Fine Arts Diploma

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Fine Art
Back in 2011, I decided to get my Art Degree here in America. I went back to school. Before 2011, I got a lot of professional credits in Arts and also in Accounting through DVC – Diablo Valley College. But for official degree I had to focus on adding more General Education classes. My Bachelor in Arts from Russia (1992) was not enough for American degree as I didn’t take neither American History nor History of California classes. And, I did not have an opportunity in Russia to take any other science such Astronomy or Algebra, Health Science or English Writing & Composition. So, I jumped right in and studied hard earning my degree.
 A couple of weeks ago, Hooray! Hooray!, my sweet diplomas finally arrived: one AA in Fine Arts and another one AS in Accounting. 
Something to celebrate, eh.. (besides those 100+ paintings that I crated in the last 4-5 years :0)!!!
Associate in Arts
But as I said in one of my articles for CWA Newsletter: it is never late to study.. and I want to add: to study more. Next week I am taking a workshop of one absolutely wonderful watercolor teacher Birgit O’Connor. I am exited to learn something new! :0)
In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul