Wearable Fall Art

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watercolor painting
I am used to see my art on the wall of art collectors. But I was curious how the Fall Art would look like on clothes items. How the fall leaves, for example, would fit into the wardrobe.

The artwork Autumn Flow looks great not only on the wall as a framed art; but, as well as the scarf or top or even a dress:

watercolor pattern
watercolor autumn
watercolor pattern
Another artwork that I’ve created as a fall pattern, contains deeper solid colors of the great season:

watercolor painting
It does look cute on the skirt, short sleeve top design, and a dress:

watercolor Autumn

watercolor autumn painting

watercolor autumn
More art is HERE

Hello Hello Summer!

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Poppies field from Irina Sztukowski
The official date of Summer is just behind the corner; and, right on time, the company I work with decided to create a new exiting merchandise with my art. 

Now, my clients can order Beach Towels, Carry-All Pouches, Weekender Tote Bags, and even Portable Battery Chargers with the pattern of their choice from

What could be better to enjoy the Summer hot days having it with a wide smile and a cute artsy work:
watercolor by Irina Sztukowski