Waltz Of The Flowers

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Irina Sztukowski watercolor
For the artist that loves flowers and music, it was very easy for me to imagine those two together.
Besides, quite often I listen to the music while I am painting. And, quite often it is classical music. One of my favorite pieces by Tchaikovsky is the music for ballet Nutcracker
The Walt Of The Flowers and Adagio I can listen twenty times a day and never get tired. There is certain magic in each sound and a wave of that music. 
When I listen to it, my brush paints itself, or my brain “composes” the art pieces and I create new designs with previously painted flowers as if it was “by magic” :).

This little series of Walt Of The Flowers (that keeps growing of course), I have added to my Dance Gallery with different watercolor ballerina’s silhouettes.

Irina Sztukowski watercolor
Irina Sztukowski watercolor collage

Waltz Of The Flowers Painting with Notes

More designs and musical pieces are available HERE.

And, as always, all new artworks you can find on my website www.artirina.com

When Visual Art Meets Music

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I am happy to present a young talented composer Rebecca Tripp with her lovely music. 

Rebecca creates short compositions and compliments them with Art from many great artists. I am so glad my Poinsettia paintings grabbed her attention :0)

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul