Watercolor Illustrations Of Citrus Fruit

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Watercolour Illustration of Orange Grapefruit Lemon by watercolor artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski.

Here are a few watercolor citrus fruits that I’ve painted for my clients. I explain in detail the secrets and techniques that I’ve used in those paintings HERE

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Juicy Lemon Illustration – Yogurt Labels Project

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Ink lemons
One more illustration, this time it is Juicy Lemon, was created as the part of the International project for yogurts’ lids.

The decorative artwork represents Nine Shades Of Lemon creation. The labels themselves will have just one design on them with the choice of yellow background:

yogurt label

In this ink drawing I tried to capture the feeling of lemon skin and a juicy lemon flesh. It was an excellent challenge to depict the lemon with just two colors: black and yellow.

In comparison, the previous project for jam labels where I had a freedom of the color choice; this project had more realistic approach. 

A good example here is a bunch of lemons: 
Lemons Jam label
And here are some lemons with blossoms as the part of the Jam, Relish, and Marmalade Gallery:
Lemon Marmalade Label
The licensed images (for Royalty Free Licenses) of all my jams, relishes,and marmalade illustrations are available HERE
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Sorrento Lemons

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Sorrento Lemon
A recent painting of mine grew up into a new commission painting and many interesting designs to follow. 

An art collector liked one of my paintings of Sorrento Lemons; but it was a little twist requested. The format of the original painting was a standard size; and, my client wanted a new, elongated one, in order to fit the painting into the interior of her sun-room properly.

We started working together discussing a composition, format, color theme; and I proceeded with the painting of a new piece with the new approach and enthusiasm. 

This time I placed a dark Alizarin Crimson (deep red color) on the bottom of the future black background. I have added one more lemon on a top to emphasize the elongated “flow” of the still life. 
After the background was completed, I carefully painted lemons and leaves one by one; and, I left the flowers details for a dessert (below the new designs you could see a little movie that captures the whole process).

I really liked the outcome of the New Sorrento Lemons. The juicy bright fruits looked so lovely and so festive on the deep dark background. 

I couldn’t hold my artist’s itch and created a few pillow designs right away.

And here they are.
lemons of Sorrento

Lemons of Sorrento

Sorrento Lemon
Thinking that I can also place the lemons on other background colors rather than just dark, I made a few designs that warmed up my artist heart.

I truly believe that Lemon Theme would look super grate on a few kitchen towels:
kitchen gadgets
..and why not on something else; for example, placemats, serving trays, or decorative glass boards:
lemon designs

But, as my followers might already know, the creation process has not stopped at those items. I also posted different designs with coasters, paper cocktail napkins, and even porcelain plates (four dozens for every taste) into the Lemon Theme Gallery
The birth of Sorrento Lemons was captured on camera; and, I made a few minutes long movie “shrinking” a couple of weeks process into a Lemon Still Life step-by-step creation:

Still Life With Sunflowers

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Old Masters Realism Style
Above is completed still life with Sunflowers, lemons, and
apples. I painted this still life following certain rules of composition,
playing with colors and shapes.

Old Masters paintings, and in particular still life, always
fascinated me. The details, techniques, the composition and perspective usually
show a great deal of skill and many years of hard work learning and practicing.

I also fell in love with the fact that at the first glance
simple objects placed on the canvas or paper get their own meaning, telling their
own story, sometimes leaving the viewer wonder and imagine.
For example, in seventeenths century Dutch still life the
Sunflowers were symbolizing faithfulness, divine love, and devotion.
Fruits, let’s say a peeled lemon, were like life, attractive to look at, but
bitter to taste. Apples, especially with a bite, would return us to a
biblical story. Knife might suggest a transience of human life; but, together
with some seafood, it would change the meaning towards the reproducing implication. 
And so on and on.

I placed the flowers and fruits not only because they are so
pretty; but, also to show a combination of different colors, the gifts from
Fall. My knife in the composition plays an important role as a transformation pointer. It connects one part of the still life (the one with apples and
bottle) to a part with Sunflowers. I suggested that I cut the lemon with this
knife before placing it on the plate.
Meantime the objects that are holding the fruits and flowers,
each of them have a great history themselves:

– Metal vase with Sunflowers was an inheritance of my
husband’s grandparents
– Elongated plate for cut lemon was given to me by my
friend. It is a part of 1921 Bavarian set.
– The cutting board is made of salvaged 1800 century wood
– The ceramic bowl with apples is also special. I made it
from clay 4 years ago.

It is interesting how simple objects of a still life
painting can tell a lot; yet, just sitting there in the painting and looking
For more still life paintings visit my gallery:
Still Life

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Farmers Market Delight

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citrus fruits paintings
In the last couple of years I’ve painted many artworks that are different form my usual approach. Yet they do have their own distinguished style so to speak:  when the main object (usually fruit or vegetable) is painted in realistic style with the shadow, but the background remains white. 
Most of the paintings are sold: some through the art shows, others are through the Jam Labels project, and the several of them were sold off an auction. 
Last week I looked at the images of those paintings on my computer and wanted to bring all of them together in one series Farmers Market Delight. 
I’ve paired them by style, color and composition. And here they are. For example, all four paintings above Apple, Lemon, Orange, Pear were painted on Aquabord. It was fun to explore the quality of the board vs artistic paper 
( my previous post on Aquabord testing is here; and another study is here )

The next group of the paintings was representing some sweet, some hot, some red, some purple veggies (though, technically, tomato would be considered a berry and pineapple a fruit). 
I just loved the combination of colors there and the details of these realistic paintings:

sweet pea jalapeno painting

onions and jalapeno
Here are a few previous posts on these above paintings:

Then, I looked at some other paintings; and, a few fruits found a company in this sweet colorful quartet:

fruits berries paintings
My previous posts about jam labels and others are here:
And last but not least I picked four of my probably best watercolor paintings of berries so far and combined them by color and composition into a Very Very Berry collage:
berry watercolor paintings
I love those four because each of them have a story to tell; and, they did take quite a bit of time to paint due to many details. I also loved that each of them have not only berries, but leaves of the plant and a flower as if they say: “We do grow in the garden or on a farm, and we are grown with love from a tiny tiny flower to a gorgeous sweet berry!”
A few previous posts on these paintings are here:
Combining different paintings in one fruitful project was fun. The dance of colors and diversity of the species is that what makes those collages to say: 
Farmers Market Delight!! 
These days I get a lot of requests from the customers if they can purchase electronic versions of my art. The opportunity just recently opened its doors. Anyone can order now my art in electronic file through my Licensing Art Company by exploring my galleries on this website Licensing.IrinaSztukkowski
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Still Life With Onion Lemon And Ginger

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Click on Image or HERE to see the details of the painting
This is a watercolor painting in Old Masters Still Life style. Red Onion, Lemon, and Ginger. I have carefully observed the object before painting, then drew the outlines covering with making and worked first on the background giving it a good wash of the grand mixture of Burnt Siena, Raw Amber, Ultramarine Blue, and Violet Winsor&Newton Artist grade watercolor. After the background dried I worked on the objects employing my favorite techniques: first wet-on-wet, then wet-on-dry, and at the end dry brush applications. This helped to achieve a maximum potential for this realistic painting.
The Original Painting Still Life With Onion Lemon and Ginger is 10″x14″ on 300lb Cold Pressed Arches
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul