Watercolor Food Illustration Pie

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Watercolour Raspberry Blueberry Redcurrant Pie

Today I was painting food illustration for my client – delicious pie, Raspberry Blueberry Redcurrant. Oh, it was hard not to think about tea or coffee while I was painting. As food illustration of pie, its ingredients, was quite repetitious, I first painted a small piece, a slice to show my clients if that what they had in mind: the values, the sizes of the berries, the crust:


Watercolor Food Illustration – Slice of Pie

After client approved my watercolor slice of pie, I started fearlessly painting berry after berry a whole deliciousness in watercolour using mostly red, blue, and ochre hues as main color palette.

The clients were satisfied, and I was happy that my watercolor painting of this delicious food pretty soon will be appearing on food labels of a product.


Busy Berry Season & Digital Bugs

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strawberry raspberry acerola pattern
I got overwhelmed with a new style these days. I am playing with digital art images in Adobe Illustrator. My digital art so far looks pretty much as my watercolors. And of course, the first subjects that I was playing with, were berries.

I first made digital Strawberries:
Then I created Raspberries:
And then, I thought about exotic berry that is called Acerola:
It was fun to add digital colors into my new creations. 
They do look like my watercolors that I’d paint by hand thought.

 And, in reality, there is no digital art ever existed that would be without an artist’s creative touch. 

My other super digital art started for example with drawing (by hand of course) funny looking bugs. Then I applied a few filters in Adobe Illustrator, and filled with digital color. 

Here is the example:

These cute bugs are just asking to jump into some children book.
Cheers from 

Forest Berries Image For Labels

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strawberry blackcurrant raspberry

In comparison with Caramel Fudge image, where I had to practically invent and re-invent the composition going through many sketches for the Yogurt Labels international project, the Forest Berries image was relatively easy for me to create. 

I just needed to make sure that the berries would be “read” and “separated”, yet are staying in one logical bunch in the black and white image.

Luckily, I had many berries painted for the previous, Jam Labels, project.
So, I already had a sweet velvety Raspberry bunch behind my belt:
realism in watercolor
I painted quite a few Blackcurrant botanical studies before:

realism in watercolor
And I had a painting of the Strawberries bunch with flowers and leaves as well:

realism in watercolor
I just needed to turn on my imagination, grab the pen with ink; and, fearlessly start drawing berry after berry, seed after seed, leave vein after a leave vein. 

The shading and the contrast were the keys of the successful drawing for sure!! 

Nine Shades Of Raspberries – Yogurt Labels And More

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Nine Shades Of Raspberry
Raspberries image is my number four creation for a new yogurt project that I am making for one developing company in Ireland. This company requested black and white images of raspberries; and, they are going to place them on the color lids. 

As I mentioned before, the interesting part for me as an artist, is that the original panting needed to be only in black ink. I am enjoying this new concept:
When I was done with ink painting of the image, I placed it on different shades of red and pink trying to recreate the fresh colors of ripe berries – Nine Shades Of Raspberries. 

My art collectors can order now not only these images on canvas, but as well on Pillows for Kitchen:
rasbperries home decor
or, these juicy raspberries will surely look good on Farmers Market Tote Bags :
Raspberries Tote
The ideas are endless!

The history of the raspberry image goes back at least three years of my art career. That year, my first watercolor painting of raspberries was created for a dear client for the Jam Labels project:

jam labels with raspberries

These Sweet Raspberries looked so lovely on the Raspberry Jam Labels:

Made With Love!
And now, the licensed images (for Royalty Free Licenses) of all yogurt, jams, relishes,and marmalade illustrations are available HERE

Raspberry Peach And Other Jams Adventure

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Jam Labels
Here is my latest creation for Jam Labels and Kitchen Art designs. Many thanks to my long time customer from local town Danville, California; she, not only supplies me with delicious jams, but also gives me new ideas and helps my imagination flow :).

