Watercolor Food Illustrations On Packaging

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I am so glad to announce that more delicious products with my watercolor Food Illustrations came to market.

This time I am happy to introduce delicious YOU brand Salads:

The Power Salad Linsen contains my watercolor illustrations of cucumbers, lentils, and sweet dates:

The Power Salad Thon has my watercolor eggs, pasta, tomatoes, cucumbers, and mint leaves:

And delicious Power Salad Freekeh has wheat seeds, edamame beans, tomatoes, and fresh cucumbers:
When painting all these tasty ingredients, I also learned interesting recipes for my Power Salads :).

More watercolor food illustrations are here:

Cheers from

Bicycle For All Seasons

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Spring Fall Summer Winter Bicycles watercolor silhouettes

The Spring is right behind the corner and I had an excellent idea to combine my new Bicycles creations that reflect each season into one Four Seasons painting design. This festive design has symbolism of each season: flowers, leaves, snow, blossoms; and, meantime it is all united with the Bicycle theme, which is for me personally became a symbol of youth, movement, and great outdoor times. 

The Winter Bicycle is full of cold colors of all shades of blue. This is a symbol of being able to overcome some hard times in life by dreaming of movement and a future enjoyment of the life:
Watercolor Silhouettes

The Spring Bicycle painting shows Cherry Blossoms all around it, yet the echo of the Winter season is still trying to steal the show. The cool of overall painting has a new season promises, a great beginning of a new Life:
watercolor silhouette painting bike ride season
The Summer Bicycle is filled with the field of Poppy Flowers. As the beginning of a warm enjoyable season, these flowers greet us with invitation for a nice ride outside:

watercolor silhouettes home interior decor for kids room

And my probably the most favorite design with bicycle today, is a Fall Bicycle. I feel that in the orange colors, the color of the Sun and Autumn Leaves there is so much energy being exposed, so much great warm enthusiasm, yet the symbolism of this season is such that we need to enjoy each day of our life while knowing that the Winter is inevitable: 
watercolor silhouettes home interior decor

All Seasons Greeting to all my Friends and Followers from www.artirina.com

Botanical Impressionism

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watercolor flowers
I am posting some of the festive designs that I recently painted.

I call this style Botanical Impressionism.
Created in the fast manner with the colors right out of the tube simple flower arrangement such the one with Iris Flowers and The Tulip Bunch look great in cooler colors surrounding.

On another hand, warm Poppies and Roses Bouquet are calling for neutral beige colors helping these flowers to “pop-up”:

Watercolor floral designs
The above paintings appear more as botanical art when framed in the vintage style white wooden frames. 
Yet, when printed on a stretch canvas, they start obtaining more Impressionistic qualities. 
Good examples would be these 

watercolor florals


Wearable Fall Art

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watercolor painting
I am used to see my art on the wall of art collectors. But I was curious how the Fall Art would look like on clothes items. How the fall leaves, for example, would fit into the wardrobe.

The artwork Autumn Flow looks great not only on the wall as a framed art; but, as well as the scarf or top or even a dress:

watercolor pattern
watercolor autumn
watercolor pattern
Another artwork that I’ve created as a fall pattern, contains deeper solid colors of the great season:

watercolor painting
It does look cute on the skirt, short sleeve top design, and a dress:

watercolor Autumn

watercolor autumn painting

watercolor autumn
More art is HERE

Whimsical Garden Decorative Design

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wall art
In my new collection Whimsical Garden, I am using some old watercolor techniques with a new approach. I decided to block the color with the help of protective medium in order to allow the watercolor to flow only in one particular area. It reminded me batik style technique but with the new trick. The possibilities of this kind of style are endless. 

Here is another one for example:
wall art
I have selected the color pallet from light green to deep Paynes Gray thinking about departure of the Summer. 
It was fun to imagine these designs on the stretched canvas prints with mirrored sides :
stretched canvas prints
Whimsical Garden III  (above on the left)
Whimsical Garden IV (above on the right)

Also, this style of decorative watercolor was “screaming” to me to try it on pillows designs:
home decor

Home decor

home decor
And I wouldn’t be true to myself if I have not tried to see how these designs will look in the simple off-white and black interior. 
It was looking pretty good as the matter of fact:
wall art
Another design that was created in the same color theme, was the Organic Decor that has softer lines and mellow edges. I used wax application in order to achieve this effect.
Here is the end result.

wall art
wall art
This soft organic paintings looked sweet on any decorative style print and even on bags:
Irina Sztukowski Art
Yes, Summer might be almost over, but my Decorative Gallery will have the memory of this season forever 🙂 

Cheers from www.artirina.com 

Decorative Flowers

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interior design and decor for wall
As my clients and friends are asking what I am working on these days, I will allow a sneak peek into my virtual artist studio. And, with that said, I am happy to introduce a new collection of Decorative Flowers. My idea is to place a super realistic watercolor flowers on the abstract surface. 

I have created unique earthy designs for the background using watercolor dabbing technique with different natural sponges and variety of colors. 
It allows to make the background sections “to melt” into each other, giving some point of interest; but, meantime, it does not distract from realistic floral paintings. 

This series could be called Botanical; yet, the interesting background makes it exclusive in some sense.
These decorative flowers bunch unites the body of work into a community of color, idea, technique, and style.

It is Botanical yet is is also Semi-Botanical
It is Realistic yet it is also Semi-Realistic
It is Abstract yet it is also Semi-Abstract

interior design for home and office space
I share here the first three out of a half dozen designs that have been created already. And, as always, more flowers soon will be posted into the Floral Gallery and Decor Interior Design Gallery on my website www.artirina.com 

Interior design for home and office

Winter Forest

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watercolor interior decor

With Winter slowly but surely invading the land I felt like adding some cool colors to my recent creations.

The abstract Winter Forest was born.

Even though, the area I currently live in doesn’t have snow; yet, the  below freezing temperature did push me to paint in white, blue, teal, and deep ultramarine colors. 

When adding the digital image into an interior design photos, I was amazed how sweet this Winter Forest looked not only in the bedroom decor, but as well in the dining room area:

blue watercolor

I was very pleased to see the living room interior addition as well. 

The same abstract Forest definitely highlighted the cool decor of the living room adding some tint of blue and hint of Winter presence:
interior decor design

Free Shipping On Prints and Canvases…!!?

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It is a known fact that shipping is quite expensive these days. Yet a lot of big companies such Amazon or Overstock.com manage to offer clients free shipping on their merchandise.

This was, and still is, very hard to accomplish when sending large prints or stretched canvases.

I was recently contacted by a developer of a new company that tries its best to provide a good service the the art collectors and yet maintain the quality of wall art.

The letter clearly stated:

We are printing company founded by artists and photographers, we are 

based in Montreal and New York. ( So we are able from Canada or USA 
easily without any customs fees ).

Primarily, we are printing large size art. Mostly in Stretched Canvas, 
but also Acrylic, Metal … We want to focus on art and help promoting 

We have a unique concept and relation with our artists, we don’t make 
money on the art, but want to increase our printing volume, so we don’t 
take commission on the rights you are asking on each sales.
Consider us more as a printing partner.

Usually, I receive at least two invitations a month to some POD (Print On Demand) companies. Though, after looking at their websites, and applying my long time selling art experience, I usually turn the offers down.

This one was intriguing. The website looked clean and appealing, the offer was promising; and the attitude of the developers was professional. 
The most appealing for me was that the company provided a free shipping for canvas and paper prints. And, as I received many complains from my clients that they love the art, but the shipping is “killing”, I really appreciated the fact that I can help to cut the costs by all means.

Long story make short, I now have a very good tool for my art collectors to order artworks for their interior decor with free shipping. Yey!!

I also loved how the customers can go and virtually “place” my paintings on the wall of their choice, right on their computer screens. It helped them to estimate the size that they wanted.

Here are a few examples:

wall art for interior

wall art for interior decor

wall art for interior decor

coastal art for beach house decor

wall art for interior decor
wall art interior decor

I just LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT how the technology these days helps us, artists, to imagine our paintings placed  into the interior decor of a home.

Today, I still keep uploading my art into this new Gallery of mine. And it is way to go in order to have a full portfolio there. But if anyone likes any of my paintings specifically from www.artirina.com and lets me know, I would prioritize and place them on this new website first. 

I am so pleased that I can now provide the art collectors with better price; especially with free shipping. And I hope this company keeps it that way!

And for my Fellow Artists I am glad to reveal the name of this new developing website:

Paintings In The Interior

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While working on a new international illustration project, I thought I will share a few beautiful pix from one website that placed my art into interior decoration. This visual presentation warms up my heart as I can see how lovely my art looks in different settings with different colors backgrounds.
Sometimes it is not that much color needed to highlight the room with a few flowers and a few organic lines (just like in this Black And White Forest painting) :
In this set, I loved how the bright Fall Leaves compliment the light pinkish wall and the colorful vases on the side table:

In the next interior I was surprised to see Purple in this yellow accent room. But I guess, the yellow-purple iris flowers give a good splash of color and play in the contrast here:

Dark evening room can be well highlighted with the bright purple abstract painting here, in this interior decoration:

And gentle purple botanical flowers seem to be a good fit for a bedroom décor:

I also loved a clean look of this living room interior. The bright colors of this abstract fire painting definitely give a good company to the couch. As they say: people often select the art to compliment their couch and not vise versa 🙂


Sunflowers Field with perspective allows a good depth to this interior of dean or a living room:

Yet, these sunflowers in the Dutch Still Life style painting add some classic touch to a bedroom, dining room, or hallway:


Many thanks to the website ImageKind that helped me to see the paintings in interior décor!


Abstract Forest

abstract, abstract forest, design, fall, forest, Home Decor, interior, season, seasons, Watercolor, Winter, wood
watercolor landscape
In the months of September and October I have been away from home for a good half of the month. A dozen of these days was in the forest, woods, mountains of Northern California. I took, so to speak, a business art-trips there while camping with my family. Each time we went to the forest, I would be taking a set of paint and brushes; and, I created all day long thinking of new designs and new illustrations. Our house-on-wheels is quite comfortable for me to paint. It has a large dining room and a table where I can create. I call it My Art Studio On Wheels. 

Being in the woods and painting in my mobile art studio gave me a great idea to bring the Forest into the interior of a house, to deliver the Nature into a home of the art collectors. 

And that how my Abstract Forest series has been started. So far, I created Fall Abstract Forest and Winter Frozen Forest. But there are two more seasons and many other forest designs are ahead. 
watercolor landscape
I have even posted a black and white illustration on my website, which is created in a special, PNG, format and allows the customers to play with the colors of the background. They can choose all available colors and just watch how the forest obtains a different feeling to it: