Botanical Impressionism On Baby Blue

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painted cards

My Botanical Impressionism series is continuing; and, now I feel like going to a Baby Blue mood. It started with painting on handmade paper when I created a few little handmade watercolor cards. 
I placed one card against a blue canvas and instantly fell in love  with the idea:
a handmade paper edges with the baby-blue canvas bring somewhat vintage feeling into the artwork. Yet the flowers, that are painted spontaneously, give a good impressionistic feeling.

Here are a few more recent designs:
Botanical Card
Botanical Impressionism
Watercolor Cards
A true burst of flowers is now in the Decor Gallery : tulips, daisies, daffodils, and many others! Yet it still growing just like a good gardener is using water to grow his plants, I use the watercolor and imagination to “grow” my watercolor flower bouquets.

Purple Flowers Watercolor – Bay Area Flowers Series

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Bay Area flora
My exploration of the Arches Hot Pressed Paper is in progress. “Some Like It Hot” series is moving along well.

Above is the painting of the cute purple-pink flowers that I discovered in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. I tried to find their name online but all in vain. 

These flowers grow in a cluster of purple stars, sitting on an average size bush. The stems are fuzzy; and, therefore, in the morning each stem has a million teeny tiny due drops. This makes the flowers look as if they float in the air supported with some magic purple streams of water. 
The Original Painting Purple Flowers is 27″x 21″ watercolor

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul