Exotic Fruit – Umbu – Watercolor Illustration

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Umbu Watercolor Painting Illustration Exotic Fruit Watercolour

I am painting an exotic fruit Umbu, a  watercolor illustration for packaging design of my client.

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Watercolor Painting Of Orange – Artful Vitamins Series

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Painting half orange
Watercolor Painting of Cut Orange by the artist Irina Sztukowski

 Original was SOLD
Prints are available HERE

When I painted these oranges my biggest challenge was those little veins and the highlights on the cut. The main idea was to make everything without a drop of white paint; just by leaving white of the paper.
My favorite part was the orange flower in the corner. I really wanted it to glow and give a good contrast to the orange color.

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Jam Labels Project Rising

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realistic painting
About a month ago I’ve received a request from one jam producing company from Great Britain.
They loved my Farmers Delight series, which was created after my first Jam Labels project:

farmers market delight
This company thought my style of painting will fit greatly the labels of their jams, relishes, and marmalade. 

realism in watercolor
There will be dozens of new designs that I will need to create. I am quite excited about this new Jam Labels opportunity. It will involve my artist skills and polish my illustrator skills as well.

Many hours of work are ahead; but for now, the jars are waiting for the labels 

People Magazine Got Great Ideas

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My Little Apple got a Big honor to be published in PEOPLE magazine online. 
This miniaute painting,
An Apple, was a part of the series 
I am glad it was chosen by a lifestyle editor of People magazine 
to accompany an
article about 
decorative design and home décor ideas

Apple berries lemon orange pomegranate
I guess Z Vitamins are not only good for our health, but for an artist’s promotion as well.

A Gift From The Garden – A Happy Apple

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Still life garden fruit
Introducing a Garden Apple, the one that didn’t come from the grocery store!

 I love freshly picked apples for their gentle highlights, for almost fuzzy glowing from inside skin. Unlike the store-bought apples with the layer of wax and days on the shelf, the garden fruits seem to be more happy.. 

This apple surely was a happy camper. The leaves on the branch were like spreading hands..and the fruit was smiling:
 “Eat me! Oh, no, wait, paint me first!”

Original Painting “Still Life With Apple” is 6″x11″ on Arches 300lb Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

More delicious paintings are in one special Gallery HERE

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Apple Blossoms in November

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blossom realistic painting
See Detailed Image HERE

I went to the garden yesterday and was quite shocked to see that our apple tree started blooming again. The weather was so warm for the last couple of weeks, at least 80 F (around 25 C) that the tree got confused and thought it is Spring. I admired that short time beauty; and, knowing that these flowers would probably never develop into an apple (the cold weather is right behind the corner); I’ve painted them giving a chance to live :0)..
And as an Artist I can also make that blossom becoming an apple just by moving my magic brush.. and viola, there it is:
Top Painting: Apple Blossoms is 10″x13″ on Arches Watercolor Paper
Bottom Painting: Apple 5″x5″ Watercolor on Aquabord

For more beautiful art click HERE

fine art
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There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Fruit Corner – Saturday Art Fair Preparation

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Some old and some new art pieces, ready to see the world.
For the last week and half I am painting every grocery item in a house to prepare for the Art Fair. On a short notice, I was invited to participate there; and, it is coming this Saturday. The art show is in a small retirement community in Pleasant Hill (175 Cleaveland Road, Pleasant Hill, CA) and because it is a small art show I am going to bring inexpensive and affordable art there. So, our house became a Craft Shop. I have chosen to paint on the watercolor boards (5″x5″ Aquabord by Ampersand) and I thought I’d play with some tasty fruits on each of them, centered, and with no background. 
I am also going to bring some cards (Thanksgiving theme and Christmas), Notebooks with my arts and various prints. I hope the folks like them. I think I will also have a small demo as when the last time I showed my art there some ladies were interested in the lessons:
Notebooks, Cards, Prints: all of these look so great on my new tile floor in the studio :0)
The preparation to the Art Fair was fun. The puppies were good sports. Yet, because my studio repair was still in-progress and I painted everywhere in the house but studio, something unexpected happened. I left a few watercolor boards unattended. Oops! Never do it when you have two Yellow Labs puppies in the house.
And here our pups, happy to see the studio-in-progress and looking for a trouble:
Then, they found a few watercolor boards and had fun:
And then they went to sleep.. peacefully:
I couldn’t be mad, they look so cute, don’t they!! :0)

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The Heart Of A Plum – Jam Labels Project

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Detailed Image is HERE
The Jam Labels Project is almost over. Only two paintings are left after this one.
Each time I am creating a new label I want to make it better and more meaningful. With the Plum painting everything was going just as smooth as could be. The very same day I decided to grab my brush to make a Plum painting, our neighbors offered us to pick a few plums from their tree. How did they know that I had a need in a model?!! Mystery! My husband picked up the plums and I picked up a knife and a camera. When I made photos I kept saying to myself: “I wish to have a great meaningful composition that not only represents the plums for a jam label, but something else”… and my prayers had been heard. One of the plums, when cut, reminded me of the shape of the heart. I was stunned as I’ve just recently learned that my client loves the symbol of heart, collects them, and as the matter of fact she sees them everywhere (e.g. the cloud in the sky, the pattern of the fancy rug, the cut berry) where some people will not even pay attention, she does.
The rest was the history: I’ve painted the art piece in one day as my heart was moved by such a pleasant coincidence. 
Here is the suggested Jam Labels design:
Original painting is 8″x10″ watercolor on 140lb Cold Pressed Arches

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Apricot Trio

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For Detailed Image Click Here
For Detailed Image Click Here
I usually start painting with the background; but this time I started with the main subject. First, I’ve painted the apricot branch and then filled the back area with the garden. I took pictures of both; and, it s hard to tell which version is better. The apricot painting with the white background looks more as a botanical study, isn’t it.. The top one with the apricots in the garden looks more as the Summer Landscape with the branch fragment where the artists, during a nice walk in the garden, looked up and saw a beautiful trio hanging on the tree and posing for a painting :0)
The apricots with the white background have more story to tell, but I will reveal it in a couple of weeks or so. Stay tuned :0)
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There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul