Watercolor Gooseberries Illustration On Jam Labels

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Watercolor Gooseberry Illustration Realistic Watercolour Irina Sztukowski

It is always nice to see how my work appears on the final product.

These watercolor Gooseberries were painted in realistic style. The composition of three berries with the gooseberries leaves at the background, as well as the drop shadows gives a distinctive three dimensional feeling to the painting.

I remember one comment from the customer that came to the store and was attracted to pick up an purchase the product. She said: “Labels are what caught my eye in the shop! Well done Irina. ” It was very sweet of her to confirm for me my guess that my watercolor do “sell” so to speak the product attracting the customers by their beauty.


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Gooseberry Goosebumps – Jam Labels Project

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watercolor jam labels project
When I was looking at variety of gooseberries for my Jam Labels Project, I got some goosebumps realizing how many different kinds of those berries are in the world. They can be green, they can be red, they can be kind of green but with red spots. They also have many different sizes: round, oval; and, tastes: sweet, sour, sweet-n-sour. 
So my decision was to paint them all.
The green and round gooseberries above are composed in a compact still life, more suitable for labels with central composition.

Red gooseberries here, represent more botanical style.
The berries are hanging from a branch, heavy from the ripe fruit:
labels for jam
On another hand, I wanted to design Green Gooseberries (which by the way are Sunkissed with Alizarin Crimson Red watercolor here) in a little different, upright way. I imagined them being very happy, reaching to the Sun, ready to be picked and placed in the gooseberry jam:

jam labels project