Bestselling Watercolor Paintings – Great Month Of Selling Art

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artworks of Landscapes and flowers by artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski
Art by Irina Sztukowski. Bestselling art pieces from 
Last month of sales was predictably successful. After all, many people were buying gifts for friends and family. And, I am so happy to admit that many of them were focusing on buying artworks as gifts and home interior decor. 
But I was also up to a little surprise there. Some of the clients bought many pieces, such for example merchandise, with my art on them. 
Here are just a few of them.

Towels with my Sunflowers Painting:
watercolor of sunflowers
Bestselling Sunflowers Painting on Towel 
Duvet Covers with my art:
watercolour painting of Whimsical tree and bird
Bestselling Watercolor of Whimsical Tree and bird by Irina Sztukowski. Duvet Cover. 
Needless to say, many Christmas Cards. But I was really surprised that minimalism was in style this season:
Christmas watercolor on card
Bestselling Christmas Card of the season by the artist illustrator Irina Sztukowski. 

Many artworks prints were sold through venues such Overstock and JCPenney under my Licensing agreement:
Here are just a few of them to see a visual presentation of my bestselling watercolors:
Watercolour Landscape and Watercolor Flowers Paintings
Watercolor Bestsellers of the season by the artist and illustrator Irina Sztukowski

I placed my Bestselling art pieces into a special Gallery online:

Cheers from

Celebrating Fifteen Years

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vivid painting Bay Area
Today I have two reasons to celebrate. 
First of all it is a National Holiday, the 4th Of July. But also, today is precisely fifteen years since I came to the United States Of America.

So many good things had happened in that period. After all, it is a third of my entire life. 
I had a great chance to explore by traveling in the U.S. and abroad. 
America is a huge country and each state has its own personality, traditions, famous visiting points. 

I’ve discovered and re-discovered California, South to North. I’ve visited state of Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and Washington DC. 
Many times I brought with me my color palette and enjoyed painting outside.
For example, in Portland I was stunned by the rough ocean shore, gorgeous and powerful:
seascape in watercolor
In Arizona, specifically in Sedona, I felt as if I was visiting Mars not Earth. Monumental canyons caught my artist’s attention:
landscape in watercolor
North of California amazed me with the peaceful Redwood trees landscapes:
watercolor forest
Pacific shore is so rich with impressive lighthouses, and I wish I could paint them all. So far, I am only done with three.
Lighthouse at the Point Arena:
watercolor landscape
Lighthouse in the little town of Trinidad:
watercolor landscape
And, Point Reyes Lighthouse:
watercolor landscape

And, needless to say, I’ve explored the area where I live, the famous San Francisco Bay Area. I will never be tired of painting its beautiful scenery such Golden Gate Bridge:
Bay Area seascape in watercolor
I love painting Bay Area parks and gardens. Here is one of my favorite places, Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park:
watercolor landscape San Francisco Bay Area
Or, what a pretty place is hiding in Berkeley hills, Blake’s Garden with its alleys and sweet poppy fields:
watercolor landscapes poppy field
I was lucky to travel abroad in the last fifteen years as well. I visited Russia many times; and, I admired gorgeous cathedrals and monuments there: 
Blood Cathedral Saint Petersburg watercolor
historical sketches
I also traveled to Paris, France; and, painted the famous Eiffel Tower multiple times afterwords:
Paris France watercolour
watercolor cityscape
After visiting Italy, I fell in love not only with Italian culture, but as well with Italian language. I’ve even decided to learn Italian and in the last two years earned AA in Italian language, hoping that one day I will return to this country again and be able to practice.
Here are just a few of my paintings that are devoted to Italy.
The town of Siena:
watercolor painting

A little town of Positano:
watercolor Mediterranean shore
Cozy cafe in Venice:
watercolor Italian Cafe

Speaking of education, besides studying languages, I was also earning an Accounting degree and Fine Art Diploma in these wonderful fifteen years here in the U.S.

After working half of this time for a corporate work; somewhere in 2009 I’ve decided to switch my course 180 degrees and return full time to my Life Calling. I pursued an art career and became professional artist. Little by little I built my Portfolio and my clientele. 

Today, I can say that my art has been travelling more than I do. The original and copies of my art are not only throughout the U.S, they are in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Malaysia, Russia, Spain. The illustrations that I painted for my International customers are originally presented in Ireland and Switzerland. And then, they will travel the world in forms of jam labels, yogurt labels, and various sauces
I am also exited that I was discovered by one Licensing Company and now my Fine Art is sold through venues like,, and many large brick and mortal stores. 

These fifteen years were truly remarkable. I know I put a lot of hard work into them. But, I also know I would not be able to do all of it without a huge support from my family, friends and my lovely clients.  

There are so many exiting projects are ahead. On one of them, I am actually working in the last three months, but it yet to be released. I will be sharing about this new project soon in the future posts.

Today, I am celebrating wonderful fifteen years in America that allowed me to open myself as an Artist, Traveler, Life Student, and a growing Spiritual Being 

Cheers from !!! 

Oval Paintings?

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Still Life Brace Vase
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting
French Roses painting
Last weekend I was talking to a potential customer who was specifically looking for an odd shape painting. I showed pretty much all my paintings, but they were all not odd, they were squared…
Then, I started putting some thoughts into the request and it occurred to me, that it is quite easy to make pretty much any shape with the square/rectangular painting as long as composition allows.
Then I started playing with the paintings images that I have and PhotoShop in order to create ovals. And I was surprised how pictures transformed. For me personally, they started looking a little rustic, antique, and charming.  
Here are just a few as an example.
Florals look lovely in the oval shapes, aren’t they?
Tea Party
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Tea-time Roses painting

Realistic Still Life
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Yellow Flower
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Landscapes look almost like somebody is peeking through the binoculars: 
Boat Sky Birds
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Italy Pink Flowers
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Positano Italy painting

Water Rocks Trees
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Fruits and berries are just asking to “oval” them due to their natural roundness:
Bowl Towel Realistic Painting
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Realism in Watercolor
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Yellow Purple
Lemons painting
Portraits definitely remind some old style photography ( except that they are just in color):
Breeze Portrait
Rainbow Breeze painting

Smiling Children
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Peekaboo painting

Pink Hat with Flower
Sweet Dreams painting
(previous blog post about this painting is here)
Still Life paintings look sweet in the oval shapes too:
Old Masters School

Realistic Art
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Old School Art
Even mademoiselle Eiffel Tower got its rustic look peeking at us through the oval shape:

Vintage Style Painting
 (prints are available) click on the name of the painting

Eiffel Tower painting

What an interesting transformation!!! 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul