Watercolor Illustrations Of Citrus Fruit

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Watercolour Illustration of Orange Grapefruit Lemon by watercolor artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski.

Here are a few watercolor citrus fruits that I’ve painted for my clients. I explain in detail the secrets and techniques that I’ve used in those paintings HERE

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Marmalade – A Citrus Serenade

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citrus marmalade label
A combination of flavors of Grapefruit, Orange, and Lemon in one marmalade sounded oh so good to me. It waters my mouth even now, when I am writing this post. 
As an artist and illustrator, who created images for jams and marmalade labels, I had to juggle between different shades of yellow and orange there.

A Mr Grapefruit had to appear big, round, and light yellow (almost a pale yellow in this case):
marmalade label
On another hand, a much juicier yellow and bumpier texture were applied to a Sour Lemon:
citrus marmalade label
Sweet Orange, I called him a Happy Orange, had a nice warm skin and a shiny leathery leaves:
marmalade label
But my all favorite of this Citrus Bunch designs was a request to create a label painting for Whiskey Orange Marmalade.
Not that I am a big drinker, I was just challenged to paint glass one more time. And I liked it! In this watercolor, a good Old Masters traditional still life style was mixed with more modern illustrative techniques. The white background helps to bring up the juiciness of the fruit and transparency of yellow-orange whiskey…
More creations on citrus family are in my Jams Relishes And Marmalade Gallery on www.artirina.com