Italian Restauran – Sunflowers Of Venice

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Italy Still Life
Preparing for the trip to Italy, I am getting my “Italian” brush strokes sharpen.. In this painting I literally re-painted the walls with the dry brush loaded with color not worrying about the brush marks; after all, the walls in that Venetian cafe were old… 
I’ve got the photo reference from my friend who went to Italy a couple of years ago. They were sitting in the cafe and waiting for the meal to come. The guy was wearing red t-shirt and was looking at the vase above his head. I made a few changes; and, even though I left the pitcher with flowers above and “almost” falling, I replaced the guy with the Red Venetian Chair to add a little less personal look to the painting but remain an Italian feeling to the atmosphere…

Now I don’t know what is the focal point in this painting: the red chair, the blue bottle, or these cute Sunflowers:
Yellow Still Life
Oh Italy, I am excited to go there. So far I was just painting from the photo’s of my friends and relatives. And now it is the time to meet this country in person.

Here are my previous paintings.

Beautiful hills of Positano:
Flowers at the Bay
(prints are available HERE)
Gorgeous Dome in Vatican Rome:
St Peters basilica
(prints are available HERE)
And multiple roofs of old town Siena:
(prints are available HERE)
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Mama Mia! So Many Roofs! Siena, Italy

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The history of this painting goes back to the last year when I was preparing for the Sketchbook Project – Travel With Me. The sketch will soon end up in NY Library after it travels in the different countries. 
When I was painting a larger format it took quite a while even the overall tone of the painting is pretty much the same and contains primarily Ochre and Burnt Sienna (Note the town that is painted is called Siena). I couldn’t understand what took so long to paint; and at the end I finally got it. The painting contains 17 roofs (big and small, close and far)! I guess, it does take time not only to build the roof, but as well to painted it. :0) 
To make the painting more “alive” I’ve added birds, some flowers on the back, geranium on the window sand hanging outside laundry. I thought this will give nice people presence in this old rustic town.
23″x17″ Watercolor Painting on 140lb Cold Pressed Paper
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Siena, Italy – Travel With Me – Sketchbook Project

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Italia! Italia! I always wanted to go there. And my desire doubled if not tripled when last Summer I started learning about Medieval and Renaissance art in my Art History class. Italy became the center of art and culture many centuries ago. Artists from different countries went to learn art in Italy from old masters. Throughout the times the history was well preserved there. And I believe that unlike some of other European cities Italian ones keep their charm and remain untouched by civilization with its concrete-glass-high scrapers; or, at least I want to believe. I’ve also heard that Italian people are very nice. My friend lived in Italy for several years and when she came to Russia she said that the character of Russian people, their charisma reminded her Italian character a lot.
When I am in Italy, my first destination will be most likely Florence, Rome, and Venice. But if time and money permits I would love to visit Siena (you see on the sketch and will understand me why) and Positano. And wherever I go I want to paint, take tons of pictures, visit museums and churches and of course to see the original art in person. My sister and I even started learn Italian together. She is more advanced in this language than I am; yet I’ve recently learned one but very good phrase: Anno nuovo vita nuova! (which means New Year New Life!) There is something in this sentence very inspiring and promising, isn’t it!? 🙂
4″x6″ Watercolor Sketch on 90lb Cold Pressed Paper

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul