Wild Mustard Seeds And Flowers Watercolor

Ballymaloe, Irina, label, mustard, mustard flower, mustard leaves, Sztukowski, Watercolor, watercolor label, wild mustard
realism in watercolour
At the end of the last year I worked on the festive Ham Glaze label for Ballymaloe company from Ireland; and, I was gratefully accepting the challenge to paint quite complicated food item and to paint it in my favorite medium, watercolor; yet, still meeting all customer needs for a good presentation. 

This year the same company came to me with another interesting request, Wild Mustard. The company wanted to show mustard seeds and mustard flowers on the label. Lucky for me, California that days just opened Wild Mustard Flowers season. Everywhere I went I saw fields and fields of wild mustard, bright and gorgeous and yellow, the pleasure to the artist’s eye when combined with blue of the sky and the green hills. 
So, the Nature helped me to accomplish the project in no time. The customer was quite satisfied with the outcome. And I am so happy I could bring the feeling of hot California sun into my painting that is now traveling to Ireland.

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