Published Art – Watercolor Editorial Illustration

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watercolor blue abstract painting Dancing Water
Editorial Illustration Abstract Watercolor by Irina Sztukowski 
My abstract painting Dancing Water was published on a program of a Dance Composition Concert that was conducted by Dancing Department of San Francisco City College. I am so happy that my art was editorial choice for this play that is  called  The Next Wave

Program of San Francisco City College Concert with Editorial Illustration by Irina Sztukowski 
San Francisco City College Dance Concert Program
Program of San Francisco City College Concert with Editorial Illustration by Irina Sztukowski 
This and other few abstract artworks of this series that I called Dancing Water became quite popular among my art collectors and various publications.
Just not far ago, another abstract from this series was published as editorial choice illustration on a cover of a magazine:

Blue Abstract Painting Watercolor by Irina Sztukowski on cover
Editorial Illustration of Blue Watercolor Abstract on the cover of magazine. Artist Irina Sztukowski.
More abstract art of this series is HERE
And hundreds of my abstract watercolor creations are in 

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It Is All About Trains

Bernard Goes To Music School, book for kids, children book illustration, Connie Du, ISBN 9781523864751, Kids, play, playing children, toy, toy train, train, trains, Watercolor
Bernard Goes To Music School
I wonder if all the boys in the World like to play with trains?! 
In the book that I’ve recently illustrated, Bernard Goes To Music School, I had to paint trains quite a bit. The trains were not only toy trains. It was the train in the Autumn landscape of Toronto suburbs, and even train made of kids. 
I can imaging all that noise that children will be making when reading this book 😉

I tried to paint each “train” and train unique and interesting. The train above was a simple Lego type train that the boy Bernard had at home.

Next train was more as a model train. Bernard and his friend Nicholas found lots of joy playing with this train in music class.
Don’t trains too make a musical noise?! 

Connie Du new book  model trains
When the kids were playing in the class imitating a train, the last “red caboose”, our shy boy Bernard was missing (I cannot reveal what happened next, but it was quite interesting how he handled the situation later)
Bernard Goes To Music School
When painting Toronto outskirts with the speedy train, my idea was to show all the beauty of the Fall of this beautiful place in Canada. The leaves of all colors with the fast train zipping through was the best presentation of the season and how rapid the changes in the Nature could be:
autumn fall landscape with trains
And what do you think Bernard liked his mommy to read to him?
Yep, the book about Little Red Caboose:
children books illustrations
For those who is reading my blog for the first time, here is a little info on the book:

The book is called Bernard Goes To Music School, written by Connie Du. You can find this book on Amazon. Just type Irina Sztukowski in the search window or copy and insert this link into the browser
The author’s note:
Bernard, a little boy, has gone to music school to start a musical journey that is about to change him profoundly in many ways… Initially he has difficulty singing those strange funny music notes and he often feels shy around people. He and other kids receive music training from Mrs. Tania, a lovable music teacher, who inspires him to sing and love music. He needs to practice countless times before he can overcome his shyness and sing beautifully in class. He learns a lot, has a lot of fun and makes friends in his music class but his achievements wouldn’t be possible without the unfailing love and encouragement from his parents throughout the journey. At the end of this story Bernard is not so shy anymore and he really enjoys being with his friends in music school! Music is a wonderful thing that can work magic on our children. (Connie Du)
ISBN-10: 1523864753
ISBN-13: 9781523864751

Top 20 – Art For Kids

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This year I created a new gallery Art For Kids on my Fine Art America website. And it is so nice to admit that my work was noticed by FAA art community; and I made into Top 20 artist in the 
Here are just a few recent designs from this gallery (more to come): 

It was fun to PLAY with letters. And, my ambition for the next year is to set up whole alphabet from my paintings. So far only 15 letters are created. I am going to post them on my new blog Art For Kids Room soon.

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul