Delicious Still Life Paintings – Decorative and Classic

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Here are some fruits of my labor. For the last month or so I was working on watercolor paintings for one European company. The original illustrations will be used for new line of yogurt products. When the products are on the shelves of the stores, I will definitely share the photos.

But this post presents some new decorative artworks with those delicious fruits and more. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to paint also sweets this time. The still life with Chocolate and Caramel shows two of my guilty pleasures in one artwork. 

Also my recent paintings include Pear Still Life, Still Life With Plums, and Hazelnut watercolor artwork:
artist Irina Sztukowski realism in watercolour
The still life paintings above are created in decorative manner. The background is more semi-realistic and these paintings are unified with one particular stile, where I mixed up the realistic approach with “washed off” background.

Versus, for example,  collection of my classical still life paintings, where you can see that each detail of the background is organically fits into a Classic Old Masters approach:
watercolour realism
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Watercolor Chutney

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artist Irina Sztukowski
It is always great to see an end product on the shelves of the stores and realize that my watercolor illustrations look so great placed together in one label.
This watercolor Chutney is produced by G’s Gourmet Company and distributed in Ireland and all of the Europe.
Three of my paintings from Plum Collection, Onion Collection, and Tomato Collection came together on this watercolor label in a tasty design:
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Watercolor Mosaic

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To see more details or play with virtual framing click HERE

When a very special customer of mine asked if I want to paint an Italian style mosaic with the fruit vase, I first thought I did not hear her right: Mosaic? In Watercolors?!! But as an Artist who likes a challenge and loves to explore, I jumped to this project with enthusiasm.
We discussed the details and composition, colors and stylistic approach. The fruits and berries are all her favorites for cooking and baking. And the mosaic painting itself will become some sort of signature of her love to cooking with the heart and passion. From the last posts you remember, her jams are to die for!
And now here is a little game.
Try to find the following:
White Peach
Did you do good?
Now here is another challenge:
Find a Habanero Pepper
It is there.
How could it have all of that? I can give you a recipe: patience My Friends. When I was painting each tile of this fruit mosaic I meditated while creating those virtual stones: rock by rock, color by color, all in Watercolor!! :0)
And here are a few detailed images of this Mosaic Fruit Vase:

Original Watercolor on 300lb Arches Cold Pressed paper 12″x16″
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

The Heart Of A Plum – Jam Labels Project

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Detailed Image is HERE
The Jam Labels Project is almost over. Only two paintings are left after this one.
Each time I am creating a new label I want to make it better and more meaningful. With the Plum painting everything was going just as smooth as could be. The very same day I decided to grab my brush to make a Plum painting, our neighbors offered us to pick a few plums from their tree. How did they know that I had a need in a model?!! Mystery! My husband picked up the plums and I picked up a knife and a camera. When I made photos I kept saying to myself: “I wish to have a great meaningful composition that not only represents the plums for a jam label, but something else”… and my prayers had been heard. One of the plums, when cut, reminded me of the shape of the heart. I was stunned as I’ve just recently learned that my client loves the symbol of heart, collects them, and as the matter of fact she sees them everywhere (e.g. the cloud in the sky, the pattern of the fancy rug, the cut berry) where some people will not even pay attention, she does.
The rest was the history: I’ve painted the art piece in one day as my heart was moved by such a pleasant coincidence. 
Here is the suggested Jam Labels design:
Original painting is 8″x10″ watercolor on 140lb Cold Pressed Arches

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul