Purple Flowers Watercolor – Bay Area Flowers Series

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Bay Area flora
My exploration of the Arches Hot Pressed Paper is in progress. “Some Like It Hot” series is moving along well.

Above is the painting of the cute purple-pink flowers that I discovered in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. I tried to find their name online but all in vain. 

These flowers grow in a cluster of purple stars, sitting on an average size bush. The stems are fuzzy; and, therefore, in the morning each stem has a million teeny tiny due drops. This makes the flowers look as if they float in the air supported with some magic purple streams of water. 
The Original Painting Purple Flowers is 27″x 21″ watercolor

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Watercolor Sunflowers – Bay Area Flowers Series

Bay Area, Fine Art, floral, Flowers, hot, Irina, Painting, realism in watercolor, San Francisco, sky, Some Like It Hot, sun, sunflowers, Sztukowski, Watercolor, watercolour
Being interested in different surfaces for my watercolors, I’ve decided to try Hot Pressed paper. I got a bunch of large sheets and started exploring why Some Like It Hot.
 I thought it would be great to do a series of paintings about Sun Francisco Bay Area Flowers. Living in this beautiful area allowed me to collect tons of photo references. 
These sunny flowers were growing in Lafayette. My sister and I drove through residential area once and discovered small field of sunflowers between the houses. What captured our attention is that the flowers were not turned to the Sun, they were lit from behind. We took bunch of pictures; and, I loved the one that my sister, Masha Batkova, had. 
Needless to say I wanted to paint it :0)
In my painting, I wanted to show not only the light penetrating the petals, but also the warm yellow against cold blue and cool greens. 
Original Painting Sunflowers is 27″x21″ watercolor on Hot Pressed Arches paper
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul