Winning Landscapes In Watercolor

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California landscapes Irina Sztukowski Bestseller
Bestseller San Francisco Landscape
A while ago I wrote about an exiting endeavor with licensing of my art ( Art Licensing, Art Licensing Journey blog posts) and today I am happy to share the winners of the last two Quarters. The most sold landscapes were the ones that are also on my website are the bestsellers:

Carmel By The Sea watercolor painting 
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco watercolor painting

I believe that the customers like  Carmel By The Sea landscape for its fearless brush strokes. I painted that artwork on the spot, L’ Plein-air style, and I think the fresh ocean breeze and Nature changing pattern that day reflected quite well in this painting.

Another painting, San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, was actually painted in my art studio from the photograph that my customer presented. This painting is quite different from the one above. It has lots of details and careful brush strokes, that obviously appreciated by so many customers of mine these days. 

I love when my art finds good homes and brings joy to the art collectors throughout the country and the world. 


Fog In San Francisco

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Watercolor by Irina Sztukowski
When I moved to San Francisco around 15 years ago, I was lucky to get an apartment in the most beautiful place of the city, next to the Ocean Beach, with the walking distance to Golden Gate park.

I couldn’t understand the face expression of my friends when I was announcing about my new place to live… My friends just shook their heads and said: “A lot of fog!”… So what?!! I didn’t get it at that time. But when the fog season came, oh, I understood that face expression clearly. The fog was milky thick, I couldn’t see not even Pacific Ocean.. not even a closest street crosswalk, not even my hands.. (exaggerating, of course!! :))
But, really, if I painted the Golden Gate bridge that time, it would be more like that:
But I need to have a mercy for my Art Collectors; so, I am revealing the Bridge in all its monumental beauty, just slightly touching it with the “Fog Application”.. just for the feel of those foggy days..

Welcome to the Bay Area San Francisco, one of the most beautiful places on Earth!!
Watercolor by Irina Sztukowski

Twenty Shades Of Blue – Blue Blue Water

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Recently, looking at my painting of Oregon shore, I was asking myself how many times I’ve painted the water, waters of an ocean, lakes, sea or river? 
And even though the answer was MANY.. I was curious to see the difference in the shades of blue; the blue blue water.

Water for me has some personal almost human qualities. The colors depend on the time of the the day, the light, the shadows; and, of course, the artist’s mood, time put into painting, and  professional choice of the color.

And here are just a few waters painted in the different places at different times. It is interesting to see these fragments in one post close to each other, with almost no surrounding background/foreground interruptions 
(if curious to see the full painting, just click on the image or the name of the artwork).

Fine Art realism
 Slowly building, soon ready to crush waves next to the shore in Boys And The Ocean painting:
Fine Art realism
 Deep blue waters of the ocean during the sunny in Capitola, California.  Two Umbrellas At The Beach painting:
Two Umbrellas at The Beach
and a very same day just a few hours later.
Capitola California artwork
Here is a foggy morning with wild emerald green waves in Carmel By The Sea, California:
and the same day, when Sun appeared, it made the water shine 
California Fine Art
Almost unbelievable Thalo and Ultramarine blue water in the painting A Coupe And The Sea:
Water painting

Ready to storm yet still not dangerous waters in A Girl And The Ocean artwork: 
Romantic artwork
And, much more alarming waves of the waters when the girl “grows up”, and comes to visit ocean again.
realistic artwork
Calm reflections in the mirror-like Winter waters of Lake Tahoe painting:
realistic seascape artwork

From Ultramarine to Turquoise  blue in Monterey Shore sketch:
water painting shore

Quiet monumental waters of Norway Fjord:  
realism in watercolor
I have to admit, painting the waters next to the Golden Gate Bridge seems to be my favorite thing now. 
Here are the waves near Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Bay from Fort Point point of view:
California San Francisco Bay
Realism in watercolors
Point Bonita has different point of view to Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay. Lifted up fog just revealed graceful sailboats:  
California art
Soothing waters of the Bay reflecting the Golden Gate Bridge, is quite rare event: 
Realism in watercolors
Fine Art
Impressionistic green reflections of impressionistic waters in Water Lilies painting: 
impressionism in watercolors
And speaking of Impressionism, the Fall Reflections certainly colored those waters in Red, Yellow, Green, and Orange: 
Wet-on-wet artwork
If I were a poet I would write a poem devoted to Water; but, I am the Artist and I will keep painting Miss Water in all her shades of blue

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Point Bonita and Rodeo Beach Plein-Air Painting Day

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San Francisco Bay
I painted this artwork on plein-air (outdoors) when the weather was changing rapidly. It was foggy in the morning. But then, the wind picked-up burning the fog, lifting it, and letting the sun shine and reveal the beauty of San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge.

Our CWA artists and their guests had a marvelous time. Somebody painted the lighthouse, others went to Rodeo Beach, and my friends and I picked the view of the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Original Artwork Golden Gate Bridge is 12″x16″ Watercolor on 140lb Cold Pressed Cotton paper

The highlights of that day Plein-air at Point Bonita are in CWA Newsletter here
More plein-air paintings are in this Gallery

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Best Golf Course View in San Francisco – Lincoln Park – 17th Hole

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Golden Gate Bridge View
One of my customers ordered this commission painting of the gorgeous view of San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. I have not realized at the beginning that the park was a famous golf course on a top of the hill. And that precise view was from 17th hole of Lincoln Park

I liked the idea that the given picture had good three points of visual interest plus the personal meaning to the customer of course.
Starting the painting from the skies and the Golden Gate Bridge, I gradually moved to the foliage of the trees. When these two backgrounds were completed, I continued with paining the bushes and the flowers maze in the front. They had to be painted with the most details; and, by the way, took me the longest time “to build”.

Here are a few pix of work-in-progress that I supplied to the customer along the way. As usual, commission paintings take much longer time (compare to the artist’s choice art) due to the communications (agreements, suggestions, approvals), and constant updates:

California Trees
Bay Area San Francisco
The Original Painting Lincoln Park – San Francisco is 9″x12″ Watercolor

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point – San Francisco Plein-Air Day

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Fort Point California San Francisco
Last Saturday plain-air paint day started with a chilly breeze at Fort Point. But due to a cold weather there were not a spec of fog or mist in San Francisco; and, the Golden Gate Bridge was glowing in its full glory. 

Our CWA artists group was enjoying painting in such touristic area.

 Everyone created their masterpiece in a matter of hours:
Golden Gate Bridge paintings
Some artists were painting outside hiding behind Fort Point‘s old brick walls. My sister and I painted inside the car with open windows. Why not; I’ve learned this trick from reading biography of Georgia O’Keeffe who sometimes painted in her car going plein-air in the desert.

Golden Bridge View
Credits for beautiful photos to Maria Batkova

Original Painting Golden Gate Bridge is 16″x12″ on 140lb Arches Cold Pressed paper
More Plein-Air Paintings are HERE

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

San Francisco, California – Travel With Me – Sketchbook Project

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Here is the place where I live now; or no-no, not right next to the Golden Gate Bridge; but just an hour drive from it, the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. My husband and I love to come here some weekends and just walk along the bridge, feeling like tourists and getting some exercise. It is fun to walk to the middle of the bridge and look down. If you lucky you can see dolphins or sea lions below. Sure enough you should choose the weather with no fog; otherwise, you will only see the visitors that are walking next to you..

4″x6″ Watercolor Sketch on 90lb Cold Pressed Paper

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge – Two Love Birds

anniversary, commission painting, family painting, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

San Francisco was always a very interesting subject for me to paint. And lately I’ve got an opportunity to express my admiration of the Bay Area to the paper. My client asked me to paint a piece for her wedding anniversary from the picture where she and her husband had a wonderful time playing in the city and resting at the beach by Golden Gate Bridge. I fell in love with the idea immediately as it was a great romance there. Although the original photo was a little bit on a grey scale, therefore I felt it would be great to add a few shades of the blue, fading pink and yellow to the sky and a little burned sienna to the hills. When I’ve researched the picture before painting, I’ve noticed how so Red Golden Gate Bridge is not any red when you look at it from the distance. Besides, it is almost grayish pink at the far end. That what Miss Perspective does to the colors.
There were a few people fishing on the wave-breakers. I eliminated them giving my couple some privacy. Instead, I’ve placed two tiny egrets on the rocks (the sub name of the painting is Two Love Birds)… A few English Daisies on the front added a little romantic mood (there was a dead grass on the picture that did not feel right for the idea of the anniversary gift).
My client loved the painting, but she didn’t want to frame it. She loved it on a wall unframed. I’ve got a cradle board and mounted painting on it; and I’ve painted the sides with white acrylic to give a completed look. Using Watercolor Fixative will protect the painting from the moisture and I hope the painting will last to the family to at least their 75 wedding anniversary and beyond  J

Winsor & Newton Watercolor on Arches Paper, 16”x 20” , cradle board

In Every Piece Of My Art
There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul