Watercolor Tulips

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Watercolor Painting of Tulips by the artist Irina Sztukowski

With Spring is just around the corner, I remembered about this old painting of mine. Tulips are such gentle flowers; and, the variety of colors and types is just amazing! I loved painting the tiny stripes on a white lit by a morning light petals.

The print of this artwork:

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New Artworks Interior Decor

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watercolor by Irina Sztukowski
I love to see how each of my artwork, no matter of the style of the painting, starts “singing” when it is placed into an interior decor. 

The abstract lines in watercolor with its vertical brushstrokes really dictated the colorful decor of that white couch. 

The next, realistic seascape looks so settled an airy above the couch in the living room. I don’t think that any other interior decor is needed here as the artwork itself is pretty informative and inviting:
watercolor interior decor
The next art piece is quite tasty and well suitable for a kitchen or dining room Rustic Chick decor, the painting of pears and green apples on the counter compete with each other in their realism and contrast values:
Kitchen Interior Decor watercolor realism
My green abstract organic lines painting below fits so well this warm interior decor of a living room:
watercolor by Irina Sztukowski
And for the lovers of all shades of gray, the muted, almost black and white organic watercolor wash on canvas is the best suitable piece for this living room interiors:

all shades of grey artwork
I love how the red-ish pillow attracts attention and adds so much interest to the surrounding grays of these two artworks:

On another hand, the colorful sunny painting with flowers in the next interior decor attracts the most attention of the viewer:
watercolor realism

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Whimsical Garden Decorative Design

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wall art
In my new collection Whimsical Garden, I am using some old watercolor techniques with a new approach. I decided to block the color with the help of protective medium in order to allow the watercolor to flow only in one particular area. It reminded me batik style technique but with the new trick. The possibilities of this kind of style are endless. 

Here is another one for example:
wall art
I have selected the color pallet from light green to deep Paynes Gray thinking about departure of the Summer. 
It was fun to imagine these designs on the stretched canvas prints with mirrored sides :
stretched canvas prints
Whimsical Garden III  (above on the left)
Whimsical Garden IV (above on the right)

Also, this style of decorative watercolor was “screaming” to me to try it on pillows designs:
home decor

Home decor

home decor
And I wouldn’t be true to myself if I have not tried to see how these designs will look in the simple off-white and black interior. 
It was looking pretty good as the matter of fact:
wall art
Another design that was created in the same color theme, was the Organic Decor that has softer lines and mellow edges. I used wax application in order to achieve this effect.
Here is the end result.

wall art
wall art
This soft organic paintings looked sweet on any decorative style print and even on bags:
Irina Sztukowski Art
Yes, Summer might be almost over, but my Decorative Gallery will have the memory of this season forever 🙂 

Cheers from www.artirina.com 

Organic Lines And Curves

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interior design

In this post I wanted to share my excitement about how great the organic curbs and lines of abstract design (that I’ve recently created) can nicely fit the room interior and bring a lovely complement to a room appearance in whole.

The Purple Rose Petals Abstract (above) is in a sweet harmony with the violet tint and cool tones of the living room interior.

In the next photo, the Vintage Rose Petals make a good statement in the hallway of a house:
Irina Sztukowski home decor idea

Organic Line On Blue highlight the strict design of a black and white interior:

home interior decor Irina Sztukowski

On another hand, the Lines On Green Abstract Painting is complementing this living room coffee table and its natural simple decor:

home decor Irina Sztukowski

And a tapestry of this Purple abstract decorative artwork brings its soothing lines into a peaceful bedroom interior decor:

home decor interior Irina Sztukowski painting

Path To The Unknown – Exploring Yupo

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abstraction art
I continue exploring a new surface for painting – Yupo. 
As I said in one of my previous posts, Yupo is a pure synthetic “paper”, which has a plastic feel yet takes watercolor. 
Yupo allows the paint to move freely. It is easy for the artist to pick up the paint if needed; or, even wipe it off completely (back to the white surface). 
I think that this “paper” is good for some abstract art as it provides interesting unpredictable results at the end.
I called this abstract series “Path To The Unknown”. The first artwork was created with Opera Rose and Violet watercolors. It reminds me some kind of magic rock, a stone with veins and minerals. 

The next one looks more like a landscape:
Watercolor On Yupo paper
Rich bushy greens could represent hills, blue for the sky; and, a beige “river” looks like a path with purple-pink flowers…

And the last one has somewhat 3D feeling. After the wet-on-wet dried, I placed a few brown dots on it and rotated the paper. This way Miss Gravity painted some unexpected lines for me:
Watercolor painting
It is fun to explore unknown path and try to find new ways with watercolors.

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Painting California Poppies

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orange painting
California Poppies (scientific name Eschscholzia Californica) sometimes are called a Cup of Gold. They are official California state flowers.

I found this small golden field when going one day to Blake Garden in Berkeley Hills for a plain-air session. I was so occupied painting another field of Red Poppies that I only had a few minutes to run around the park and take some photos. In contrary to the poppies that I painted that day (see painting below), these orange cuties were volunteers. They just spread around the park glowing and bringing light and cheer.
poppy painting
(previous post is here, and the prints are available here)
As I recall, it was a little meadow with the Red and Pink poppies hiding in the forest like garden.

The red ones were planted by people. 

The orange ones were probably brought by birds and wind. 

They decided to locate themselves wherever was comfortable: on a pathway that brought the artists to a marvelous view of the San Francisco Bay
I painted an artist there who came to paint California Poppies; so, that there is more to the story. When the viewer comes to the painting, the fist thing he/she sees are the poppies: bright, orange, big. Yet with more careful observation, you can notice that somebody else is there admiring the orange flowers at the Bay. 

In the last couple of years I painted quite a few of those orange flowers. But the painting above is probably the largest one 
(original painting California Poppies is 23″x17″ on Strathmore 140 lb Watercolor paper) 
 and it has a story

Here are just a few of those “Golden Pots”:

framed art

fine art
open floral
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Quiet Moment – Reading in The Garden

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To see detailed Image or to see how it looks on cards and prints click HERE

A quiet moment. The girl is reading her book
in a geranium garden. She is there but she is also with her characters from a
book fully involved with the story. Yet soon, she will stop reading and
look around at the beauty of the garden, sun spots on the ground, fresh summer
Original Painting is 12″x16″ Watercolor on 300 lb Cold Pressed Arches

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Christmas Angel

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A little Christmas Angel spreads his wings ready to go on our Christmas Tree. My sister and I are decorating it this year. When we were kids we could not even imagine to have an Angel as a decoration. Soviet Union times prohibited all sort of things that imply religion. Even Santa was called Father Frost in order to avoid any religious meanings.

But we did make wishes on the New Year eve. The deal was to make as many wishes as you can while clock strikes 12. I had one wish per second. And now, in the Holiday Spirit I really wish for pretty much one thing (besides World Peace and Health for my Family and Friends and myself of course). I wish that my right arm would never fail and my eyes will be strong and sharp to paint more art.
8″x10″ Winsor & Newton Watercolor on 140 Cold Pressed Fabriano
Photo Reference – Masha Batkova

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Water Lilies Watercolor

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Like MonetImpressionImpressionism in Watercolors
I was exploring a new surface for my watercolors: Watercolor Canvas. Before, I tried watercolor board and thought to try a canvas this time. The board surprised me with the fact that it was practically impossible to place the layers. When I tried to place second layer on it, my first layer would mix with wet surface and simply disappear. From my experience, watercolor canvas has better fluidity than a board; you can make a good wash if working fast and knowing what colors will go in what place (does not allow reapplying though); and, the canvas allows to place a second layer yet it should be darker than the previous one.


And I was surprised how my hands were adjusting to the quality of the surface this time. Feeling that the colors will not flow like on 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper, my hands started applying paint in kind of pointing style (e.g. instead of sweeping my brush across I was “pocking” dots all over the surface with different colors or just making very short strokes). Quite interesting experience! My style changed completely in just a few minutes since I started painting. The surface dictated the technique. At some point I thought about Monet and his Water Lilies; how did he paint them? What did he feel? Although, yes he used oil paint; I guess I got the oil paint thinking then 🙂
The advantage of the watercolor on canvas is that if you want you can place it on a wall without framing (though you will need to use fixative of course). Yet, lately I am experimenting with watercolor board (with stretched Cotton Paper) that also will not need frame except a cradle board. I’ve noticed that some of my clients would like to have watercolor paintings without frames in there collections. I was researching how to do that too. And I’ll share this experience with you in the future.
9″x12″ Fredrix Watercolor Canvas, Winsor & Newton Watercolor, Aqarell-Fixativ by Schmincke & Co

For more Watercolor Canvases, Acrylic and Metal Prints with my art – click HERE

watercolors art

fine art Irina

Paint Tomatoes – Peel Potatoes

cherry tomatoes, garden, green, red, summer, tomato, tomato painting, vegetables

How to survive in this busy life; how to manage the day between work and house chores ? I was thinking about this the other day. Especially it is becoming obvious when person is working from home studio and has access to the kitchen 24/7. No I am not talking about overeating (this is the subject of some other blog) I am talking about dividing the house work and the Artist job in a good balanced way. I am still learning. I’ve recently became a full time Artist and a full time Fine Art student. Yes, being an artist practically all my life (including a childhood of course) I’ve given a tremendous opportunity to receive an Art degree here in America (just for myself! not for Mom, not for Society, just for me).. I just need to grab this opportunity from the right end and keep up with the busy schedule.

The painting above is my attempt to paint our garden Cherry Tomatoes while cooking potatoes in the kitchen. Literally! I believe that the painting is usually caring what the artist thinks: I was really hungry painting those cuties. Tomatoes are always inspiring me by their bright color and almost perfect forms.
8″x10″ Watercolor on 140 Cold Press Arches