Painting Plein Air

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plein-air style
I will be never tired painting plein-air style as long as I am able to go outside and withstand surprises of the Nature. Painting outdoors has its own charm and challenges; yet, still it is very enjoyable and the artworks have a special feeling to them. You cannot wait for too long painting under the open. The weather changes constantly, especially if you are at the ocean shore, like example above. It is my recent painting of one of my favorite places on Earth, Monterey Pacific Ocean shore. I’ve painted there many times and each time it comes out differently. The painting of Monterey above is free, though I “blocked” it in the ink lines to give it illustration kind feeling, e.g. I’ve illustrated the scene in the fast brush strokes with watercolor first and then “locked” the picture by adding rigid lines to amplify the stiffness of the rocks and power of the ocean.

Another plain air painting of Monterey shore is more impressionistic style as any of my outdoor paintings of Monterey:
Pacific Ocean shore impressionistic artwork

Here, I didn’t want to add the ink. The weather was so hot that it dried watercolor quite fast so the edges of each brush stroke were defined enough without any additions.

In comparison, the next plein-air painting of Monterey shore strives pretty much on energetic ink lines, the watercolors here are secondary. This free-style painting of Pacific Ocean shore is more a sketch than a complete painting, but it does have certain charm and spontaneity to it:

Pacific Ocean plein-air painting

Yes, each plein air painting tells a story of that specific day, but it also speaks for the mood of the artist. As an example, here is my recent plein-air landscape artwork of the calm sunny day from this week. The Spring is taking over, the grass is bright green, and many trees are opening their blossoms. A simple, yet informative landscape that illustrates a coming of a new season:

pond trees flowers Spring in California
My friend took panoramic photo of the area where we were painting that day, and I got into the picture by chance or intentionally. I don’t know. But this photograph shows so well the power of a fresh air and the creating artist, The Observer, who, during the plein-air painting trip, merges with the Nature!

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Trip to Monterey or Not?

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22″x17″ Pastel on Tinted 80lb Paper
This was my Final Project and my Final Pastel Painting. 
The smiley model of this painting is an adorable boy from Africa who was adopted by  one great San Francisco family. His nature is just like a Sunshine. In fact, if to translate his name to English it would read something like that. The family is getting this portrait as a gift from the Artist.
I’ve used several techniques when working on this art piece. For the face, I put layer after layer with smudging technique, yet the eyes I’ve drawn with the point of a pastel stick in the sharp crisp strokes. For the fuzzy fleece jacket I placed my pastel stick horizontally on the paper and moved different directions to allow the texture of the paper to shine through. When I took the original picture it was not that colorful at all. The background was a concrete pavement with a few pigeons on a back. I decided to combine two in one. I got one of the photo references that I had from my trip to Monterey and made the little boy “travel” to that beautiful place. 
And now when my semester is over, I need to get inspired to paint as bring as pastels with my lovely watercolors. The “models” didn’t wait too long. The day started bright; and my fresh-picked garden roses posed for me if they were asking to paint them in the future:

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul