Watercolor Chutney

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artist Irina Sztukowski
It is always great to see an end product on the shelves of the stores and realize that my watercolor illustrations look so great placed together in one label.
This watercolor Chutney is produced by G’s Gourmet Company and distributed in Ireland and all of the Europe.
Three of my paintings from Plum Collection, Onion Collection, and Tomato Collection came together on this watercolor label in a tasty design:
Cheers from

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Blueberry Farm

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watercolor blueberries

After traveling over the ocean to Ireland for Jam Labels project, my Sweet Little Blueberries returned home to the U.S. 

This time I got an exciting proposal from a blueberry farm owner to have my blueberries on 
Nico’s Wild Mountain Blueberry, LLC 
advertising materials and packaging.

What a great use of the realistic illustrations!

I have not even thought about this opportunities until I got a call 

More ideas for other farms throughout the world can be found in my gallery 

Jam Relish And Marmalade Labels

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paintings of berries and fruits
 With these photos I am happy to inform my followers that the Jam Project for the jam, relish, and marmalade is running full speed now!
For those who are reading my blog first time, I worked on this project for G’s Gourmet labels in cooperation with great designers team from Greenhouse.ie ; and, I created several dozens of watercolor fruits, berries, and vegetables paintings. 
It is great to know that the artworks transformed into a tasty things like those cute jars full of delicious jams are now in the stores and hotel restaurants all around the world: 
paintings of berries and fruits


mmm.. Yummy!!! :0)


paintings of berries and fruits
I have whole gallery devoted to the images that I was painting for this project. The images are without logo of the company, just paintings of fruits, berries, etc. 
 And, here is even more exiting news: 
Now, anyone can print out at home the images that they like and place on home-made jams by following a few steps on my website
The link for the gallery with images is
With the small fee, the images are available to anyone who makes tasty creations. These images can be used not only for jams but as well for Recipe Book or other Kitchen Projects.

Raspberry Peach And Other Jams Adventure

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Jam Labels
Here is my latest creation for Jam Labels and Kitchen Art designs. Many thanks to my long time customer from local town Danville, California; she, not only supplies me with delicious jams, but also gives me new ideas and helps my imagination flow :).

Meantime in Ireland, the jam labels with my creations now are being born and bring joy to their customers.
The cute jars with labels and colorful lids are shown at numerous food-shows:
They are served in restaurants and hotels:

colorful lids
Looking pretty on the stores’ shelves:

G's Gourmet
And even are delivered to the customers from different locations:
G's Gourmet

Per a newspaper article that I’ve recently read, the owner of G’s Gourmet says: 
“In terms of exposure it was a great opportunity for us to showcase our new brand labels on the nutritional and food service sides. The new labels have more color in them” Helen added. G’s are already in States, specifically in California, where they are stocked in specialty type shops and delis. They are also in Brussels and Luxembourg.” 

Irina Sztukowski jam project
I am so proud to hear these great news. My creations are really ready to be served :0).

They are even placed as the advertisement on G’s Mercedes vehicles: 
Go Jams!! 
(Many thanks to G’s Gourmet and Greenhouse for photo-references)

January Publication

illustration, jam, jam labels, vitamins, Watercolor, watercolor jam labels
Here is California Watercolor Association January Newsletter.

It is time to reveal the names!

I am grateful to G’s Gourmet company for finding me as an artist and allowing me to illustrate the jam labels for them. And many thanks to GreenHouse designers studio for making it happen.

What a great way to start a new year!

The jars will be soon having a new “clothes”, the labels that include my ArtZ Vitamins paintings 

Gooseberry Goosebumps – Jam Labels Project

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watercolor jam labels project
When I was looking at variety of gooseberries for my Jam Labels Project, I got some goosebumps realizing how many different kinds of those berries are in the world. They can be green, they can be red, they can be kind of green but with red spots. They also have many different sizes: round, oval; and, tastes: sweet, sour, sweet-n-sour. 
So my decision was to paint them all.
The green and round gooseberries above are composed in a compact still life, more suitable for labels with central composition.

Red gooseberries here, represent more botanical style.
The berries are hanging from a branch, heavy from the ripe fruit:
labels for jam
On another hand, I wanted to design Green Gooseberries (which by the way are Sunkissed with Alizarin Crimson Red watercolor here) in a little different, upright way. I imagined them being very happy, reaching to the Sun, ready to be picked and placed in the gooseberry jam:

jam labels project

Jam Labels Project Rising

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realistic painting
About a month ago I’ve received a request from one jam producing company from Great Britain.
They loved my Farmers Delight series, which was created after my first Jam Labels project:

farmers market delight
This company thought my style of painting will fit greatly the labels of their jams, relishes, and marmalade. 

realism in watercolor
There will be dozens of new designs that I will need to create. I am quite excited about this new Jam Labels opportunity. It will involve my artist skills and polish my illustrator skills as well.

Many hours of work are ahead; but for now, the jars are waiting for the labels 

From Jam To Jelly

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The creativity of my customer who makes jams is triggering my imagination. Last couple projects such Pineapple Habanero and White Peach Strawberry made my senses dance.

This time I received an order to create Bell Peppers Jalapeno painting for Jelly jar labels. 
Hot! Hot! Hot! 
I can’t wait to taste the jelly :0)
Original Painting is 8″x8″ on 140lb Cold Pressed Watercolor Fabriano Paper 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That..

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A quick update on what’s cooking. 

I finished a commission request for New Blackberries painting for Jam Labels. Every time I paint berries my mouth is watering as I remember how tasty that jams are. And in return I pass the positive vibes to my art, and the berries start looking yummy :0)

The background painting is a sneak peek into my new art collection that I am working on these days. The unofficial name for this series is Some Like It Hot, official name is Bay Area Flowers. So far three large full sheet paintings are completed and I will be posting them soon. Many more to come.

Stay tuned! 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Emergency Berries

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I’ve received a call from my customer for an extra Jam Label project. This time it was Blueberry Label. Thank Goodness I had photo reference for the berries. I just went outside and grabbed the blueberry bush leaves.. and to my absolute surprise: I’ve found that our blueberry bushes started blooming getting confused with warm weather.. Oh well, first, the apple tree surprised me, now blueberries. I guess it served me as an artist well though . And I hope the jam will be as sweet as my painted berries :0)
I was so pleased to see the photo from my customer, who is now utilizing the Jam Label Project and making a wonderful jam:
I hope my Blueberries Painting will build a Greater Pyramid. 
The original art work Blueberries is 8″x8″ Watercolor
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul