Watercolor Sunset – Landscape Painting Of Columbia River Gorge

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Sunset above Columbia River painted in watercolour
Painting sunset in watercolor requires a lot of pre-thinking and yet when painting it needs to be done quickly before the paint dries. The technique I used for the sky was wet-on-wet. 

I watched carefully that the Sun’s area stayed reserved and the sun rays were “melting” into the evening sky. One who paints sunset in watercolor needs to remember that the yellow of the sun and the blue of the sky might get a slight shade of green when mixed together on the paper. Therefore, it is important to add a little of pink towards the edges of the green. It is invisible on the completed watercolor painting but it is there.. it melts with the blue of the mountains and the sky and helps atmospheric perspective to take place. 

Cheers from

Peaceful Sunset Landscape Painting

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Watercolor Landscape
When busy Holiday times are coming, sometimes we forget to breath in and breath out. 
I wanted to paint this Peaceful Sunset Landscape painting with the calm waters and the pier and invite the viewers to cherish the moment of the quiet stillness of the Nature.


Sketching California

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watercolor sketch
My recent field trip to the south of San Francisco Bay Area ( 3 to 4 hours of unforgettable drive) brought a lot of good memories and some artful subjects.

Above painting is the capture of the sunset through Piedras Blancas Lighthouse silhouette.The sun was “rolling” of that big white rock down to the horizon.. the wind was crashing the waves of the shore. I admired the reds and oranges of the sunset at the Pacific ocean.

Then, going more into the land I’ve visited San Louis Obispo, a town which is famous by its Spanish Mission, which was established in 1772.
watercolor sketch
Behind the church I found a gorgeous garden that was hiding centuries old Mission Bells

watercolor sketches
If long time ago the town was a center of Christian education of that area; nowadays, San Louis Obispo is a cozy sunny place to visit the museums, walk in historical downtown, drop-in to the gift shops; and, for me of course,  a great subject for the sketches.

After a few days exploring inland, I got back to the ocean. This time it was Morro Bay, which is named after a mountain formation, the Morro Rock, that is sitting right next to the shore like a monument to fishermen life:

watercolor sketch
Founded in 1870s, Morro Bay now is a center of beach holidays; and, undoubtedly, tourism is the largest city’s industry.

Yet, it still remains a fishing port, Morro Bay has a national reservation for birds and wildlife refuge. 

During this art trip I also took many photos which will definitely inspire for many paintings to come.


Sunrise Sunset

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sun through the trees
Three recent paintings were added into a newly created gallery “Sunrise Sunset”.
This time, when painting these three landscapes I wanted to stick to a vertical format instead of the “landscape” one.
I think, when the scenery cut into an elongated painting vertically, it allows viewer to add his or her imagination on what could be on the left or right.
The top painting of the Sunset Through The Trees was an inspiration from my friend’s photograph. Her family traveled Midwest and she took a picture of a gorgeous view of a vanishing day through the trees’ shadows. The silhouettes of the trees like a frame of this artwork, and each section in between like a separate painting that tells the story.

Next painting that I called Bright Sunset has a good mix of yellow and purple that reveal a juicy red… This semi-realistic, semi-abstract painting has a good diagonal composition that competes with the horizon lines and the lines of the wavy waters:

watercolor painting
The third painting has somewhat mellow wash of the colors. It is the beginning of the day, a Nature’s awakening. It is a gentle Sunrise At The Lake. 
A little rustic boat is parked next to the shore. Perhaps a couple of friends or lovers were enjoying a night on isolated island of this still, peaceful lake. Who knows .. I paint a hint; and, the story can be continued by a viewer’s imagination:
At The Lake

A Good Old Sunset

Impressionism in Watercolor, lake sunset, mountains sunset, Painting, realism in watercolor, sunset, sunset painting, Watercolor, watercolor sunset
Today, I would like to share oh-so-old and not so old sunset paintings.
The first two (above and below) were painted almost twenty years ago. Recently, my friend from Russia sent me the photos. These photographs reminded me the good old days when I painted miniatures and sold them in Saint Petersburg art galleries back in 90s:
impressionistic artwork
Next artwork is a Sunset In The Mountains. I painted it from memory from a trip to Tenerife Island in 1998:
watercolor painting
A few relatively recent paintings, a Golden Gate Bridge from 2010:
Bay Area Sunset
And a Sunset In Paris from the memories of my trip in 2007:
France cityscape
Good old sunsets from different beautiful places and from different years of my art journey; the art career, which is luckily yet is not at the “sunset”; and, as I truly believe, my best Sunset painting is still not painted :0)

Love Is All Around – Looking To The Future

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Heart and Flower Painting
I am exploring some absolutely new watercolor surface for me – 
a Yupo Paper. 
It is actually a pure synthetic “paper”,  which has a plastic feel but does take watercolor. Some artists say it is the paper of the Future for watercolor. And even though it was fun playing on it; I think my usual 100% Cotton Cold Pressed paper will remain my favorite.

