Pink Rose with the Dew Drops

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Realism in Watercolor

This rose was another commission painting for the Notebooks collection. I loved to paint the dew drops as it’s been a while since I did them. The challenge was to melt them into the painting in order that the eye will see the beauty of the rose fist and the little drops a moment later.
8 x 10″ Watercolor on Paper, 140 Cold Press Arches

Since then there were so many roses created in my Flower Gallery (click HERE to see all)

Here is just a few of them.
The Morning Rose watercolor painting:

original art
A Lovely Rose Bud lit by the Sun:
PInk Bloom Extreme Realism
Watercolor Realistic painting

More than a thousand artworks ranging from realism to a decorative abstract and detailed botanical painting by Irina Sztukowski are presented now on her website

Original Paintings
realism in watercolor

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Watercolor Flowers Paintings Interior Decor Ideas

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painting of watercolor flowers and butterflies in interior decor
After successful launch of my coloring books for adults and children many customers of mine are enjoying decorating the houses with beautiful paintings of Botanical Flowers.

In this article I wanted to share the interior decor ideas for botanical flowers from children room to living room and beyond.

Colorful garden of watercolor flowers above shows how bright precise flowers with butterflies bring so much joy into a kids’ room decor.

Beautiful purple Moth Orchid  watercolor botanical painting is looking lovely in the dining room area:

painting of orchid in dining room interior
Sweet fragrance of Lilac watercolor botanical painting is sensed in this bedroom interior decor:

Lilac watercolor artwork framed in bedroom environment
A trio of gorgeous botanical watercolor paintings of Tulips Hyacinth and Lotus is looking so good together bringing nice fresh touch into a plain decor of living room: 

watercolour paintings in interior decor of living room
And certainly Red Poppies botanical watercolor artwork is a king of the living room here:

Red poppies watercolour painting framed in living room
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Spring Gardens – Children Book Illustrations

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watercolor art kids room interior
In preparation for a children book, I painted many illustrations with Spring Gardens. I loved using fresh watercolors with all shades of green for the sunny days illustrations. Also, pink flowers in a lot of illustrations worked so well to picture the lovely season:

watercolor painting kids room interior decor
And other flowers that are certainly my favorite and so greatly show the beginning of Spring, are tulips. The tulip garden I could paint many times and never would get tired:

Kids room decor interior decoration
And my favorite illustration, where the tulip garden at the back invites us to the park full of flowers, benches, and cute butterflies and squirrels:

watercolor art for kids Children room interior decor
All these illustration look very good on canvas prints for children room interior decor. 
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Art Squared

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warm painting
Above paintings, Abstract Design Sunset and Evening Light are the part of the Geometric Design series that I’ve recently created. These and other squared artworks are constructed by placing together multiple squares of the fragments that I have painted in the last five years. Each square is an element of a realistic or abstract artwork of mine. When placed together, they generate an abstract square piece. Yet each design of these abstract squares can trigger the viewers’ imagination and produce a new meaning by twisting the mind and creativity. Just like the above designs remind me a setting sun above the water, the next one might be called Flowers in the Meadow or Forest Light:
After creating these super abstracts, the Realistic Me spoke up and I’ve inserted a few previous artworks hiding them between the squares. And that is how the following artworks were created.


decorative painting


And, even Hidden Hearts are also Squared
squares quilt art

More “squared” abstracts are in my Décor Gallery

Art Show In Evergreen Colorado

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The Art Show in Evergreen, Colorado is up and running.
Beside accepted painting,In The Bookstore and Dancing Pearls, I am also showing ten more art pieces there. Among them are:


realism in watercolor
Realism in Watercolor

Realism In Watercolor

First fruits of the season

This Exploration of a Medium: Watermedia art show  will run through July 26; 
visitors and art collectors are welcome 
Mon – Fri 10:00am – 5:00pm, and Sat Noon 5:00pm. 
32003 Ellingwood Trail, Evergreen, CO. 

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

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The idea to paint a single rose started more than a decade ago when I saw gorgeous Rose Garden in San Francisco Golden Gate Park.
Roses their are amazing!
Each of them has its own color and texture character. 
That single Rose above is “dancing” , her “skirt” is swirling with the motion.

The morning rose lit by a gentle sun has somewhat silky transparency that caught my attention:

watercolor flower
And wherever I went I saw the beauty of a single rose, even if it is just a bud, young and pink:
realism in watercolor
The dew drops on this single rose here suggest a fresh lovely morning:

floral painting
When speaking of a rose , it is said that these gorgeous flowers have a special meaning. And not only the color of the rose in this case should be considered. The number is also playing an important role in the symbolic message that one person want to convey.
A single rose of any color in full bloom means 
a simple message
It depicts supreme devotion from one person to another, as if it is said in a gesture of giving a single rose:
All my sincere affections are concentrated in you, 

watercolor florals

realism in watercolor
All presented designs in this post are created from my watercolor paintings of a single rose. The virtual frame is “build-up” from painting of a Myrtle Wood surface. I thought the texture of this wood will be perfect to “frame” my single roses creations.
This wood is amazingly strong, it only grows in certain area’s on our planet and it has unique structure, almost metallic shine if to look closely.
The cooler color designs looked almost like marble:

All these and many more collages of my watercolor single roses will be posted in a Decor Gallery very soon.

