Interior Decor Ideas – Art For Home And Office

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watercolor painting in interior decor
Summer is in its bloom and it seems that whole America is on the move; either for holidays, or for better place to live. Everywhere I drive these days I see the signs Open House, OPEN house, OPEN HOUSE! And with open house there are few great ideas coming to one’s mind about interior decor. 

Above, a simple office with no window is transformed into a welcoming bright creation space with the Summer Garden,  my painting In The Garden

The living room decorative interior has organic touch with these Cherry Blossom branches with the deep sunrise on the back:

Watercolor painting of cherry blossoms

Incredibly well done to fit the warm environment is a triptych of an abstract work of mine in beige. It is provided by one of my partners Pictorem and has free shipping on most of the art pieces from my gallery:

beige lines painting triptych in interior decor

Another idea for home interior decor in warm tones is Abstract Map Of The World, and Abstract Forest. The living rooms with these artworks are truly coming to life with those art pieces on the walls:

Watercolor World Map painting in interior decor

Painting of Forest in interior decor

And it will be not fair to omit the realistic pieces for bedroom interior decor. The fresh, impressionistic painting Vintage Storm adds some peaceful drama with its organic natural brush strokes vs geometrical contemporary lines of the room decor (though I personally would change the frame to a black one with white mat, if I could, just my advice) :

Painting of Sea Shore in Bedroom decor interior
Another great marriage of Classical Art and Nowadays Interior is this piece, The Tulip Garden. This painting I made after traveling to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. They have vintage Holland style Tulip Garden set up each spring next to a real windmill from Holland that was given to the city:
Painting Of Tulips in Bedroom Interior Decor

Kids’ corner will come more vivid and bright with the Rainbow World Map. It is also quite educational for children to see the whole wide world in front of them and dream of the future travels, languages, new good friends, the oneness of us all. The learning process doesn’t have to be necessarily “framed” but it certainly can be COLORFUL 🙂

Painting of World Map abstraction in interior decor

Another incredible possibility of home interior decor with watercolor paintings is to spread the artwork on wall from side to side in the form of a decal. Only one partner of mine is offering so far this kind of service, and I am so glad they do.

Ocean Shore in your house, a beach house feeling in the urban interior:
Wall Decal of seascape in bedroom interior decor

And the last but not least a beautiful Collection Of Butterflies in watercolor for the home office interior decor. No butterflies were hurt in the process:

Painting of Butterflies framed in interior decor

Cheers from 

How Famous Is Too Famous

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Above you see two gorgeous collages from one of the most famous museums of Saint Petersburg, Russia, The Russian Museum 
(I am giving full credit to the museums organizers and web designers for that) 

 In between I placed some of my favorite paintings creating a strip of framed art. Oh, no, they are not in that museum. Yet! Let’s say it is my vision board, my meditative visualization 🙂

And here is why I did this collage. 

Let me explain.
The first couple months of this year I am quite busy by working almost at once on three projects. These three projects, yet to be announced, involve certain exclusivity. One is non-exclusive, one is fully-exclusive, and one is semi-exclusive (meaning that I do retain certain rights, but I do promise to keep the term of the contract). The projects are exciting, and they involve my Fine Art skills as well as illustrative skills. 

While I was drafting the agreement for exclusive rights I thought to check online my name: who and where is using my name or my art. 
I simply typed Irina Sztukowski in Image box on Google; and oh Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy.. I was ready for some interesting surprises.

It is certainly cool when people use your art for a poetry, such did (my art there on some what 20 posts from different people, exercising literal skills and using my art for their inspiration). Yet, I wasn’t contacted by any of these people for the permission. Hm.
I also found that my Eiffel Tower painting became one of the most famous paintings of this tower:
Paris France in Watercolour
I’ve learned that one of my art-photographs of Ponte Vecchio, that I made in Florence, Italy became a cover for the article Famous Bridges of the World:
Florence Italy in Photos
And one author of the CoolStuff Directory decided to write about me and place several of my paintings:
artist that takes commissions
What I was truly happy to discover, that the real museum, the Tao House Eugene O’Neill Museum in Danville, California, decided to use my artwork Old Barn At Tao House for the cover of their Artists Days at Tao House page.
Eugene O'Neill Danville California

And many many other surprises were waiting for me on the World Wide Web that day. No wonder, pretty soon museums will be calling me to place my art on their walls ;).

It is all great when you find that besides your own website where customers can purchase canvas prints, home decor, clothes with art, and other goodies; that people admire my art and my painings bring joy and inspire good articles, poetry (in some cases even tattoos’ designs.. I kid you not! I found that too!).

But I also found some websites that offer my art for sale without my consent. For obvious reasons I am not placing their URL’s here. The digital images are snatched right from my personal website and I am sure they offer a poor quality copies there. 

I also got a kick when found out that in China, they actually offer my watercolor artworks to be duplicated in oils. Good Luck Guys!! I am not terribly happy about that. Some action will be definitely taken. 

But on a good note, I am thinking: if I am an artist who loves to go to the museums, and learn from the great masters. And, I am, a curious person, who challenges myself all the time, learns how to paint some elements from 16th – 19th Century masterpieces; and, I do it in watercolor looking at oil paintings. Then why not!!! 

When my art is in the famous museums around the world; I am giving a full permission to the Dreamers like myself; go ahead and visit those museums and paint my art!! 
With this said, I am back to my studio, and I continue producing the best art I can:
And you are always welcomed to visit my “Museum” with more than 50 different Galleries with more than 1800 images of art for all good tastes! 

Sunflowers Rising – An Unusual Commission

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yellow blue watercolor
I’ve received an interesting commission request recently; an unusual one for sure.
One of my clients asked to paint sunflowers for her. Nothing unusual yet. I have painted sunflowers many times and my customer was sure I can handle the job. She liked the bunch of sunflowers that I have painted before:
Realism Impressionism In Watercolor
My client asked if I can finish already started painting of sunflowers. Her late father-in-law was a wonderful watercolor artist and died before finishing this artwork. 
His name was Palmer Stinson. He entered a world of watercolors when he turned 70; and he painted for more than a decade producing gorgeous landscapes, floral paintings, and still life artworks. He also loved to paint Sunflowers. Palmer started a series of sunflower paintings and had chance to complete two large pieces. 
The last one he started; but, late years and illness did not allow him to paint; and he had to stop before age 88. 
I have to admit, the request to finish one artist’s work was surprising and a little bit scary. But I was also curious how I will handle it. I had to work in collaboration with the artist’s spirit.
The Sunflowers were already drawn on a paper and the artist was able to place a couple of washes for the flowers:
I had to cover the work that was already done and mask the flowers and leaves for a background wash:

I chose bright ultramarine blue for the background, and started from small sections going up:

The last section of the blue background was tougher than I thought. The section was large and I had to go carefully around each petal (even they were preserved by masking liquid) as I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful artist’s work on sunflowers:
After the background was completed, I have started painting sunflowers’ leaves and stems:

Then I placed the veins on the leaves and texture on the sunflowers’ centers.
The artwork was completed:
completed artwork
I did enjoy painting this artwork, working in collaboration with the artist that passed away; yet he was there in his artwork. 
One evening, when I just finished painting the first few ultramarine blue sections, a thought crossed my mind:

“What if there is a message that artist wanted to place into this artwork. I wonder if he was thinking to place some kind of symbol there; maybe… a heart”

Imagine my surprise, when I came back to the work-inprogress to continue painting, I saw an obvious heart, in one of the leaf. 
And not even one heart I noticed but two were there! 

And I have not noticed them before:
Conscious or subconscious ? Who knows! 
The message has been received

Tulips With Sunflowers Mini Art And Fun Commissions

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watercolor realism
While working on a couple of projects, I wanted to place a few miniatures that are only 3.5″ wide. Above Tulips On The Window painting looks good and fresh with “vanished” edges. 

And this little Sunflowers contain my favorite contrast combination these days: a warm yellow against cool blues:
yellow blue floral still life
Meanwhile I continued working on my projects. 
The Colors Of Russia art show was quite successful (read the previous post here). As the follow-up I was asked to make a few more paintings for the clients, who loved the original show:

Russia Sketch
Another fun commission was something outside of my usual work. One client, a restaurant owner, asked me to make a little design for a business card that would contain some “FOOD items”. The challenge there for me was to simplify the paintings in order for them to be seen (be “readable”)  in a small area of a teeny-tiny business card… So, it was interesting to make it happen. 
The original artworks were 8 inches tall.

One of them had to have a symbolized bowl of soup:
food art
Another one had to “read” coffee and sandwich:  
Kitchen Art
I couldn’t resist to place a couple cookies there.

The design of the business card (the visual part of it) had to show the soup far in the background and the cup of coffee in the front:

The main text of the business card could be placed over the bowl of soup..

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Best Golf Course View in San Francisco – Lincoln Park – 17th Hole

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Golden Gate Bridge View
One of my customers ordered this commission painting of the gorgeous view of San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. I have not realized at the beginning that the park was a famous golf course on a top of the hill. And that precise view was from 17th hole of Lincoln Park

I liked the idea that the given picture had good three points of visual interest plus the personal meaning to the customer of course.
Starting the painting from the skies and the Golden Gate Bridge, I gradually moved to the foliage of the trees. When these two backgrounds were completed, I continued with paining the bushes and the flowers maze in the front. They had to be painted with the most details; and, by the way, took me the longest time “to build”.

Here are a few pix of work-in-progress that I supplied to the customer along the way. As usual, commission paintings take much longer time (compare to the artist’s choice art) due to the communications (agreements, suggestions, approvals), and constant updates:

California Trees
Bay Area San Francisco
The Original Painting Lincoln Park – San Francisco is 9″x12″ Watercolor

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Sweet Memories

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mouse painting
(prints are available HERE)
One mysterious thing happened to me a few days ago. 

I had to paint a cat, who died last year. For this sweet memory artwork, the owner sent me a photo. Together with the first photo, she sent a picture of her new cat. Ok, I thought, I’ll place both cats on one painting. The cat that was gone will be on the framed photo and the alive one will look through the window. 

Just as I was ready to paint I’ve learned a terrible news: the other cat was found dead on the street next to his house. So sad…

…I started working on the painting. My plan for the composition did not change, except, that for some reason I decided to place a mouse next to the first kitty. The same toy I placed on the window. Why? I had no explanation, but “why not, each cat might have a mouse-toy at some point, right?”

But how little I knew. When the painting was delivered to the owner; she almost burst in tears. Her beloved cats were “speaking” to her from the painting looking so much like in real life. She also asked how I KNEW about the mouse story. What story?!

 And here it goes: 

When the first cat died, she packed all his toys and placed them to the attic. Yet one toy was missing: his favorite mouse. Later, when she invited a second pet, he found the toy and it became one of his favorite, as if the first cat passed it to the new one as a generous gift.

Original Painting Sweet Memories is 8″x10″ on 140lb Fabriano Watercolor Paper

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

From Jam To Jelly

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The creativity of my customer who makes jams is triggering my imagination. Last couple projects such Pineapple Habanero and White Peach Strawberry made my senses dance.

This time I received an order to create Bell Peppers Jalapeno painting for Jelly jar labels. 
Hot! Hot! Hot! 
I can’t wait to taste the jelly :0)
Original Painting is 8″x8″ on 140lb Cold Pressed Watercolor Fabriano Paper 

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

When Paris Comes To San Francisco

artist that takes commission, commission, commission art, Eiffel Tower, exhibition, France, Irina's watercolors, Paris, realism in watercolor, San Francisco, show, Sztukowski
This new painting accompanied with five others, is now on Geary Blvd in San Francisco. 
Recently opened Cafe Coco  invited me to show my large artworks there:

4201 Geary
(between 7th Ave & 6th Ave) 
San FranciscoCA 94118

I don’t think I’d ever be tired of painting the Eiffel Tower. Each time I do it, I find new intricate nuances. This time I made The Tower almost weightless, floating in the orange purple dramatic skies of Paris.

Original Painting Eiffel Tower is 24″x17″ on 140lb Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

Watercolor Cat

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Oh, not me.. she “Didn’t Do It”.. I did paint her.. :0)
My customers provided the photos of their friend’s cat and asked me to paint her. 
They will make a gift and surprise their friend. 
This cat is a precious part of their friend’s life. 

Meet Anna: a 14-year old fuzz-ball. 

When I saw the pictures I wanted to add some color to her life, not just a gray pavement. And I wanted to place some story into my painting. The cat looked to me young even though I knew her age. So, I thought that some kid-ish thing will be well appropriate for her.
And here it goes: SHE DIDN’T DO IT ;0)
Original Painting of Cat is 10″x8″ watercolor on Fabriano 140 Cold Pressed paper

In Every Piece Of My Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul

When Still Life Goes Personal

best gift, commission, Fine Art, heart, message, note, Painting, personal, realism in watercolor, Sztukowski, watercolour
Original Painting is 14″x11″ Watercolor on Arches 140 lb Cold Pressed Paper

In Every Piece Of My
Art There Is A Piece Of My Heart And A Sparkle Of My Soul