Watercolor Flowers Product Line

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artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski
Here are my recent creations of I Heart Art series. These gentle watercolor flowers came together in a hidden heart shape to present my love to Nature and its perfection, combining the artist illustrator’s skills and many years of experience.
What I love about these designs that the customer can always have a choice of selecting not only products on which to place these watercolor florals, but as well as to select the size of the image and play with the background.
Here is what  I am talking about. The flower Heart can be cropped with outline of any color. Customer, as an example, can select either yellow or purple background, or any other color that fits the interior design:
realism in watercolor floral designs
I love also how the mug with this watercolor flower heart design looks different from all angles. When you have your morning coffee or tea, you can always turn it towards you with the side that you feel fits your mood for today:

watercolor illustration by artist illustrator
The tote bags can be also well “redecorated” by customers with simple application on the website that allows to choose which shape of the bag to select and either to keep the background clear white or add some colors to it:

artist illustrator illustrations in watercolour
And of course the cellphone covers “play-game” can be endless and it can be suitable for pretty much all models available on the market:
artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski
Needless to say, the main painting’s clean sweet look with watercolor flowers on a stretched canvas would be a great addition to an interior design and make the wall shine: 

interior decoration for home and office in watercolour
Cheers from the artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski ! 

Pillow Or Scarf? Scarves Or Pillows?

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I was overwhelmed with happy creative thoughts when I’ve learned I can put my art on the pillow cases. Now the opportunity opened itself again as I found that I can place my art on the silky scarves through one of the companies that I work with.

The questions are:

Which art is looking good on pillows?

Which art is looking good on scarves?

Scarves or Pillows?

Pillows or Scarves?

And here I am creating restlessly. First I placed a few abstracts to see how it looks like. The Blue Abstract was one of my customers favorite in the vertical forms for pillows; but, I wanted to see how it looks like in dynamic and made the lines flow

Then, I grabbed my Fall Impressionism artwork and placed it on both, pillows and scarves.. Looking good, good:
orange and red design

orange yellow red design
But I really wanted something more repetition-al, something more settled on my designs. The Blue Geometry artwork helped me to succeed:
Scarves with cold patterns
On another hand, when I placed more realistic work, in this case my Pink Lilies, in the pattern format, I all of a sudden saw a whole new approach to the visual.. I called this pattern Pink Lily DNA:
floral patterns
And of course, my personal favorite, are the Impressionistic Sunflowers, that in a bunch were looking even more festive on the dark background of the pillow cases and scarves:
watercolor art
yellow flowers watercolor
But the question is still up in the air:
Pillows or Scarves? Scarves or Pillows?