Meantime in Ireland, the jam labels with my creations now are being born and bring joy to their customers.
The cute jars with labels and colorful lids are shown at numerous food-shows:
They are served in restaurants and hotels:

colorful lids
Looking pretty on the stores’ shelves:

G's Gourmet
And even are delivered to the customers from different locations:
G's Gourmet

Per a newspaper article that I’ve recently read, the owner of G’s Gourmet says: 
“In terms of exposure it was a great opportunity for us to showcase our new brand labels on the nutritional and food service sides. The new labels have more color in them” Helen added. G’s are already in States, specifically in California, where they are stocked in specialty type shops and delis. They are also in Brussels and Luxembourg.” 

Irina Sztukowski jam project
I am so proud to hear these great news. My creations are really ready to be served :0).

They are even placed as the advertisement on G’s Mercedes vehicles: 
Go Jams!! 
(Many thanks to G’s Gourmet and Greenhouse for photo-references)

Very Very Berry

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realism in watercolor
A Very Very Berry designs were inspired by the Forest Fruits jam label order that I posted below.
It was an instant desire to bring some of my painted berries together; than more then better, creating one juicy watercolor still life.
It was easy to find good “models” for these artworks. 
Mouth watering Beauties!
Sweet, fresh, and mm tasty!!

realism in watercolor

Forest Fruits Jam Label

Farmers Market Delight

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citrus fruits paintings
In the last couple of years I’ve painted many artworks that are different form my usual approach. Yet they do have their own distinguished style so to speak:  when the main object (usually fruit or vegetable) is painted in realistic style with the shadow, but the background remains white. 
Most of the paintings are sold: some through the art shows, others are through the Jam Labels project, and the several of them were sold off an auction. 
Last week I looked at the images of those paintings on my computer and wanted to bring all of them together in one series Farmers Market Delight. 
I’ve paired them by style, color and composition. And here they are. For example, all four paintings above Apple, Lemon, Orange, Pear were painted on Aquabord. It was fun to explore the quality of the board vs artistic paper 
( my previous post on Aquabord testing is here; and another study is here )

The next group of the paintings was representing some sweet, some hot, some red, some purple veggies (though, technically, tomato would be considered a berry and pineapple a fruit). 
I just loved the combination of colors there and the details of these realistic paintings:

sweet pea jalapeno painting

onions and jalapeno
Here are a few previous posts on these above paintings:

Then, I looked at some other paintings; and, a few fruits found a company in this sweet colorful quartet:

fruits berries paintings
My previous posts about jam labels and others are here:
And last but not least I picked four of my probably best watercolor paintings of berries so far and combined them by color and composition into a Very Very Berry collage:
berry watercolor paintings
I love those four because each of them have a story to tell; and, they did take quite a bit of time to paint due to many details. I also loved that each of them have not only berries, but leaves of the plant and a flower as if they say: “We do grow in the garden or on a farm, and we are grown with love from a tiny tiny flower to a gorgeous sweet berry!”
A few previous posts on these paintings are here:
Combining different paintings in one fruitful project was fun. The dance of colors and diversity of the species is that what makes those collages to say: 
Farmers Market Delight!! 
These days I get a lot of requests from the customers if they can purchase electronic versions of my art. The opportunity just recently opened its doors. Anyone can order now my art in electronic file through my Licensing Art Company by exploring my galleries on this website Licensing.IrinaSztukkowski
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Raspberries – Jam Labels Project

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berry flower
Detailed Image HERE
When I was painting Raspberries for the Jam Labels Project I was remembering my Grandma’s garden, where those sweet berries were growing almost like in a wild jungle high enough for me and my baby-sister to get lost there. What could be better than to going to the Raspberry “forest” in a warm Summer morning and picking up a fuzzy, warm, glowing from inside berry! 
Later on, we would help Grandma to collect a cup or two of these berries for her kitchen magic cooking. My Grandma made yummy jams ( in Russian its called “Vareniie”) out of them; and we usually had it at winter time remembering the good Summer days.
And here is a first trial of Raspberry Jam Labels. Ah, Ah, Yummy!! :0)
kitchen art
More yummy art is in my Art For Kitchen Gallery HERE
More Art? ok, click HERE :0)
Enjoy and have fun:
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul