Florida Keys – Travel Watercolors And More

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Florida Keys Islamorada sailboats shore
Last week I had another adventure of my life, traveling along the shore of Florida Keys with my friends. Amazing trip and unforgettable scenery. It was certainly a paradise for an artist’s eye. I had an opportunity to paint a few watercolors there and brought tons of memorable photos that one day can transform into paintings.
Above seascape watercolor painting is from  Islamorada little town. Translating from Spanish, Islamorada is a Purple Island. When looking at the clouds’ color in the distance I understood why they named this beautiful place after one of my favorite hues. The scene was so serene, so lovely, that I couldn’t not to paint it.

We also visited a larger town of Florida Keys, the city of Marathon. Besides fishing, diving, and sailing, it has a big tourists’ attraction, beautiful Faro Blanco Lighthouse that proudly stands in the marina of Hyatt Hotel right next to the Palm Island:
watercolor seascape
Another gorgeous place that I’ve visited was John Pennekamp State Park:

This, from the first glance, peaceful place showed us its habitat pretty quickly. I was amazed how much wild life Florida Keys have and how close you can get to meet the “residents” who in return don’t even care about tourists taking the pictures:

Florida Keys
Amazing trip! True discovery of Florida Keys beauty and hidden secrets! 

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