watercolor painting
This bouquet inspired me for a several Valentine’s designs as well.

Red Yellow Purple tulips Heart vase
A Symphony Of Tulips that sing “Happy Valentine’s Day“:
watercolor painting
and a classic (central composition) with tulips in the ceramic vase:
watercolor still life painting
On another hand, I wanted a little humor in my Valentine’s designs.
And the Happy “proposing” Squirrel was created:
squirrel cartoon
Can’t imagine a Valentine’s Day without a Teddy Bear in love: 
Love You Teddy
This Teddy is a really good speller! 
A simple message from him even a baby can read :0)
Message from Teddybear
Happy Valentine’s Day 
from Teddy and Me 

It Is Time To Smell The Flowers

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Lilli Tulips Magnolia
It is time to update my Christmas decorations and bring the holiday related paintings off the walls. I hope, it will give the flowers blooms an opportunity to push Miss Winter away :0) 

Just a few days left for my Poinsettia paintings and a Seven Minutes Before Christmas remind about a lovely Holiday season:
Realism In Watercolor

But on another hand, the flower paintings are always in season, aren’t they. 
Out of that fragrant quartet of flowers above two are my very favorite:

The Magnolia bloom painting:
Watercolor flower bloom
The reason why it is one of my favorite is that Magnolia bud is gentle, fuzzy, sweet, pink and it is about a beginning; the beginning of a new life, a new pretty flower. 

And another “artist’s pet” on that wall is a Pink Tiger Lilly:
floral painting
I think the wet-on-wet technique that I used while painting this flower’s petals allowed to achieve the texture of the flower: glossy yet fuzzy, cold yet warm…And also, the full bloom of this flower tells a story about a short yet graceful life full of pink glory. 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Tulips With Sunflowers Mini Art And Fun Commissions

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watercolor realism
While working on a couple of projects, I wanted to place a few miniatures that are only 3.5″ wide. Above Tulips On The Window painting looks good and fresh with “vanished” edges. 

And this little Sunflowers contain my favorite contrast combination these days: a warm yellow against cool blues:
yellow blue floral still life
Meanwhile I continued working on my projects. 
The Colors Of Russia art show was quite successful (read the previous post here). As the follow-up I was asked to make a few more paintings for the clients, who loved the original show:

Russia Sketch
Another fun commission was something outside of my usual work. One client, a restaurant owner, asked me to make a little design for a business card that would contain some “FOOD items”. The challenge there for me was to simplify the paintings in order for them to be seen (be “readable”)  in a small area of a teeny-tiny business card… So, it was interesting to make it happen. 
The original artworks were 8 inches tall.

One of them had to have a symbolized bowl of soup:
food art
Another one had to “read” coffee and sandwich:  
Kitchen Art
I couldn’t resist to place a couple cookies there.

The design of the business card (the visual part of it) had to show the soup far in the background and the cup of coffee in the front:

The main text of the business card could be placed over the bowl of soup..

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Watercolor Tulips – Bay Area Flowers – San Francisco

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A couple of years ago the Tulip Garden in San Francisco Golden Gate Park was “on fire” with red and yellow tulips and poppies. 

I love tulips, every single stage of those flowers: the buds, a slightly opened mystery, and Boom! full bloom when the flowers expose their intricate beauty..

In this painting, the part of my Bay Area Flowers series, I tried to capture each stage.  
The original Tulip Garden in San Francisco painting is 27″x21″ watercolor on Hot Pressed 140lb Arches Paper.

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Tulips on Fire

Florals, flower painting, green, original art, pink, red, tulip, tulips, yellow

One of the best and the most amazing things for the Artist is when he/she can share the art with other people. And it is always great when people admire your art, and when people want your art – is the most grateful moments. Although, for me personally it is hard sometimes to detach from my paintings. That’s probably why I sell more prints than paintings ;)… Original paintings are like babies. But hey, children suppose to grow up and eventually they will make outside the nest.
Today one of my favorite customers sent me an e-mail with the subject: ” I have to have it!” She chose this painting of tulips. When I painted this one I really wanted to show the sun showing through the petals penetrating them through red making it pink. The game of three colors (red, pink, and yellow) reminded me of a fire. And I called this painting “Tulips on Fire”. I am glad that now these tulips will sparkle in someones’ house 🙂
8″x10″ Watercolor on 140lb Cold Press Arches