Botanical Flowers Drawings and Paintings – Coloring Book Journey

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Creating a book, even a black and white coloring one, is a tedious process. One has to learn a lot of interesting things along the way such publishing structure, various computer programs to bring the art into electronic form and to bring a book to life. 
As the book that I am working on with the artist  Maria Batkova is about botanical flowers, we’ve researched antique botanical paintings in the library archive. 
We are testing every piece of art that we create, coloring it with pencils, watercolors, and markers; and, even framing the pieces to see how they will look in the home interior decor. 

Today, I found an interesting video from Getty Museum educational channel. It is how in old days the manuscripts were made. Very interesting process. I feel so relieved now that I have computer and all the luxuries of 21st Century.

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Ink And Watecolour Town Streets – Sketching the City of San Francisco

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interior with ink watercolor painting on the wall
Ink And Watercolor Town Scene Paintings in Interior Decor . Artist Irina Sztukowski 
In preparation for one exciting publishing project, I looked at my ink paintings of San Francisco with a different point of view. These illustrations of town scenes were completed on separate pieces of paper. But, now combining them together in one print, allows the viewer to get a feeling of the historical sights of the city with its beautiful buildings, decorative gates, tall towers, and streets perspective. A lovely presentation of Black & White or Monochrome decor for interior design. 

The print of this painting is available HERE
The Black & White Gallery on my website contains dozens of artworks in monochrome pallet.

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Pure Vanilla – Yogurt Labels Project

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pure vanilla beans

Madagascar Vanilla image for the yogurt labels was fun to create.
I had a challenge of putting together long stalks of vanilla beans and incorporate them in one composition with centerpiece of the flowers and vanilla leaves. 
In this image, I’ve decided “to tie” the vanilla stalks with the pretty Vanilla Orchid flowers.

The original image of Vanilla is in black and white. I am still wondering which background color out of those above Nine Shades Of Vanilla would fit the best:

The licensed images (for Royalty Free Licenses) of all my creations such vanilla,  jams, relishes,and marmalade illustrations are available HERE

Writer’s Desk – Eugene O’Neill – Tao House

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realistic still life
Detailed Image HERE
Here is the Eugene O’Neill desk. The bright metal Ink Bottle and a Ink Blotter caught my attention when I’ve visited Tao House Museum last weekend. Although, one detail on this painting was actually not on the desk, one pretty significant detail. Can you guess what?
Here is the interesting fact: Eugene O’Neill actually did not use neither ink nor a typewriter to create his plays. He used a simple pencil. And later on, his wife Carlotta would transform his handwritten notes using a  typewriter.
I’ve decided to paint a pencil here in order complete the story of this still life. And even composition wise the third non-flat object asked to be there…
This original and another one on Tao House ( Barn and Old Wagon) will be presented at Village Theatre Art Gallery in Danville at Tao House – Through Artists’ Eyes exhibition until September 22, 2012.
10″x14″ Watercolor on 300lb Cold Pressed Paper 
In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Sketchbook Project "Down My Street" – Last Part

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The Sketchbook is complete and went to NY Art House. It was fun project that required good preparation, the ability to stick to one thing; and, finish meeting a deadline. Watercolor and ink is not what I usually do. Neither the sketch-like paintings. Therefore, I was challenging myself by braking the comfort zone. At the end it was very helpful to me as I taught myself to loosen up and fight my perfectionist nature by painting fast and almost “careless”. It was also fun to use ink with watercolors. I think it gives cheerful cartoon-ish look to the sketches. Each sketch took not more than 15-20 minutes. 38 pieces completed. Love the outcome!!…………………………………4″x5.5″ Watercolor on Paper, 90lb Cold Press