Yupo allows the paint to move freely, it is easy to pick up, or even wipe off the paint completely (back to the white surface). 
I find this “paper” being good for an abstract art. So, basically, when you pour the paint it provides interesting results at the end; in some sort, the paint paints itself (with a “little” artist’s help of course :0).

That is how the top Heart painting and Flower Vase above were created. 

And that is how the Desert Sunset collage was made:
and Desert Flower:
watercolor abstract painting
When I created this Desert Flower abstract on yupo, and looked from the distance; I ,all of a sudden, saw the heart: 

LOVE is all around!

So, what did I do with those little Yupo Heart and a Flower Vase little paintings?
I created a couple of LOVE-ly Valentine’s cards:
Happy Valentine
Watercolor On Yupo

Back To The Future

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watercolor miniature
It is interesting how things are turning in my life. 
While I was chatting online about visiting Tyrus Wong exhibition at Disney Family Museum, and teaching the guests how to paint dramatic skies by wet-on-wet technique (in the previous post) ; something from the past came to my Inbox. 

My friend sent me photos of the miniatures that I’ve painted almost 20 years ago… I’ve looked at them and recognized the Tyrus Wong style of painting.. 

Hm.. maybe, I looked into the future when I painted these two little pieces back in Russia? 

Who knows! 

But, speaking about my friend’s e-mail, the timing was just right! :0)

Silhouette Tree Bush Water Sun
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Paris France Rue Saint Dominique

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Detailed Image is HERE
No need to explain my love to Paris and traveling to Europe. OK, to a traveling in general. I love it! First time I’ve visited Paris in 1995. That time I lived in Saint Petersburg, Russia; and, a week in Paris was beyond my dreams. A travel company I worked for offered a super cheap deal (though for me it still was 4 times of my salary) and I took off. Next time I went their seven years later. My friend and I celebrated my 38th Birthday.. One evening we were heading to our hotel. It just stopped raining and setting Sun hit the loud streets with the last beams of that day. I lifted my head and all of a sudden saw that Eiffel Tower disappeared. Only top of the construction was clearly visible. Thank God I had my camera with me.
In this painting of Paris street I wanted to portray that feeling I had when I saw the Eiffel Tower in the sun light. Maybe it is not traditional view as all posters in the world would want to picture Eiffel Tower in full its glory. Oh well, I saw it floating in the air. 
The girl on the front is just a random Paris visitor. She is rushing home and doesn’t even know what’s happening behind. I gave her my hairstyle and dressed in my coat and a scarf. I also wanted to put some story into my painting of Paris as I think this city (no matter what they might say) is romantic. Here is my story:
“It was nice fresh evening in Paris. Only second day and She was already in love with the City. Heading home that night and dreaming of quiet dinner she heard a loud boom. The motorcycle broke the murmur of Rue Saint Dominique and made Her turn the head toward the noise. He takes his helmet of and looks in her direction. Her face is lit by the evening Sun and with astonishment of the beautiful Eiffel Tower disappearance…” 
You feel the romance here, eh?! :0) .. finish the story yourself.. 
Okay, back to the Paris paintings. All what you see on it is only artist’s imagination, with exception only the Eiffel Tower, Paris, The Sun. Feel my love to that romantic city. I’ve even created a Gallery that called My Paris Mania where you can find  dozens of impressions from my Eiffel Tower and Paris paintings.
This morning the curiosity led me to find a website with 360 degree photos of Paris streets. I loved placing Full Screen feature and look around as I am there in Paris right now:
Happy Traveling!
And  I also found an interesting article posted by Fox News on Ten Things You’d Never Guess About Paris. It was an opinion of one writer who came to Paris from America and settled down there. Per his point of view, as an example:
– the less French you speak than better you are
– the French people appreciate American culture more than we think
– the French like tourists
– but French people in general sometimes don’t like Parisians (read why)
and much much more :0)
Original Painting Rue Saint Dominique is 22″x18″ on 140lb Arches Cold Pressed
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul