Still Life With Garlic, Olive, and an Old Pot

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This is a watercolor painting in Old Masters Still Life style. 
Garlic, Olive and an Old Pot. In order to achieve the most realistic effect, I placed the objects in front of me; and carefully observed them before painting, then I drew the outlines, covered the Garlic and an Olive with making fluid. As in my other still life I worked first on the background using a mixture of Burnt Siena, Raw Amber, Ultramarine Blue, and Paines Gray Winsor&Newton Artist grade watercolor. And after the background was bone-dry I worked on the Garlic, and Olive with the following techniques: first wet-on-wet, then wet-on-dry, and the last touches were in dry  “thirsty” brush. This helped to achieve a maximum realism for my painting.
The Original Painting Still Life With Garlic and Olive is 10″x14″ on 300lb Cold Pressed Arches
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Watercolor Mosaic

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When a very special customer of mine asked if I want to paint an Italian style mosaic with the fruit vase, I first thought I did not hear her right: Mosaic? In Watercolors?!! But as an Artist who likes a challenge and loves to explore, I jumped to this project with enthusiasm.
We discussed the details and composition, colors and stylistic approach. The fruits and berries are all her favorites for cooking and baking. And the mosaic painting itself will become some sort of signature of her love to cooking with the heart and passion. From the last posts you remember, her jams are to die for!
And now here is a little game.
Try to find the following:
White Peach
Did you do good?
Now here is another challenge:
Find a Habanero Pepper
It is there.
How could it have all of that? I can give you a recipe: patience My Friends. When I was painting each tile of this fruit mosaic I meditated while creating those virtual stones: rock by rock, color by color, all in Watercolor!! :0)
And here are a few detailed images of this Mosaic Fruit Vase:

Original Watercolor on 300lb Arches Cold Pressed paper 12″x16″
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Quiet Moment – Reading in The Garden

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A quiet moment. The girl is reading her book
in a geranium garden. She is there but she is also with her characters from a
book fully involved with the story. Yet soon, she will stop reading and
look around at the beauty of the garden, sun spots on the ground, fresh summer
Original Painting is 12″x16″ Watercolor on 300 lb Cold Pressed Arches

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Peter Rabbit – illustrate a book – Workshop

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Detailed Image:
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Detailed Image: Click Here

Detailed Image: Click Here

These three paintings not only became a first contribution to my Nursery Series Art for Kids, but also served a great purpose today at my Workshop – illustrate a book.

Being a huge fan of Beatrix Potter I fell in love with The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I was wondering what happened after Peter’s mom put
him to sleep that day when he got into a lot of trouble at Mr McGregor’s garden. What if Peter
Rabbit had a dream that Mr McGregor was actually a very nice man, who returned
the blue jacket,
  brought some carrots to
Peter; and, later on, Peter’s Mom made delicious carrot cookies for Flopsy,
Mopsy, Cotton-tail and for Peter Rabbit of course….

These ideas didn’t wait too long to jump on paper; and, today they inspired kids at my local library where I gave them a watercolor lesson. 

First, I painted my Tale in the three different scenes as I needed to make the master drawing to be easy for kids to work on. The final work was made of sections, easy to paint, with the nice visible edges and not too many details; yet, it still had a story to tell, colors to apply, and a good imagination to put in. 

I was a little nervous before the workshop as I did not know what ages and how many kids would come. The result was exceeding my expectations. The ages were from 1 to 12 ( sure the 1 y. o. did not paint; but the youngest artist who did paint was 3). We learned how to paint upside down, how to apply light colors first, darkest last, how to paint with the big brush and cover a lot of area fast, and how to add details at the very end with the tip of the brush. I think I had more fun than children.. Just kidding! They all were so excited. They shared with me that they knew the story about Peter Rabbit before they came (sure enough, they heard the story about Peter’s dream for the first time as I just made it up :0).. 

Later on I brought a question for two most active girls about the next workshop, which is going to be on Winnie-The-Pooh.. I asked them what they think we should paint. Needless to say I left home with more interesting ideas… but sh-sh-sh.. I’ll keep it secret until July :0)  

Everything was ready to meet kids. The paint was lined up, the paper was waiting for the young artists.

A few paintings together with the original book about Peter Rabbit were here for inspiration.

When main crowd of first coming artists (see Red Solo Cups on the back) left, I had fun with the ones that were catching up.

We’ve even learned how to clean our brushes before putting them away.

Brown was the primary color, yet the dream of Peter Rabbit was all blue and fresh.

Some of the few Artworks that will be traveling to the artists home galleries tonight with pride and more stories to tell.
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Dancing Fire

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When I placed four of my new abstract paintings together, I was surprised myself how the cold wet watercolors could transform into a hot powerful fire. Just in a few brushstrokes the energy of a dramatic composition moves the viewers’ eyes from one figure to another generating a new Dance of Fire.
My favorite Dancing Fire painting remains this one:
watercolor painting
And you can see more Abstract paintings in my Abstract Gallery HERE


Each artwork is 6″x4″ in Winsor&Newton Watercolors on 300 lb Cold Pressed paper

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What Color is The Tango?

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red orange
abstract art

abstract painting

…or Flamenco?
These few paintings are the part of my new Dancing Collection (in Abstract– Décor – Collage gallery). It
started when I asked myself a question: what color are the dances such Tango,
or Flamenco, or classical ballet? And this question led to an idea to create a
several series of paintings:
Dancing Fire (part of it you see now)
Dancing Water (coming in the near future)
Dancing Wind (need to work on color palette first)
I think that certain dances definitely apply to the descriptions
above as well as certain colors.
For instance, Tango and Flamenco are just begging for Scarlet Red,
Electric Yellow, and Burned Siena.
One of the legends about the origins of Tango is that it came from
Buenos Aires, Argentina; which at the end of the 19th century had quite
a diverse place. A good mix of immigrants from Italy, Spain, Britain, Poland,
Russia, Germany and other European countries brought their touch to the
creation of this pulsating dance. Between 1910 – 1913, Tango was introduced to
Paris and later spread across the Atlantic quickly becoming an international
On another hand, Flamenco dance is pure Spanish and has a long
history going back to 1700s. One legend states that it was named after a
gracious bird flamingo. As that bird Flamenco resembles a beautiful dance of
exotic creature. Different legend claims that Flamenco is the traditional dance
of Spanish Gypsies (flamencos) from Andalusia. 
Both Tango and Flamenco are hot and vibrant, just like their Fire
colors. There is no doubt that a spicy flickering fire is involved in their
music and provocative moves.
This is my color tribute to dance and music.
6”x4” Winsor & Newton Watercolors on 140 Cold Pressed Paper

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fine art

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Is Abstract Real?

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Is abstract
real? In terms of realism.. 

How do we name an abstract painting and how does
this apply to a viewer’s life experience? These and other questions I’ve
discussed with the Maryland artist Kimberly Goodge last week when my husband
and I were traveling to Baltimore and Washington, DC. As the artist who focuses
mostly on realistic paintings I couldn’t imagine myself to paint abstract
impressions. It just did not fit my style of careful approach to the painting,
learning the details, and thinking of composition many times before touching the
paper. Kim inspired me to look at the painting abstract process differently;
she encouraged me to try and not to be afraid. And I did. 

I’ve decided to name
my abstracts Inspiration One, Two, and Three. Abstract painting in
impressionist style does not allow thinking slow calculating each detail; especially
with watercolor abstract when paint is applied wet-on-wet. It is a great
exercise thought for the artist like me. I enjoyed it tremendously; and,
hopefully, my abstract paintings do show that.

Now back to
the question “if the abstract’s real”? Or, shell I reverse it and say: “can
Realism be Abstract?” Take a close look at the middle of the flower, the veins
of the petal, the rainbow on the bubble, or at the sand on the beach. Do you
see what I see? Let’s call it Abstract Realism, or better Real Abstract!

Three Abstract Watercolor Paintings
14″X10″ Winsor&Newton on 300 lb Arches Cold Pressed Paper 

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