Heart To Heart

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These few hearts are my preparation batch for CWA Outreach Lesson that my colleague and I performed for Clayton Elementary School. Fourteen fearless Brownie Girl-scouts grabbed their brushes and moved to the unknown. 

We taught kids how to apply wet-on-wet, painted with invisible wax candle to reserve the whites, and how to make a creative art by using only three colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue. 

The art of the kids was amazing. As always, we were stunned by imagination of a young brain. Each painting was unique, fresh, enchanting. 

Here are just a few paintings of that gorgeous kaleidoscope:
My Original Art “Two Hearts for Valentine’s” is 14″x10″ on 300lb Cold Pressed Arches 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

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The idea to paint a single rose started more than a decade ago when I saw gorgeous Rose Garden in San Francisco Golden Gate Park.
Roses their are amazing!
Each of them has its own color and texture character. 
That single Rose above is “dancing” , her “skirt” is swirling with the motion.

The morning rose lit by a gentle sun has somewhat silky transparency that caught my attention:

watercolor flower
And wherever I went I saw the beauty of a single rose, even if it is just a bud, young and pink:
realism in watercolor
The dew drops on this single rose here suggest a fresh lovely morning:

floral painting
When speaking of a rose , it is said that these gorgeous flowers have a special meaning. And not only the color of the rose in this case should be considered. The number is also playing an important role in the symbolic message that one person want to convey.
A single rose of any color in full bloom means 
a simple message
It depicts supreme devotion from one person to another, as if it is said in a gesture of giving a single rose:
All my sincere affections are concentrated in you, 

watercolor florals

realism in watercolor
All presented designs in this post are created from my watercolor paintings of a single rose. The virtual frame is “build-up” from painting of a Myrtle Wood surface. I thought the texture of this wood will be perfect to “frame” my single roses creations.
This wood is amazingly strong, it only grows in certain area’s on our planet and it has unique structure, almost metallic shine if to look closely.
The cooler color designs looked almost like marble:

All these and many more collages of my watercolor single roses will be posted in a Decor Gallery very soon.

Love Is All Around – Looking To The Future

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Heart and Flower Painting
I am exploring some absolutely new watercolor surface for me – 
a Yupo Paper. 
It is actually a pure synthetic “paper”,  which has a plastic feel but does take watercolor. Some artists say it is the paper of the Future for watercolor. And even though it was fun playing on it; I think my usual 100% Cotton Cold Pressed paper will remain my favorite.

Yupo allows the paint to move freely, it is easy to pick up, or even wipe off the paint completely (back to the white surface). 
I find this “paper” being good for an abstract art. So, basically, when you pour the paint it provides interesting results at the end; in some sort, the paint paints itself (with a “little” artist’s help of course :0).

That is how the top Heart painting and Flower Vase above were created. 

And that is how the Desert Sunset collage was made:
and Desert Flower:
watercolor abstract painting
When I created this Desert Flower abstract on yupo, and looked from the distance; I ,all of a sudden, saw the heart: 

LOVE is all around!

So, what did I do with those little Yupo Heart and a Flower Vase little paintings?
I created a couple of LOVE-ly Valentine’s cards:
Happy Valentine
Watercolor On Yupo

Love Is All Around – Looking Back

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Valentine's Card
Only one month is left before Valentine’s Day; and, I am working on Valentine’s designs. This season I’ve started with a few images from my collection.
All of them, in my opinion, are well suited for this heart-full holiday.
The Tulips On Fire above were so good for warming up any heart; and the reach background might be loved by a person, who (like me) appreciates green.

Next design is definitely for purple color lovers. 
The Stripy Purple Orchid was a good match:

Happy Valentine Day Card
A written Love Note looks great on this still life with the Pen and A Red Heart:
Happy Valentine's Day card
An antique doll is inviting her Valentine for a Tea Party:
Be My Valentine
A Sweet Valentine note to her mom from a cute baby in a Heart shaped dream:
Be My Valentine watercolor card
And a few giggles from a Red Hat holding a colorful heart-balloons bouquet:

Red Hat With Sunglasses
And now, I am off to paint new artworks for new Valentine cards’ designs.

Love Is All Around!!!


In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

She Still Sells Sea Shells…

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Click on Image to see the details
While ago I published a post She Sells Sea Shells… And today one more sea shell is created and gone. I talked about symbolism of the sea shells and pearls before. I just wanted to say, that it appears my customers love this subject very much, and I believe it is due to a symbol of eternity and love besides the wealth and beauty :0)
And here are the other shells that recently found their homes:

All original pieces were painted in 5″x7″ size with watercolor
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Thank you Mom

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All the cards in the World for my Mom!

With coming Mother’s Day this Sunday, I went back in times
and looked at the things that my Mom did raising me as an artist. This humble
modest woman, who was working in the Construction Bureau as the engineer, never
held a brush in her life, and was raised in 50s by the Communist Soviet Union
where everything what you do is predicted, written, controlled; this woman was
encouraging me so much. She had no doubt that I will be an artist one day. In
fact, I told her this news at age four.

When I was five, I remember I was in the hospital after a
painful surgery of lymph-nods removal. My Mom gave me a first perspective
drawing lesson there. In a playful manner she opened a huge secret for me that
the sink in the bathroom of the hospital room is not square as I see. Not only it
has thickness; but it appears having some parallel lines that are trying to meet
far at the horizon. I was listening with open mouth and tried to copy her
little drawing. Later the same day, I was looking at all things in my hospital room
and drew them in perspective lines: the bed, the table, the mirror.

We also had a game in my family. I used to come to my Mom and
bug her, Mom, Mom what should I paint? She would always say; Paint a Bunny.
Then I went to my desk and after a silly bunny sketch I’d paint something else.
Imagine, how many bunnies were sitting in my room by the time I become a teen.

In my teen years, not only my parents brought me to the art
school, which kept me pretty busy and away from the street; my mom also found
how to “talk” to her teenager-girl. She started writing me poem-letters; and, I
would write her a poem in response. Later I’ve created a self-made book with her
poems and illustrated it.
When time came to go to college, my mom posed for me half
naked for hours on end that I could have plenty of figure drawings for my
portfolio in the art school.

Sometimes I wonder what you would do for your child to
succeed in this world. The answer comes easy. Everything! And I know it because
my mom did.

But the most important thing I’ve known about my mom is that
she is extremely proud of me. It does give me a lot of responsibilities; but,
it also makes me happy.

There are not enough cards in the World to give to my Mom!
Thank you Mom!

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Tea Time Roses

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I had to paint these beautiful roses! They brought so much joy and made a great still life couple years ago on the nice sunny day. Long time ago I would be terrified to paint gold edges on the porcelain vase. But it is really not that difficult. It’s like painting the glass, pretty much you paint every thing what is outside and around; and, just leave a few hints. The same’s here: gold stripe got all the reflections and just a slight yellow patina to give the visual effect of the gold finish… I had so much fun to paint this piece. That’s what just three little roses can do to the person. Not much is needed to make the Artist happy 🙂

8″x10″ Winsor & Newton Watercolors on 140 lb Cold Pressed