Watercolour Illustration Of Strawberries On Jam Labels

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And here is how my watercolour painting of strawberry bunch, which I mentioned HERE look like on the labels of delicious jams of G’s Gourmet Company.

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Watercolor Stitches ?!!

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One quite unusual request I’ve received from one International fellow artist recently. Her name is Hanita Yahotomi from Ukraine (http://vk.com/morra_design) and 
she asked to transform my watercolor painting of 
into a design for 
I am so used to by now that my art is on Jams, Yogurts, SaucesMarmalade, and on other packaging materials for farms and Farmers Markets. But this offer was quite unexpected and really exiting. 

I was wondering how can the artist make the transition from stitch to stitch imitating my watercolor brush strokes. 
And, as you can see, she did it perfectly. 

I love it! 

Here is for comparison, my original watercolor:

There are so many interesting, exiting and unexpected ways to express the Beauty of the Art! 

Elderberry Flowers

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Botanical painting of Elderberry Flowers became an inspiration for another illustration for my International customer. 
In Europe, Elderberry Flowers yogurt and jams are quite popular. 
I’ve never tasted the fresh flowers; but, I do have tea with elderberry flowers and it has a great flavor.
When I was painting this still life, I remembered my grandma, who made delicious jams out of berries themselves. It was a little tart to my taste, but it was great when we put the jam into pies, on the toasts, into compotes, or a special Russian drink called “Kissel” ( [kise’l’]
Ah, the childhood memories are always the vivid ones 🙂
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Forest Berries Image For Labels

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strawberry blackcurrant raspberry

In comparison with Caramel Fudge image, where I had to practically invent and re-invent the composition going through many sketches for the Yogurt Labels international project, the Forest Berries image was relatively easy for me to create. 

I just needed to make sure that the berries would be “read” and “separated”, yet are staying in one logical bunch in the black and white image.

Luckily, I had many berries painted for the previous, Jam Labels, project.
So, I already had a sweet velvety Raspberry bunch behind my belt:
realism in watercolor
I painted quite a few Blackcurrant botanical studies before:

realism in watercolor
And I had a painting of the Strawberries bunch with flowers and leaves as well:

realism in watercolor
I just needed to turn on my imagination, grab the pen with ink; and, fearlessly start drawing berry after berry, seed after seed, leave vein after a leave vein. 

The shading and the contrast were the keys of the successful drawing for sure!! 

Nine Shades Of Raspberries – Yogurt Labels And More

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Nine Shades Of Raspberry
Raspberries image is my number four creation for a new yogurt project that I am making for one developing company in Ireland. This company requested black and white images of raspberries; and, they are going to place them on the color lids. 

As I mentioned before, the interesting part for me as an artist, is that the original panting needed to be only in black ink. I am enjoying this new concept:
When I was done with ink painting of the image, I placed it on different shades of red and pink trying to recreate the fresh colors of ripe berries – Nine Shades Of Raspberries. 

My art collectors can order now not only these images on canvas, but as well on Pillows for Kitchen:
rasbperries home decor
or, these juicy raspberries will surely look good on Farmers Market Tote Bags :
Raspberries Tote
The ideas are endless!

The history of the raspberry image goes back at least three years of my art career. That year, my first watercolor painting of raspberries was created for a dear client for the Jam Labels project:

jam labels with raspberries

These Sweet Raspberries looked so lovely on the Raspberry Jam Labels:

Made With Love!
And now, the licensed images (for Royalty Free Licenses) of all yogurt, jams, relishes,and marmalade illustrations are available HERE

Juicy Lemon Illustration – Yogurt Labels Project

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Ink lemons
One more illustration, this time it is Juicy Lemon, was created as the part of the International project for yogurts’ lids.

The decorative artwork represents Nine Shades Of Lemon creation. The labels themselves will have just one design on them with the choice of yellow background:

yogurt label

In this ink drawing I tried to capture the feeling of lemon skin and a juicy lemon flesh. It was an excellent challenge to depict the lemon with just two colors: black and yellow.

In comparison, the previous project for jam labels where I had a freedom of the color choice; this project had more realistic approach. 

A good example here is a bunch of lemons: 
Lemons Jam label
And here are some lemons with blossoms as the part of the Jam, Relish, and Marmalade Gallery:
Lemon Marmalade Label
The licensed images (for Royalty Free Licenses) of all my jams, relishes,and marmalade illustrations are available HERE
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Nine Shades Of Blueberries Yogurt Labels

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I am happy to introduce a new exciting project that I am making for one developing company in Ireland. The company requested black and white images of blueberries for their yogurt lids. 

The interesting part for me as an artist, was that the original panting needed to be only in black ink. Quite a new concept for me; but, still very interesting.

Blueberries Ink Drawing

When I was done with painting of the image, I placed it on different shades of blue from Sky Blue to almost purple Ultramarine Blue; and, that’s how those black and white blueberries got their Nine Shades Of Blue

My art collectors can order now not only these images on canvas, but as well on Pillows for Kitchen, or on Farmers Market Tote Bags :

blueberry images
The history of the blueberries images goes back two or three years, when my first blueberry watercolor painting was created for a dear client for the Jam Labels project. I love this painting so much that I share it everywhere 🙂

blueberries art
These lovely blueberries were definitely the ones that inspired me for the future yogurt labels project!

The licensed images (for Royalty Free Licenses) of all my jams, relishes,and marmalade illustrations are available HERE

Raspberry Peach And Other Jams Adventure

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Jam Labels
Here is my latest creation for Jam Labels and Kitchen Art designs. Many thanks to my long time customer from local town Danville, California; she, not only supplies me with delicious jams, but also gives me new ideas and helps my imagination flow :).

Meantime in Ireland, the jam labels with my creations now are being born and bring joy to their customers.
The cute jars with labels and colorful lids are shown at numerous food-shows:
They are served in restaurants and hotels:

colorful lids
Looking pretty on the stores’ shelves:

G's Gourmet
And even are delivered to the customers from different locations:
G's Gourmet

Per a newspaper article that I’ve recently read, the owner of G’s Gourmet says: 
“In terms of exposure it was a great opportunity for us to showcase our new brand labels on the nutritional and food service sides. The new labels have more color in them” Helen added. G’s are already in States, specifically in California, where they are stocked in specialty type shops and delis. They are also in Brussels and Luxembourg.” 

Irina Sztukowski jam project
I am so proud to hear these great news. My creations are really ready to be served :0).

They are even placed as the advertisement on G’s Mercedes vehicles: 
Go Jams!! 
(Many thanks to G’s Gourmet and Greenhouse for photo-references)

Apricot Jam

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watercolor jam labels
My Jam Labels project continues with the new watercolor design for apricots. This happy juicy golden fruit was born a few days ago.

Meantime, the gallery Jams, Relishes, and Marmalade keeps growing in my artistic “garden”, and many tasty jams are ready to be served:

fruits in watercolor
My love to painting the fruits and berries is in this collage:
watercolor realism

January Publication

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Here is California Watercolor Association January Newsletter.

It is time to reveal the names!

I am grateful to G’s Gourmet company for finding me as an artist and allowing me to illustrate the jam labels for them. And many thanks to GreenHouse designers studio for making it happen.

What a great way to start a new year!

The jars will be soon having a new “clothes”, the labels that include my ArtZ Vitamins paintings