Article On Food Identity and Branding

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How wonderful to see my watercolors of various fruits, berries and vegetables on packaging designs of a new brand YoU by Migros in publication of Persoenlich Magazine, in an article about Food Identity and Branding.


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Editorial Illustrations Vs Illustration Project

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Personally, it is much easier for me to create commissioned editorial illustrations in watercolor than participate in this exciting yet quite challenging project: Horses Coloring And Activity Book for All Ages.

Usually, when I work with my clients on editorial illustrations, it is that the projects are put in place, the budgets are established and I get a good rapport with the customer. I complete the requested piece, client is satisfied; and, I am as an artist and illustrator happy.

In the creation of my own book, I draw and redraw, paint and re-paint. I try to decide the best format for my future co-creators. And, I literally overwhelm myself. A great example with this book. If the Flowers books were quite easy to create: I painted flowers, I drew, and I placed them into the book. On another hand, this Horses book is more than just a coloring book, which customers can purchase, color, and place in the frame into a home decor (see example HERE) . The Horse Coloring book is also an Activity book; but, not only for adults. It is also going to be created for children as well. So, my idea is to make the drawings as simplified and fun as possible yet to have adults to be interested in the coloring them as well. I know from my teaching art experience that children are not afraid to color, yes, yes: adults are! And, than older person gets, then more “doubts” he or she places on one’s courage and desire to succeed. I want to create a book that will unite adults and children. Children will have fun drawing and do activities; and, adults would rejuvenate a Child from within their gorgeous Souls.

Now, you see why commission editorial illustrations for me are much easier to accomplish following business rules. In my personal project of creating horse book there are no rules per se.

Well, this journey will be quite an interesting one. I think I will have to start with the small steps and develop further and further.

Live To Create!

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Published Art – Watercolor Editorial Illustration

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watercolor blue abstract painting Dancing Water
Editorial Illustration Abstract Watercolor by Irina Sztukowski 
My abstract painting Dancing Water was published on a program of a Dance Composition Concert that was conducted by Dancing Department of San Francisco City College. I am so happy that my art was editorial choice for this play that is  called  The Next Wave

Program of San Francisco City College Concert with Editorial Illustration by Irina Sztukowski 
San Francisco City College Dance Concert Program
Program of San Francisco City College Concert with Editorial Illustration by Irina Sztukowski 
This and other few abstract artworks of this series that I called Dancing Water became quite popular among my art collectors and various publications.
Just not far ago, another abstract from this series was published as editorial choice illustration on a cover of a magazine:

Blue Abstract Painting Watercolor by Irina Sztukowski on cover
Editorial Illustration of Blue Watercolor Abstract on the cover of magazine. Artist Irina Sztukowski.
More abstract art of this series is HERE
And hundreds of my abstract watercolor creations are in 

Cheers from

Women In Art Magazine Publication

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I was contacted by Liesl Marelli. the editor of 
Women in Art 278 Magazine .

 She came across my work on the World Wide Web, and found that it would add a wonderful diversity to the Women In Art magazine.
Per her note, she was glad to discover artist like myself; and, she was happy to invite me with my artwork for their October issue. 

 In the invitation letter, Liesl mentioned: 
“Our magazine is published (in full) online and also in a printed format. We have more than 40,000 readers and our audience continues to grow.” 

It was thrilled to share my art, particularly the landscape Blake’s Garden:
realism in watercolors
I was also happy to share my  

Artist Statement

My artist’s goal is to achieve a balance and harmony between the beauty provided by Nature and the ability of the artist to convey this beauty on two dimensional surfaces. When this harmony is accomplished it evokes a visual experience and generates the emotions between the viewer and the painting. I believe that watercolor is the medium that can do it all.

Quiet Morning Abstract – Published In Australia

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Back in August, I was approached by a Promotions Manager for St Michael’s Uniting Church in Melbourne Australia with an interesting proposal.

 The organization wanted to use my image Calm Quiet Morning Abstract Collage as a hero image for their upcoming September St Michael’s Day celebrations:

blue painting
Each year, St Michael’s UC presents two people with The St Michael’s Medallions in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the community. 
The award is designed to recognize their work in the prevention of violence, trauma and destructiveness, and promoting growth, health and well-being.

Beautiful St.Michael’s Cathedral, 
Melbourne Australia:
(Courtesy to Google and WiKi images) 

The theme for 2015 awards was Quietness and when administration was searching for an image that captures the sentiment of quiet, the Promotion Manager found Calm Quiet Morning Abstract Collage online. 
I am glad my abstract design was chosen to be published on the cover of the event booklet; and, it was serving a good cause.

People Magazine Got Great Ideas

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My Little Apple got a Big honor to be published in PEOPLE magazine online. 
This miniaute painting,
An Apple, was a part of the series 
I am glad it was chosen by a lifestyle editor of People magazine 
to accompany an
article about 
decorative design and home décor ideas

Apple berries lemon orange pomegranate
I guess Z Vitamins are not only good for our health, but for an artist’s promotion as well.

Published in Spirit Seeker Magazine

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November Issue
I received an offer that was hard to pass. Spirit Seeker magazine asked my permission to publish a part of my festive painting on the cover. 

With headquarters located in St. Louis, MO; 
“Spirit Seeker Magazine is a comprehensive, inspirational, holistic publication for the mind, body and spirit. In its’ 17th year, the magazine is recognized for its’ rich content and thought-provoking features, consistently showcasing the work of cutting edge authors, musicians and leaders in health, wellness, and spirituality. In this age of uncertainty, people are now, more than ever, looking for ways to connect with something bigger. Spirit Seeker Magazine has always been ahead of the curve, providing a tool for optimized living and enlightenment. Spirit Seeker Magazine is distributed widely throughout the Midwest as a print publication in Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, throughout Missouri, as well as published online, with national and international readers. Each issue is highly anticipated by both faithful and curious readers. Our readers are educated, spiritual consumers seeking information on products, services, and classes.”
(quote from )

November Issue is colorful and filled with Fall Spirit:
I am glad they chose the part of the painting that contained a pumpkin and Fall leaves. They have the most contrast of all. However, because the cover has vertical format, the whole painting (which is horizontal ) did not fit. My initial artwork was a “play” between realistic and impressionistic art. For example, if the whole still life part was executed in realism, the landscape behind the window is pure Impressionism:

I also like that the magazine mentioned my name as an artist and published a small article about me (on Page 4) 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Healing Art of Watercolor – Published in Somatic Psychotherapy Today Magazine

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Big but pleasant surprise came my way when one of Psychological magazines asked for a permission to place my abstract painting Dancing Water on the cover of their Winter issue. 
On another hand, any abstract painting involves both, spontaneity and careful planing, either it is Artist’s intuition or years of practice, or both. And I guess, the abstract art does trigger people imagination. So, why not! Here is a pure psychology in full its glory:
The Dancing Water (made in watercolor)
Irina Sztukowski
magazine publication
And here is the link for the Winter 2012 one: 
abstract watercolor
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul