Watercolor Illustrations on Packaging – Migros YoU Brand

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Watercolor Illustrations of Food On YOU Migros Packaging artist Irina Sztukowski.


 Watercolor illustration on packaging design.

The news article by Migros states:
Zurich – With its own brand YoU, Migros offers its customers innovative products that are in line with the current trends of the moment and with a goodness and well-being. Whether it is a low-sugar yogurt or a superfood snack for breaks, products are also distinguished for simple and natural ingredients. The first products you include include six types of yogurt and two snacks. Other products from the various food segments will follow.
I especially loved painting Mango and Passion Fruit:
watercolor food illustration
As well as Peach Pomegranate:
watercolor food illustrations
And needless to say, a bunch of fruits and berries in this particular yogurt, where I learned odds and ends of one exotic fruit which I am anxious to try one day, the Acerola berry:  
watercolor illustrations by Irina Sztukowski
I am extremely happy that my art was a part of the food labels creation 🙂

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Tasty Season – Migros Yogurt Labels

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Migros Saison dairy products
Migros Saison dairy products
Ah what a tasty season the Spring is. My labels that I painted for Migros Company for their Saison brand are now on the shelves in Europe.
These yogurts’ flavors remind me about my childhood, when my grandma grew both Elderberries and Rhubarb in her garden. She loved making jam out of these berries and vegetables. If somebody that day would tell me that I will paint them one day for yogurt labels for a Swiss Company, I’d probably knit my eyebrows in disbelieve :0), but the Miss Serendipity works in some interesting ways, isn’t she?!
And now, I can tell firmly, I do love painting food illustrations for various merchandise and nowadays I have painted illustrations for jams, yogurts, marmalade, chutney, dressings, relishes, and many many other merchandises. As the matter of fact, they are shown in my gallery

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Watercolor Chutney

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artist Irina Sztukowski
It is always great to see an end product on the shelves of the stores and realize that my watercolor illustrations look so great placed together in one label.
This watercolor Chutney is produced by G’s Gourmet Company and distributed in Ireland and all of the Europe.
Three of my paintings from Plum Collection, Onion Collection, and Tomato Collection came together on this watercolor label in a tasty design:
Cheers from

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Jam Relish And Marmalade Labels

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paintings of berries and fruits
 With these photos I am happy to inform my followers that the Jam Project for the jam, relish, and marmalade is running full speed now!
For those who are reading my blog first time, I worked on this project for G’s Gourmet labels in cooperation with great designers team from Greenhouse.ie ; and, I created several dozens of watercolor fruits, berries, and vegetables paintings. 
It is great to know that the artworks transformed into a tasty things like those cute jars full of delicious jams are now in the stores and hotel restaurants all around the world: 
paintings of berries and fruits


mmm.. Yummy!!! :0)


paintings of berries and fruits
I have whole gallery devoted to the images that I was painting for this project. The images are without logo of the company, just paintings of fruits, berries, etc. 
 And, here is even more exiting news: 
Now, anyone can print out at home the images that they like and place on home-made jams by following a few steps on my website
The link for the gallery with images is
With the small fee, the images are available to anyone who makes tasty creations. These images can be used not only for jams but as well for Recipe Book or other Kitchen Projects.

Farewell To The Summer

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When my friends started asking me this week how was my Summer vacation, I had to admit that I haven’t left the house for more than five days in the raw. 

I asked myself:”Oh, Gosh! What I actually did this Summer?” as it flew by so very quickly.

Besides finishing two large commission pieces.

bicycle basket cats flowers window
sorrento lemon
and wrapping up the Yogurt Labels project with one Irish customer:

This project included sweets like Blueberries and Raspberries, Lemons and Forest Berries, Rhubarb and Vanilla; and, even Caramel Fudge images for yogurt lables. But the most interesting challenge all of them were in the black and white, were placed on different backgrounds in special PNG format of the image. A totally new approach for me as an artist, who mostly painted in watercolor.
So, I guess, instead of going on long vacations, I did take a mini-ones, mostly for the inspiration. 

The Trip To The Woods (my latest post) was a good example of it.

Or, going to San Francisco museums left a good impression and inspired me to  research an Old Masters paintings, such William Turner (the post pretty soon will come up) or Dutch Still Life Masters art
I’ve even painted one seascape following a good traditions of Great Britain masters this Summer:
Old Masters tradition
This Summer was really big for me in understanding better the illustration part of my art business.
I started creating many images with Floral Patterns (ha-ha, Summer really helped to get into the flowery mood :0) 
I also got kinda crazy about ballet and ballerinas silhouettes, which led to the opening a whole new Dance Gallery. I will elaborate on this in one of the upcoming articles. Here is a sneak peek:

Abstract Watercolor

And the last but not least I have added a Baby Room Gallery to my website; that became a quite popular among my customers and art collectors.
Just recently a client from Pinehurst, North Carolina purchased a bulk of cute pillows with my designs:

Wow, my Summer was big, BIG!! No wonder that I didn’t travel much in the last three months 🙂

Instead, my art did. This Summer my artworks prints traveled to the states such CO, NY, FL, AZ, NC, CA, NV, TX, MA, MI, IL, UT, CT. And some of the artworks ended up in  England, Ireland, Kuwait, and Australia. 
I envy my art is traveling more than I do 🙂

But I do have to admit, if I didn’t spend so much time in my studio this Summer, my Summer wouldn’t be so successful!! 

Big virtual hugs to all my Followers and Art Collectors!!

Caramel Fudge Yogurt Labels

Caramel, food illustration, fudge, illustration, Irina, labels, project, sweets, Sztukowski, toffee, yogurt, yogurt labels ink drawings
The most interesting challenge for me in the yogurt labels project for one International company was Caramel Fudge illustration. 

The customer wanted to have a small black and white image. My task was to make it happen; and, achieve the recognition of the objects that will be put on small yogurt labels.

In this image I had to picture sharp glossy edges of caramel candies with crumbly soft fudge squares.

I decided to put the fudge on the bottom to make a sweet “base” for the smaller caramel cubes.
But before the final decision there were many trials and many different compositions.
My studio looked like a Fudge Shop with only one exception: I was “cooking” my candies on the paper with pencil and ink, instead of the cookie sheets in the oven. 

After tons of sketches, the original design (above) was selected:

What Color Is The Rhubarb

illustration, ink drawing of rhubarb, labels, rhubarb, rhubarb drawing, rhubarb illustration, yogurt
ink drawing of the rhubarb stalks
As the part of my illustration project for Yogurt Labels for one Irish Company, I had to create an ink drawing of a Rhubarb.

The illustration itself was supposed to be in black and white:
But I had a question:

Which color of the background the customer will be using?


The Rhubarb can be light or dark green, pink, purple, deep red, or even yellowish green…

It is certainly up to the client what color of the background they shell choose.

I, on another hand, chose Nine Shades Of The Rhubarb in my colorful design 🙂

Juicy Lemon Illustration – Yogurt Labels Project

ink drawing, jam labels, label, labels, lemon, lemon labels, lemon marmalade, lemon painting, lemon yogurt, licensing, Royalty Free, Watercolor, yogurt label, yogurt lids
Ink lemons
One more illustration, this time it is Juicy Lemon, was created as the part of the International project for yogurts’ lids.

The decorative artwork represents Nine Shades Of Lemon creation. The labels themselves will have just one design on them with the choice of yellow background:

yogurt label

In this ink drawing I tried to capture the feeling of lemon skin and a juicy lemon flesh. It was an excellent challenge to depict the lemon with just two colors: black and yellow.

In comparison, the previous project for jam labels where I had a freedom of the color choice; this project had more realistic approach. 

A good example here is a bunch of lemons: 
Lemons Jam label
And here are some lemons with blossoms as the part of the Jam, Relish, and Marmalade Gallery:
Lemon Marmalade Label
The licensed images (for Royalty Free Licenses) of all my jams, relishes,and marmalade illustrations are available HERE
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Relish Labels Sweet And Spicy

bell pepper, chili, cucumber, hot peppers, jam and relish, label, labels, onion, realism in watercolor, relish labels, Watercolor, watercolor jam
Sweet and Spicy with a dash of salt
realism in watercolor relish label
I was lucky to paint these vegetables as a part of my Jam Relish and Marmalade labels project. Lucky, because it made me feel quite warm in a chilly November days.

Great combinations were selected for the relishes project.

Sweet Red Bell Pepper and spicy Yellow Onion:
realism in watercolor relish label
Oh so hot Chili Peppers with Sugar:
realism in watercolor relish label
And a Vinegar Bottle with fresh cut Cucumbers will certainly make a Happy Pickle relish one day:

realism in watercolor relish label
I am glad that in this relish labels project I had an opportunity to paint not only vegetables themselves, but as well a porcelain and a glass bottle. I am sure it adds some more realistic feeling to the artwork, inviting the viewer to a kitchen to try these sweet, spicy, with a dash of salt relishes.

Very Very Berry

blackcurrant, cranberry, gooseberry, jam label, labels, Raspberry, realism in watercolor, redcurrant, strawberry, very very berry, Watercolor, watercolor berries
realism in watercolor
A Very Very Berry designs were inspired by the Forest Fruits jam label order that I posted below.
It was an instant desire to bring some of my painted berries together; than more then better, creating one juicy watercolor still life.
It was easy to find good “models” for these artworks. 
Mouth watering Beauties!
Sweet, fresh, and mm tasty!!

realism in watercolor

Forest Fruits Jam Label