Glass Rocks Roll To Sacramento

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Elk Grove Art Gallery
One of my favorite paintings the Rose with the Glass Rocks was accepted into a juried Art Show  at Elk Grove Art Center in Sacramento area. 

The rose in this painting was a fresh cut from my garden. The morning dew was already gone, but I wanted to play with drop-like texture that day. I placed the rose on the window and dropped a few glass rocks next to it. Each rock reflected the world: the sky, the tree branches outside, one even showed the rose view distorted through the glass:
Realistic Still Life
I am so glad that my Rose with the Glass Rocks will be on display at such famous Art Center in the Capital of California :0)

June 1, 2013
5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
The show continues through June 27th
9080 Elk Grove Blvd. in Old Town Elk Grove
Wed. – Sat. 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Original Painting Rose And Glass Rocks is 10″x14″ on 100% Cotton Artist Watercolor 140lb Cold Pressed

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Watercolor Rose Painting

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pink roses
I am celebrating a Rose Petals Day today. And even though I found out that an official Rose Day is somewhere in February, on my blog it is here and now :0)..

Why do I love roses? I think for their multiple generous petals, which at the first glance are looking alike yet not the same. Each petal is unique when, after all, unites into a gorgeous flower. 

Why else? Hm…I also like these flowers for the challenge. When the artist paints a rose, she has to put herself in some meditation stage, painting one petal after another.. and, again, never forget about stepping away and see the whole flower. 

When painting this rose, I almost got lost in the petals, in their beauty, and their abstracted realism.

Just take a look at the fragments of the same rose, isn’t it a lovely abstract suggested in the turn of petals?


petal study
Celebrate a Rose Day with me. I pulled all my recent roses and combined them in a PhotoShop “bouquet” for you :0)
rose garden
Original painting Rose (above all) is Watercolor on 20″x16″ 300lb Cold Pressed Paper

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Freshly Painted Window – The Rose and Glass Rocks

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Click on Image to See the Details
In my studio remodeling, I was responsible only for two things: to keep the dogs out and to paint the windows. And I did. But Artists is always the Artist and as soon the paint dried I’ve set up this Still Live and started painting. The painting is now completed. What I love here is the perspective. The front glass rocks are reaching the rose’s size yet, we all know, they are just half inch or so long. It is all due to perspective we can perceive the realism of the space.
And my task of keeping the dogs out was really successful one, yet I was definitely supervised when painting the windows :0)
The original painting Rose and Glass Rocks is 10″x13″ on Arches Watercolor Paper
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

French Roses – Step-by-Step Still Life

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Click HERE to see detailed image
Well maybe Roses were not French “per se” but they were sitting in the French room called Paris in a beautiful cozy hotel Inn At Depot Hill in Capitola, California.  My friend and I were staying there a couple weeks ago when visiting Capitola Art Festival. I started painting these roses life in the room, then took photo and finished the painting at home. And of course I started painting with the main subject, the roses, and the brass vase. 
Here are a few Step-by-Step pictures of the process:
The first under-wash for roses was yellow, but later on I was going to cool down with pink and violet. The bass vase came along pretty nice and the old granite table complemented the metal vase.

Background for the roses was a black tile. It helped me to achieve a great contrast to “push” the roses forward. A soft, future French walls, was a mix of Burnt Siena and Umber.

Roses needed a few good layers to bring the complex multi petal flower to life.

Layer after layer I was creating one petal after another. Good music on the back ground helped me to say focused and give my full attention to the roses, the models of the day.

At this stage the roses and the leaves are almost completed, just a few stokes needed to make the flowers pop-up and clean the pencil drawing with eraser.

Here the tiles of the fireplace started coming to life.And a vague reflection of the roses in the vase brought some depth  to the background.

And here The French are coming! The pattern of the tapestry style walls reflected roses, trees, birds, pastoral scenes.. Ah Mon Chéri the girl on a wall was saying to her party..

When I was a kid, my sister and I were painting walls in tiny little Summer house in Saint Petersburg suburbs. Our Grandma gave us full spectrum of paint and allowed us to use our imagination. Would she ever know that 30 some years later I will paint a French wall on my Rose Still life watercolor :0)
Original Artwork
French Roses is 16″x12″ on 300 lb Arches Cold Pressed Paper
And here I was just playing to see how wonderfully it would look on a greeting card, isn’t it..

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul