Bestselling Art

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travel painting sketch
It is a good time to mention bestselling art of the first quarter of this year. I will just mention here a few of them, that truly became best of the sellers from my art world collection of watercolor.
Above painting of Stockholm was purchased by an art collector, surprise, surprise, from Sweden. I am so happy that this painting print, which is already one of my bestsellers since 2010 now will decorate a house in Uddevalla, Sweden.

Another bestselling watercolor that I want to point out and I am not surprised that it was precisely in the fist quarter, the Water Lilies that I painted one day being inspired by Claude Monet .. And surprising enough, the museum Legion Of Honor was hosting the Monet exhibition this year. I loved visiting this exhibit with its bestselling art two times this year. And here are my Water Lilies bestseller, mine are painted with watercolor on a special watercolor canvas:

inspired Monet
These watercolor lilies traveled to Clayton, MO to decorate my art collector’s house.

The Art Collector from Californian town Torrance, decided to purchase White Oleander painting of mine in a beautiful gray frame. Here is this bestseller in all its beauty:

framed art watercolor flowers realism category
And I was not surprised that my bestselling Italian painting with ancient town of Siena, was purchased this quarter as  well. By the way, the second quarter of this year I am planning to visit this town for business and will paint many more beautiful paintings of its churches, streets, flowers that most likely are keen to become bestsellers of the following year 🙂 . I love Italy, and even devoted a Gallery to this country, this gallery now has more than 100 paintings.
art for home decor
I am so happy that my travels help my art collectors bringing the art with beautiful places around the world into their home interior. As a good example this bestselling artwork with the view of Golden Gate Bridge through Lincoln Golf Park (the 17th Hole) which is so loved by my customers. This time  art collector from Fairfield, California purchased this art for the home decor:

Lincoln Park San Francisco by Irina Sztukowski
Another bestseller from my Travel Collection went to one International customer from Malta. This art collector was interested in a Russian Cathedral, the Blood Cathedral from Saint Petersburg (the city where are was born):

Irina Sztukowski watercolor artwork from travel series
And needless to say, my bestselling art pieces were also printed not only on canvases, paper, metal prints, and framed artworks; but as well on different merchandise. 
Such for example bestselling watercolor with dancing Ballerina was loved by the art collector from El Segundo, CA and purchased on a few blue pillows for living room decor:

art on merchandise blue pillows decor
Another International customer from Australia (Tarragindi, QLD) wanted to have my Baby Room bestseller on the cellphone cover. Ah, the ideas of the art on merchandise are truly endless, aren’t they!! 

turquoise baby blue artwork
What a great artful year I am having!!! I am so glad that so many art collectors (I’ve not even mentioned all due to the length of the article here) wanted to purchase my art from:

Whimsical Garden Decorative Design

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wall art
In my new collection Whimsical Garden, I am using some old watercolor techniques with a new approach. I decided to block the color with the help of protective medium in order to allow the watercolor to flow only in one particular area. It reminded me batik style technique but with the new trick. The possibilities of this kind of style are endless. 

Here is another one for example:
wall art
I have selected the color pallet from light green to deep Paynes Gray thinking about departure of the Summer. 
It was fun to imagine these designs on the stretched canvas prints with mirrored sides :
stretched canvas prints
Whimsical Garden III  (above on the left)
Whimsical Garden IV (above on the right)

Also, this style of decorative watercolor was “screaming” to me to try it on pillows designs:
home decor

Home decor

home decor
And I wouldn’t be true to myself if I have not tried to see how these designs will look in the simple off-white and black interior. 
It was looking pretty good as the matter of fact:
wall art
Another design that was created in the same color theme, was the Organic Decor that has softer lines and mellow edges. I used wax application in order to achieve this effect.
Here is the end result.

wall art
wall art
This soft organic paintings looked sweet on any decorative style print and even on bags:
Irina Sztukowski Art
Yes, Summer might be almost over, but my Decorative Gallery will have the memory of this season forever 🙂 

Cheers from 

Magic Watercolor Flowers

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A small act of kindness can go a long way. And the giver sometimes can not even guess what a big huge deal for the recipient it could be. My story starts sad but it has a happy end.
Last Saturday I was recovering from an illness; and, I was under a house arrest for a couple of days in order not to pick up extra germs. Feeling Blue is usually not in my vocabulary unless it pertains to the art show in Naperville, IL, with that exact name where some of my paintings were participating a while ago (previous post is right HERE). The idea of holding a pencil or a brush did not even cross my mind on Saturday. In fact, when you are feeling blue, no ideas at all would float in the head. 

