Nesting For Easter

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Realism In Watercolor

Upcoming Easter was a good excuse for me to create a Nest With the Eggs in watercolor. I loved painting this symbolic artwork. Nest resembles a new life, a family, and a great new season.
And then, it is always great to add some colorful Easter Cards to my festive collection:

butterfly eggs daisies

watercolor cards

Watercolor Holiday cards
These are just a few cards, more are in my

watercolor illustration
Cheers from

Christmas In July or December?

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watercolor poinsettia stockings and fireplace
Sure I know the answer :). Yet for me Christmas started practically in July this year. Those days I was painting snow and holiday themes for the book Bernard Goes To Music School. The illustrations were fun to paint. 

In these artworks, the story goes to the times when kids had to say bye to the teacher for their holiday break:
children book watercolor
And then our protagonist Bernard went home to celebrate:

watercolor book for children
But something happened at the table after dinner. Of course, I will hold myself from telling in order not to spill the beans. I couldn’t reveal in July that I was “working” on Christmas; but, I am so happy that by the real Christmas time I can share if not the story then the art from the book I’ve illustrated 🙂

Those days there was a lot of snow settling in my studio.

Daddy and Bernard walked the snowy streets to the Music School when behind my window there were flowers blooming under 94 degree sunshine:
And then they went home from the school into the cold Toronto Winter:
Brrr, it makes me cold just think about them walking through that blizzard!!!

Together we made it to the real Holidays, and now, in December, I can happily say that the book has seen the bookshelves right on time, and it will make a great holiday gift for the kids whose parents enjoy spending time and reading good encouraging stories together. 

Happy Holidays Season To Everyone!!! 

Christmas Gift Ideas – Live Report

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watercolor Holidays Decor
Just a week ago I created a new Gallery on my website that is called Gift Ideas and as a token of my appreciation posted a little discount code for my customers ( GVVPSS at the check out point); as already my lovely customers and Art Collectors started purchasing prints from my website :).
It is so great that two Poinsettia paintings went to Palos Heights from the state of Illinois:

watercolor Holiday decor
Both of these Poinsettia paintings look so festive as Holidays interior decoration.

And the local customer from Bay Area San Francisco decided to greet the guests by placing my Christmas Angel painting in the hallway of a lovely home:watercolor holiday decor

Many thanks to all my dear Art Collectors, who purchased or going to purchase gifts from my website , for appreciating my art!
Here are the galleries that are worth exploring in the spirit of Holiday Season:

and,of course, a new gallery:

Merry Christmas!!

Angel, Christmas Angel, Christmas Greetings, Holiday art, holidays, Merry Christmas, Snowman, watercolor card
Angel Snowman Card
Merry Christmas To All,
To All A Good Time!! 

It Is Time To Smell The Flowers

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Lilli Tulips Magnolia
It is time to update my Christmas decorations and bring the holiday related paintings off the walls. I hope, it will give the flowers blooms an opportunity to push Miss Winter away :0) 

Just a few days left for my Poinsettia paintings and a Seven Minutes Before Christmas remind about a lovely Holiday season:
Realism In Watercolor

But on another hand, the flower paintings are always in season, aren’t they. 
Out of that fragrant quartet of flowers above two are my very favorite:

The Magnolia bloom painting:
Watercolor flower bloom
The reason why it is one of my favorite is that Magnolia bud is gentle, fuzzy, sweet, pink and it is about a beginning; the beginning of a new life, a new pretty flower. 

And another “artist’s pet” on that wall is a Pink Tiger Lilly:
floral painting
I think the wet-on-wet technique that I used while painting this flower’s petals allowed to achieve the texture of the flower: glossy yet fuzzy, cold yet warm…And also, the full bloom of this flower tells a story about a short yet graceful life full of pink glory. 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Watercolorful Fireworks – Happy New Year And Lovely Holidays!

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bright artwork
Cheers and best wishes to ALL in the new Year 2014. 
I am forever grateful for a productive, interesting, and unforgettable passing year. At some point it did feel that I had 2013 things to do; but step by step, I did it…

I have done many great artful things this year:
Painted and exhibited
Studied and taught
Sold art and bought art
Inspired by traveling in the US and abroad
Published a book and got published
Met many cool artists
 Volunteered for an art organization
Created! Created! Created!

I can only hope to have the next year as exciting as this one :0)

Happy New Year to All!
And for my family and friend in Russia, where they celebrate Christmas on January 7th, 2014
Merry Christmas:

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Poinsettia Christmas Cards and More

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While working last weekend at the Gallery Concord, I’ve sketched a couple of cards; and, here they are:

And later on, I had fun designing Christmas Theme cards and Prints made with my watercolors:

Then my imagination ran wild and I even made Kitchen Towels and Christmas Plates (using service): 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

When Visual Art Meets Music

artist, Christmas, composer, holidays, music, poinsettia, realism in watercolor, Rebecca, season, Sztukowski, watercolour
I am happy to present a young talented composer Rebecca Tripp with her lovely music. 

Rebecca creates short compositions and compliments them with Art from many great artists. I am so glad my Poinsettia paintings grabbed her attention :0)

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Seven Minutes Before Christmas

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It’s probably the last Christmas painting for this season. 
Why Seven Minutes? I don’t know. 
As if somebody was moving my brush to place the clock-hands to that position. 

And here is a funny story: 
 I had to make the background wash several times.  Strathmore watercolor paper is not as pretty as Arches. It needs a lot of work and skill to have the wash the Artist want. So, when I was satisfied with the wash, moved on to the details of the fireplace (practically had to “build” that thing brick by brick) and so on; when I took picture and looked at the background I realized that there is a shadow (reflected on the wall)… Guess who is that?!! Right! That’s why my hand moved the clock to Seven Minutes Before Christmas :0)

Oh, and later I made a cute Christmas card out of this painting with the holiday greetings:

Original Painting is 12″x16″ Watercolor on Strathmore Series 400 paper 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul