I See Squirrel – Children Book Illustration

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Bernard Goes To Music School by Connie Du
Link to the illustration is HERE
In this illustration from the book Bernard Goes To Music School, I pictured the boy happily walking down the street and enjoying warm summer weather. The trees and bushes are in bloom indicating early Summer. The birds are in the sky. Way up on the tall tree branch I placed a squirrel eating the nut. Boy just saw the squirrel. But he is still here up to a big surprise: a little bunny is hiding under the bush. And how about a colorful butterfly?! In just a second it will take off and bring so much joy to the boy. 

All these elements of the illustration, including the road that vanishes in the atmospheric perspective, were composed the way that children, when they see the page and while parent is reading the text from the book Bernard Goes To Music School, kids will first see the boy, then their eyes will try to find a squirrel and of course they will discover bunny and the butterfly in a very short time. Yet after that they again will focus on the boy, the main character of the page and the book.

The illustration was painted, of course in correlation with the text on the page. The whole story is in the book on Amazon.com ( HERE ).

  • ISBN-10: 1523864753
  • ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Love Is All Around – Looking Left And Right

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watercolor realism
I have finished this botanical painting right on time. It helped me to create some of my new floral Valentine’s Day designs. 

My studio these days is like a Hallmark Headquarters 😉

On the left of my desk I have flowers.

Those little gentle purple flowers twisted in a beautiful shape of a heart:
purple flowers forming heart
Then, they spread around the card into a dynamic yet lovely composition:
purple watercolor flowers
Soon, another new painting with simi-realistic tulip bouquet was created:

watercolor painting
This bouquet inspired me for a several Valentine’s designs as well.

Red Yellow Purple tulips Heart vase
A Symphony Of Tulips that sing “Happy Valentine’s Day“:
watercolor painting
and a classic (central composition) with tulips in the ceramic vase:
watercolor still life painting
On another hand, I wanted a little humor in my Valentine’s designs.
And the Happy “proposing” Squirrel was created:
squirrel cartoon
Can’t imagine a Valentine’s Day without a Teddy Bear in love: 
Love You Teddy
This Teddy is a really good speller! 
A simple message from him even a baby can read :0)
Message from Teddybear
Happy Valentine’s Day 
from Teddy and Me