My dear friend, knowing that I am not accepting neither company, nor I am willing to go out; she simply drove more than an hour to my house and left me a magical colorful message on my front porch. When later that afternoon I looked through the window, I saw a gorgeous flower arrangement and festive balloons are calling my name. 
What a great surprise! 
When I brought them into the house, my mood started changing minute by minute. The beautiful petunias, marigold flowers, sweet allysum, and blue little flowers were quite amazing. All of a sudden, I decided to paint the flowers. Considering my morning feelings it was truly magical turn. I grabbed my art supplies, before the desire disappeared. I comfortably sat in my studio. Needless to say, I forgot all my troubles for the next 4 or 5 hours that day. And I didn’t even want to get up until the painting was done completely. 

I can definitely say, the painting process healed my soul and my body. And I hope I was able to reflect these cheerful healing powers onto my festive decorative design

The business-like thinking came after I was done with the painting. After all, I am a professional artist 🙂 !!
Now my customers can order not only paintings with these flowers, but as well as cute bags, home decorative items such pillows, and summer items such beach towels

The imagination has no borders when it comes to the ART!!!

Pillow Or Scarf? Scarves Or Pillows?

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I was overwhelmed with happy creative thoughts when I’ve learned I can put my art on the pillow cases. Now the opportunity opened itself again as I found that I can place my art on the silky scarves through one of the companies that I work with.

The questions are:

Which art is looking good on pillows?

Which art is looking good on scarves?

Scarves or Pillows?

Pillows or Scarves?

And here I am creating restlessly. First I placed a few abstracts to see how it looks like. The Blue Abstract was one of my customers favorite in the vertical forms for pillows; but, I wanted to see how it looks like in dynamic and made the lines flow

Then, I grabbed my Fall Impressionism artwork and placed it on both, pillows and scarves.. Looking good, good:
orange and red design

orange yellow red design
But I really wanted something more repetition-al, something more settled on my designs. The Blue Geometry artwork helped me to succeed:
Scarves with cold patterns
On another hand, when I placed more realistic work, in this case my Pink Lilies, in the pattern format, I all of a sudden saw a whole new approach to the visual.. I called this pattern Pink Lily DNA:
floral patterns
And of course, my personal favorite, are the Impressionistic Sunflowers, that in a bunch were looking even more festive on the dark background of the pillow cases and scarves:
watercolor art
yellow flowers watercolor
But the question is still up in the air:
Pillows or Scarves? Scarves or Pillows?

A Pillow Fight

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Art to pillow
 Today, I am glad to announce that my hosting website (FineArtAmerica) is now offering a new option for the clients: throw pillows in various sizes. 
It means that each and every painting on my website can be transform not only to canvas, metal, acrylic print or cell phone cover, card and so on; but, as well into a cute pillow.

Being curious to see how it would look like, I went to my Abstract Gallery and created a few pillows myself.

It was an interesting transformation of a two dimentional artwork into a three-dementional object.

My Abstract Sea artwork brought some kind of dream-like feeling when it was “placed” on a pillow:

art to the pillows
On another hand, the vertical lines of Abstract Waterfall were delivering some serious statement:

art to pillows
Meditative serene Abstract Landscape in green invited to have a good Beauty rest:

pillows cases art
Meantime, small squares of my Geometric Abstract artwork brought cozy and warm feelings into a pillow design: 

art on pillows
The variations of the designs are practically endless.
A curious mind can play with images and find an artwork for desirable pillow with no fight by visiting my art gallery

How Fast They Do Grow!

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1993 Sketch of my son sleeping. He was only 4 year old toddler.

Here he is already 15 with our dog Maggie. Year 2005. 

And here he is a 23 year old man. I made this sketch today from a few month old photo.
How fast they DO grow!!
All original paintings are 8″x10″ Watercolor
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul