A Little Bit of Nostalgia – Daffodil Paintings

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Every time I see daffodils they remind me a little suns that shine from inside. They also remind me of my grandma who grew daffodils in our summer house. Each summer she would bring huge bouquet of daffodils to the city and share with our neighbors. In our beautiful, 300 year old city where grass or trees are only in the parks; those tiny flowers were the gifts from beyond. The smell was astonishing. I can remember it when writing this right now. Very good memories! 

Since then I’ve painted daffodils many times; and, I believe I progressed quite a bit in painting manner and technique:

Still life with vase and daffodils painted in watercolor

And recently, several daffodils from miniature to a full size ones were included in my new Coloring Book – Botanical Flowers , Volume I:

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Strolling In The Garden

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Park Strolling watercolor
My latest inspiration is in this watercolor landscape Strolling In The Garden.
I looked through the window of my studio and observed the street, a grapefruit tree, plants and flowers lit by the morning Sun. An artist imagination did not wait long to create this simple, yet romantic scene. 
In the best traditions of impressionists and applying some realistic technique, I painted partially from my imagination and partially from what I have seen in front of me; a fresh full of sunlight landscape, a trouble-free summer story. 

The young woman walking with umbrella is strolling away from the viewer. She might have a book in her hands; and, soon, she will rest and read her novel enjoying a nice warm day.. Or maybe, her thoughts are drifting far far away. The Sun, the light, and a nice walk with umbrella; a private moment in a beautiful park… I was there, in my imagination; and, I painted it..

Painting California Poppies

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orange painting
California Poppies (scientific name Eschscholzia Californica) sometimes are called a Cup of Gold. They are official California state flowers.

I found this small golden field when going one day to Blake Garden in Berkeley Hills for a plain-air session. I was so occupied painting another field of Red Poppies that I only had a few minutes to run around the park and take some photos. In contrary to the poppies that I painted that day (see painting below), these orange cuties were volunteers. They just spread around the park glowing and bringing light and cheer.
poppy painting
(previous post is here, and the prints are available here)
As I recall, it was a little meadow with the Red and Pink poppies hiding in the forest like garden.

The red ones were planted by people. 

The orange ones were probably brought by birds and wind. 

They decided to locate themselves wherever was comfortable: on a pathway that brought the artists to a marvelous view of the San Francisco Bay
I painted an artist there who came to paint California Poppies; so, that there is more to the story. When the viewer comes to the painting, the fist thing he/she sees are the poppies: bright, orange, big. Yet with more careful observation, you can notice that somebody else is there admiring the orange flowers at the Bay. 

In the last couple of years I painted quite a few of those orange flowers. But the painting above is probably the largest one 
(original painting California Poppies is 23″x17″ on Strathmore 140 lb Watercolor paper) 
 and it has a story

Here are just a few of those “Golden Pots”:

framed art

fine art
open floral
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Briones Park, California – Plein-Air Painting

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Detailed Image is HERE
Plein-Air painting day turned out to be a very nice and warm one. Besides the temperature 70 plus, the skies were blue and clear; and, a gentle breeze protected us from the heat. Briones Park is hidden between Martinez hills. Just a few minutes drive from my home and we were introduced to a wild nature, small cute farms with stables where horses were grazing on the dry grass waiting for a nice ride. 
CWA group of artists did their very best to capture the beginning of California Fall:
Original Watercolor Briones Park is 16″x20″ 300lb Arches Paper
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul