Bestselling Watercolor Purple Ballerinas

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Today I want to express my appreciation to an Art Collector who purchased this Purple Ballerinas Silhouettes in Watercolor from Wayfair under my licensing contract. How lovely that people can have this art-piece in their home interior decor now.

Art Gallery To Visit And Enjoy : Watercolor Silhouettes


Urban Abstract – Red City Lights

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Geometric Decor
While working on some quite realistic and meticulously detailed project these days (updated to follow in the next posts), I felt like creating something crazy and abstract. The organic abstracts that are in my Decor Interior Design gallery are taking over, so in order to balance them, I moved to more geometric, non organic, so to speak Urban series.
The vertical lines of the brash strokes reminded me a large city. I left some light areas to create some kind of glow of the evening or even a night town.
So far, three artworks of Urban collection landed in my studio:

I imagined these paintings are quite suitable for not only a living room for example, but they might bring some warm glow in the bedroom areas as well:
watercolor decor bedroom