Love Is All Around – Looking To The Future

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Heart and Flower Painting
I am exploring some absolutely new watercolor surface for me – 
a Yupo Paper. 
It is actually a pure synthetic “paper”,  which has a plastic feel but does take watercolor. Some artists say it is the paper of the Future for watercolor. And even though it was fun playing on it; I think my usual 100% Cotton Cold Pressed paper will remain my favorite.

Yupo allows the paint to move freely, it is easy to pick up, or even wipe off the paint completely (back to the white surface). 
I find this “paper” being good for an abstract art. So, basically, when you pour the paint it provides interesting results at the end; in some sort, the paint paints itself (with a “little” artist’s help of course :0).

That is how the top Heart painting and Flower Vase above were created. 

And that is how the Desert Sunset collage was made:
and Desert Flower:
watercolor abstract painting
When I created this Desert Flower abstract on yupo, and looked from the distance; I ,all of a sudden, saw the heart: 

LOVE is all around!

So, what did I do with those little Yupo Heart and a Flower Vase little paintings?
I created a couple of LOVE-ly Valentine’s cards:
Happy Valentine
Watercolor On Yupo