Watercolor Flowers Paintings Interior Decor Ideas

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painting of watercolor flowers and butterflies in interior decor
After successful launch of my coloring books for adults and children many customers of mine are enjoying decorating the houses with beautiful paintings of Botanical Flowers.

In this article I wanted to share the interior decor ideas for botanical flowers from children room to living room and beyond.

Colorful garden of watercolor flowers above shows how bright precise flowers with butterflies bring so much joy into a kids’ room decor.

Beautiful purple Moth Orchid  watercolor botanical painting is looking lovely in the dining room area:

painting of orchid in dining room interior
Sweet fragrance of Lilac watercolor botanical painting is sensed in this bedroom interior decor:

Lilac watercolor artwork framed in bedroom environment
A trio of gorgeous botanical watercolor paintings of Tulips Hyacinth and Lotus is looking so good together bringing nice fresh touch into a plain decor of living room: 

watercolour paintings in interior decor of living room
And certainly Red Poppies botanical watercolor artwork is a king of the living room here:

Red poppies watercolour painting framed in living room
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Botanical Drawing – Coloring Book – Framed Art

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In the process of preparation for the coloring book that I am working on with the artist  Maria Batkova , we check  all the flowers that we draw Black & White first thoughtfully , then we color them passionately ; and even place them on a wall to see how it will look framed. 
This book is about botanical flowers, we’ve researched antique botanical paintings in the library archive; then, we stylized the old masters approach into a modern, fresh look for a contemporary interior. 
So, we are testing every piece of art that we create, coloring it with pencils, watercolors, and markers; and, even framing the pieces to see how they will look in the home interior decor. 

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Update effective 04/20/18

Coloring Book Link:

Watercolor Roses – Vintage Twist

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rose pattern painting in interior

This sweet vintage style rose collection has contemporary feeling to it as I painted those roses in realistic style yet combined them together in a decorative clusters as some old tea party china or a dining-wear used to be created.

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Art That Liked to Be Framed

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I was asked several times to show how my art looks in frames. I shot a few e-mails to my customers and asked them to send me pictures with my art-on-a-wall. And some of them did. Here is the small art show from all of the World :0).. It is so nice to see how my customers put their hearts and a great care for the art!

This little girl’s portrait is framed by my dear Art Collector from Great Britain:
The Eiffel Tower with Two Friends is now lives in Canada. My customer framed it to make a wedding gift for her girlfriend:
My client from Spain framed the art but had to take it off the wall while remodeling:
And here the art from my dear Art Collector from Russia:
Framed Art looks so great on the walls of another art collector from San Leandro, California
Beautiful Norway Fjord brought lots of good memories to my customer from Floral Park, NY: 

Even my self-portrait that one of my customers purchased got a special frame. Here it is: now “living” in San Rafael, California
Girl and the Ocean painting found her cozy home in Sacramento, California:
The Garden Tomatoes painting brought some Sunlight to one of Phoenix, Arizona homes :0). My dear art collector from Alamo, California purchased it for her friend:
Even prints when framed look stunning on my customers’ walls :0). The Sleeping Baby portrait is bringing warm smiles to my customer from American Canyon, California. She loves her granddaughter’s Angel Face. And she picked the beautiful baby-pink for the frame mat:
The Sunflower painting print (bestseller print on Fine Art America) looks lovely in my client’s dining room (Mission Viejo, California; the original is landed in Canada years ago)

As you can see my Art Collectors are quiet artistic people themselves and have a very good eye for a good art :0) 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul